Hello. Thanks for reading this. Please review I really like it. I saw this part in the movie and it made me want to cry. God's been working on contentment in my life, and to see Edmund refuse a thank you shouted out to me "TRUE CONTENTMENT!!" Anyway, I'm not sure if this is stupid or what, but I like it. Please enjoy and of course, review.

"Ed, I'm sorry… .You've always been there for me and…"

Time froze. It echoed and bounced all about my mind. The green grass, blowing wind, the battle cries, the people, everything seems to disappear. This was the moment I'd been waiting for! The moment I'd wanted since, well, forever.

My mind thought of the fight in the train station. Who saved him? I did, of course! And with the white witch, I saved him then too. I always save him. It's practically become my job.

He's high king! I make him look good. I always have. Everyone sees him. No one sees me. It used to bother me a lot. Of course you probably guessed that because we all know about the White Witch. Some could never see me, they only saw the traitor. They never let it go. Instead they looked to Peter. They didn't know I was the one holding him up.

It still bothers me. The fact that he looks smart because I study with him, that he has good battle tactics because I helped him draw them. It bothered me that he was a good with swords. Who do you think practiced with him? No one ever saw that, including him.

And now finally he sees. In his moment where he might never see me again, he realizes how much I've done for him. He understands now. I see it in his eyes. He'd be nothing without me.

My heart surges at the idea of a simple thank you. Simple appreciation, glory! At this thought, My mind darkens. Isn't that what I wanted before? I wanted to be high king, above Peter, Susan and even sweet Lucy. I wanted the glory! Didn't I learn my lessons last time? Hey, Aslan just told me to take care of him…

I look at my brother whose about to utter the word's I've wanted all my life. I smirk slightly at him then pop his arm back in place. He cries out of course, it's not like I warned him. There it was. I just saved him again. Smirking slightly, I give up the glory and toss away all the pride. "Save it for later."