It has been two years since Becky and Junior's parents got married and things (to Becky) couldn't have been worse. Junior still left the toilet seat up and stayed in the bathroom longer than anyone.

"Junior, come on," yelled Becky to the bathroom door.

"I will be out in a minute"

"You said that ten minutes ago," said Becky getting annoyed.

'I wish I had my own bathroom' thought Becky bitterly. It was the same thing every single morning.

"You could at least let me in there first," whispered Becky.

"Yeah, but what would the fun in that be?" asked Junior as he stepped from the bathroom door.

Becky shoved him out of her way and rolled her eyes at him. 'I can't believe I had a crush on THAT' thought Becky as she brushed her teeth. Since she began living with him and saw how gross he was she had been questioning the guys she liked.

"Beck I wanted to remind you that you have football practice today and after that you need to help me with the gas station," called her dad from the living room.

Becky secretly hated helping with the gas station. Junior and his friends were always hanging out there and Junior didn't help at all. Becky had to cover his jobs and she was sick of it.

"Dad, Junior has to help this time," she would always tell her father.

"He will. I promise princess"

The promise was broken every weekend. Becky knew her dad really did not want to act like he was Junior's father, but she thought that something had to be done.

"Junior you have to help with the gas station today," said Becky as they walked to the bus stop.


"If you don't I will tell Patty. I mean it, I hate doing everything by myself"

"No, you hate not having friends"

It was true that Becky did not have a lot of friends. The only friends she really had was the friends she had since she had began playing football. She really never cared before, but when Junior said that it she felt it.

Junior noticed how silent Becky was being and he felt bad. He didn't mean what he said. Yeah, she didn't have a lot of friends, so what? It doesn't mean anything.

"Beck I am sorry. I didn't mean how it sounded," said Junior putting an arm around his sister's shoulders.

"Awww…What a sweet sight. Can we see a kiss?" said a familiar voice.

Junior and Becky really hadn't noticed where they were going; they were too rapped up in their own thoughts. They turned their heads towards the voice and rolled there eyes. 'I should have known…'they both thought at the same time.

"No, but if you keep talking like that I will have Becky kiss you," said Junior smiling.

"Yeah right, like I would kiss that toad," said Becky also smiling.

"Like I would want to kiss her," snapped Spike.

Becky walked towards Spike and sat down next to him on the curb. 'But what if I want to kiss you?' thought Becky. 'What am I saying? It is Spike.'

Since his dad began getting really upset with Spike and hitting him Spike hasn't been mean. Becky was the only one who knew. She saw Spike in the park one night struggling to stand and when she saw his face she screamed in horror. His face was all black and blue and she could barely recognize him.

"Spike, what happened to you?" Becky remembered saying, but he could not respond. It hurt him too much.

Now as she sat there next to Spike on the side walk she could remember how he looked, he looked so helpless. All she wanted to do was hold him in her arms, but she would never tell anybody that. His face was still a bit bruised, but he looked alright. She went to tough his shoulder gently, but he winced in pain.

"Spike, have you told anyone?" whispered Becky.

"No and don't you say anything. It's my fault anyways. I should have learned not to bother him so much"

"Spike you can't really believe that. Even if you are getting on his nerves he should know how to deal with his temper," whispered Becky harshly.

Spike helped Becky from the curb when he saw the bus coming.

"Just promise me you won't say anything," whispered Spike as the bus doors came open.

"I promise," said Becky.