The next morning Spike woke up to the sound of Junior and Becky having a fight. It sounded to him that he was the subject of their argument.

"Why is he here?" yelled Junior.

"Keep your voice down. He might hear you. Also, it is none of your business why he is on the couch. If dad didn't even ask why would you?" said Becky in a hushed tone.

"He is my enemy and has been since we were younger, or don't you remember? He thought that girls couldn't play football, if I remember correctly you planned killing him in his sleep"

Becky laughed as she remembered when she and Junior actually planned to kill Spike. They had set a date and everything, but that was about the time when Spike and Becky became friends.

"Why are you protecting him? I don't know what you are protecting him from, but be sure that I will make it my goal to find out," said Becky.

Becky thought long and hard on what she was going to say to Junior. She ended up telling him her deepest darkest secret. Becky knew that Junior had never told anyone her secrets, so she trusted him with this.

"Are you serious?" asked Junior.

Becky nodded in response. She hadn't even noticed before that she had been crying. She cried when she was both angry and sad.

Junior had also noticed that she had been crying. He hated making her cry, even if it was because she was angry at him. Junior didn't know what to do, so he did the only thing he could think of. He brought his sister in a bone crushing hug. When he did this it always made her laugh.

When Becky and Junior walked into the living room they both noticed that Spike was awake. Both Becky and Junior smiled over at him. Spike thought that was weird because Junior had never smiled at him. Every time they looked at each other Junior usually gave him a dirty look.

"Good Morning, did we wake you?" asked Becky sitting on the couch.

"No, I usually wake up at this time," lied Spike.

"You and Junior are about the same size so he agreed to give you some clothes to wear today. I know the preppy look is not you, but they are clean"

"I am feeling adventurous today, so I will wear the clothes," said Spike looking over at Junior.

Spike knew that Junior wanted to say something, but didn't. He thought that was weird, but didn't give it a second thought. He had something more important on his mind that was bothering him.

"Becky, did you tell Junior the reason why I spent the night?" asked Spike in a hushed tone.

The question surprised Becky, it was out of nowhere. 'Why would he even ask that?' thought Becky. 'Does he even think I would do that?'

"No, I didn't. I told you I wouldn't, so I haven't"

"You also said that the secret was something that should be told"

"I meant like a counselor or the police, not my brother," said Becky sounding irritated.

"Then why is Junior suddenly sort of being nice to me. He hasn't given me a dirty look in almost 24 hours or any smart remarks"

"Maybe he thinks you two being idiots is stupid and wants to finish it…I know I do"

With that Becky left Spike to his thoughts. She thought that Spike and Junior were being stupid for having this feud all these years. 'When will they ever learn?' thought Becky before she was shoved in Junior's room.

"How rude," said Becky.

"I never agreed to have that animal wear my clothes," hissed Junior.

"I think you did. I asked you when you were asleep last night. Did you know you talk in your sleep?"

Becky saw Junior's face grow red. He was hoping that Becky wouldn't know because that he talked in his sleep. It was just another thing that she would make fun of him for.

"Please, do this for me," whispered Becky. "I really like him and I know that it was unfair to ask you while you were asleep, but it seemed like the only way that you would agree to it"

Junior let out a groan and Becky knew that he was defeated. Becky kissed her brother on the cheek in thanks and left him to pick out Spike's clothes. She felt really pleased with herself until she found her father snooping in her room.

"Dad," shrieked Becky. "What are you doing?"

"Ummm…nothing sweet pea"

"What are you doing?" she repeated.

"I was trying to find what you've been hiding from me. Why is Spike here? Are you doing drugs? Why is Spike here?"

"Dad, I am not doing drugs and I thought that you were cool with Spike sleeping on the couch. If you were not, then why did you let him?"

Becky sat on her bed and patted a spot for her father. He immediately felt uncomfortable. He could not believe he was in this situation with Becky. They had always had an open relationship. They told each other everything, or so he thought. She also knew how he felt about Spike.

"Spike was, remember, your enemy. Remember you and Junior planned to kill him in his sleep?"

"What is with you and Junior? Spike is my friend, why is that so hard for you to believe?"

Becky could feel tears swelling up in her eyes. 'Why know?' she thought.

"Becky I am sorry," whispered her father putting his arms around her shoulders.

"I got to get to school"

Becky left for the bus stop early not waiting for Spike and Junior. She could not handle everyone asking her questions about Spike. It was becoming very difficult for her to keep his secrets and it was hurting her inside to lie to her father. She had never lied to him, even if she knew the truth would hurt him. 'How can I do this?' thought Becky.