I first wrote this back in 2008. And after awhile I remember I used to write fanfics. Anyway, Graduating high school improved my writing quite a bit. So I'm going to rewrite the first chapter and try to keep the story going. I love writing, I just have to force myself to do it.
I faked most town names and street names. I don't own any silent hill characters. I wish I did though.

In the small town of Rosewood, Ohio; a young couple was nit-picking through the shelves of the local grocery store. The young woman picked up a pack of roast beef lunch meat that would be devoured once they got home.

A scrawny man walked up to the cart with multiple pints of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream and dropped them in the cart. "They're on sale" He flashed a goofy smile and chuckled.

"Eric, I swear you're going to make me fat."

"It wouldn't hurt if you gained a couple pounds."

Her smile faded and eyed him. "I'm fine the way I am."

"I'm just saying, you got the boobs and the butt, and it wouldn't hurt to fill the middle out a little more."

"I'm not listening to this." She began pushing the cart in the opposite direction.

On her way to the register, she picked up "Night of the living dead" and tossed it into the cart.

After checkout, the car ride home was a long and quiet one. Eric had always encouraged her to gain a little weight and she had always known he was into the bigger women. But why did he marry her in the first place if he wasn't completely attracted to her. She shrugged it off as she pulled into the driveway. She unloaded the purchases and popped her new movie into the DVD player and tossed the plastic cover into the pile of them growing next to the Tv. She had a thing for horror movies and her collection was growing gradually.

"Eric? Are you going to watch the movie?" Her finger hesitated on the play button waiting for a reply.

"Just a sec" He acknowledge from the closed bedroom door. So she sat patient and waited for him to emerge. Finally after 10 minutes silence and no sign that he was coming soon, her patience wore out she decided what was so important that he had to keep her waiting. In huff she slammed her now empty popcorn bowl onto the couch and made a B-line for the door and threw it open. "Eric, what is taking so lo-." The disturbing event taking place before her eyes would not let her finish her sentence.

He sat on the edge of the bed with his laptop next to hi. On the screen was a very large naked woman eating and rubbing her self. Dick in hand, he was caught. The look of shock on his face said it all. "Allie, wait I can explain." He rushed to get his pants on while she waited to hear what his excuse was.

"I just like bigger women, and well, I uhh..." He stumbled over his words a bit before she could interrupt. "Well what." Her arms were now crossed over her chest and shifted her weight to her right leg.

"Well you just don't turn me on like they do." Suddenly her first had connected to his cheek. "Why am I hearing about this now!?" the vain on the left side of her forehead began to show. "Are you fucking KIDDING ME. You couldn't mention BEFORE I married you!? Are you trying to make me like this?" She picked up the laptop by screen and threw it to the ground, breaking it in two. "You need serious help Eric." She began to pack a suitcase for each of them.

"We're going to find someone who can help you. I still love you Eric. But that, those women, I-it's not healthy. Not even to like that kind of thing. It's disturbing Eric." She felt frantic as she hurriedly packed and rushed to the living room computer to look up any mental doctors. She couldn't let herself think that he was actually attracted to that. She had to get him help. To be the man she thought she had married only a year earlier.

"Eric?" She called to the bedroom where he was still in shock from her blow.

"Y-yes?" he called wearily and frighten that she wasn't done.

"I found a place, it's a ways away, but they can help you. Get the stuff in car, I'm going to call them." She picked up her cell and dialed the number. A few short rings and a cheery woman picked up.

"Farwaters Mental Institution, How can I help you?"

"Hi, Yes, My name is Allison Kosslyn, I saw your site and it says that you can take in patients with certain unhealthy fetishes"

"Yes of course Ma'am. Are you looking to sign someone in?"

"Yes, my husband Eric Coogan." She chewed her lip waiting for the question as to why they didn't share a last name like everyone else seemed to do.

"All right Ma'am, and where are you coming from?"

"Rosewade, Oh."

"Oh I see, you're quite a ways out." she could hear the keyboard clacking away on the other end before a moment of silence. "Ma'am?"

"Ah, yes?"

"So the way to get here is travel west on larring highway, it's back road but it goes right through this town and take a left on branch avenue and we're about a mile down on the left, but I must warn you, there is an abandoned town two hours before here. The road splits three ways there, The first one leads to the town, the third takes you south. You need to take the second one to get here."

Opting to memorize the directions instead of writing them down, she thanked the woman and hung up.

"Eric? Is the car loaded up?"

"Yes dear, but it is only 1600, can we leave after dinner? Besides, I'm not excited to just go and see this doctor."

Doctor? He must not know that she called a mental hospital. She would just let him think that until they arrived.

"I guess. I still want to watch my movie. But you're going to sit there and watch it with me." Knowing he wasn't a big fan of horror movies, she really didn't care. She didn't want him pleasuring himself to obese woman who ate and pleasured themselves. It wasn't right. The thought carried her to questions. Did she not pleasure him enough? She tried to think back to the last time they actually had sex. She remembered times where they preformed oral on each other, but the only time they had really had sex was their wedding night. That night went from bad to worse. He couldn't get hard enough to take her virginity. But the lack of sex had never really bothered her, and she just assumed that he was to.

"Man, I couldn't have been more wrong." She mumbled to herself.
Eric came back in the room with a full bowl of popcorn and sat next to her and leaned his head on her shoulder. She wrapped her arm around him and rested her head against his messy black hair.
When the movie had finished, Eric had left nail marks in Allies' legs from when the movie frightened him too much. He took the empty bowl back to the kitchen and not long after, they were in the car and ready for a long drive.

"Okay, so she said take larring until we get to the three way and take the second road." Buckling herself in, she tried her best to mentally prepare herself for what was to come. But she was about to leave the love of her life in a mental hospital. She felt like there was no way to prepare for that.

Eric hoped into the car ready to overcome this so he could get back to a normal life.

"Ready whenever you are sweetheart." He leaned over and pecked her cheek.

She sighed. started the car and pulled out of the drive ready to get this over with.

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