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Kagome sat on the couch smiling at the antics going on around her... well not so much antics as much as it was Naraku and Hiten arguing over where they were going to have dinner after the graduation ceremony. Miroku and Bankotsu were watching the baseball game and occasionally glaring at Naraku and Hiten for disrupting them. The only ones missing were Sesshoumaru; which she was sure he was either at school, work or out buying her something for her graduation, and Kei who she knew was out buying her a gift.

Truthfully she really never thought she'd see the day she graduated high school considering she only barely passed her freshman year. Had her sophomore year gone the same way she planned on dropping out of school altogether. Actually considering the company she kept and how completely out of control she was she would have been shocked to make it to her second year in high school.

Kikyo, Inuyasha, Koga, and Ayame were the worst influences on a person ever. Ditching school, trying every new drug that they could come across, drinking, partying, and the list went on with her right there with them. Then it all came to a grinding halt when she came back from visiting her mother. That was the worst day of her life or so it seemed; looking back on it now it was the best thing that ever happened to her.


It all began her freshman year well more like the third week of summer after school got out. She was sitting by the apartment complex's pool with Kikyo when she first met Naraku and Hiten two of the college boys who just moved in recently. They were both very handsome, built like brick walls, and the minute she laid her eyes upon them she swore up and down she was going to fuck one if not both of them before summer ended. Although she was virgin and only had a basic idea as to what it was to have sex that didn't mean she was against losing her virginity.

However, that thought was blown all to shit based on the first words out of Naraku's mouth. "Girl do your parents know that you are out here dressed like that?" The way he said it like she was the most disgusting creature he had the misfortune of coming across made her unconsciously cover herself.

"Or are you some kind of whore?" Hiten followed up with a sneer to his voice.

Before she could defend herself or do anything Kikyo was on them like flies to shit and not in her defense either. That should have but didn't tell Kagome what her friend really thought of her.

The two males insulted Kikyo to the point that Kagome thought for sure was going to make her cry and making Kikyo cry is a feat in and of itself. She had finally had enough of the insults and whatnot before rising to her feet and letting her tongue fly. "You know you don't have to be such jerks! I mean we don't know you and you don't know us! So where do you get off talking to us like we're whores off the street."

Naraku was the one to respond and she suddenly really wished that she had kept her big mouth shut. The seemingly dark male walked towards her and began circling around her like a vulture.

"Well little missy." He sneered. "Just take a look at yourself." He then slipped a finger under the string of her bikini that tied around her neck. "You call this a bathing suit? It is nothing more than dental floss and toilet paper." He then pulled on the string like he was going to yank it loose then released it. "A child like you, wearing clothing like that tells me that before too long you will be warming the bed of every male that gives you a sideways glance." He cocked his eyebrow at her. "If you aren't already."

Kagome could feel the tears stinging the backs of her eyes but fought them down. She'd be damned if she was going to let him see how much his words hurt her especially since this was the first time they had ever met each other. "You know nothing about me." She hissed defensively.

"We don't have to." Hiten mocked. "How you look and are dressed tells us everything we need to know about you."

Kagome curled her fists at her side. "Fuck off." She bit out before storming out of the pool area and heading for her apartment which just happened to be across the parking lot. She slammed the door shut and fought down her anger. "Who the hell do those guys think they are?" She hissed to herself just as Kikyo came walking in.

"Ignore them." Kikyo said like it was no big deal. "They're just mad because we won't give them the time of day."

To Kagome's teen mind that made a lot of sense and she had to agree with Kikyo. Even though Kikyo did attempt to throw herself at them and they did start insulting them first; she didn't realize at that time that they were right and she was indeed whore bound.


"And I'm telling you that we are NOT going to the sushi bar for dinner." Hiten ground out. "She is allergic to shell fish and unless you want her to spend her graduation night in the hospital…" He pointed towards Kagome like Naraku had no idea as to who he was talking about. "Then I suggest that you think of somewhere else to go for dinner."

Naraku narrowed his eyes at his friend. "She told me that she wanted to go to the sushi bar for dinner and she doesn't have to order anything that is made of shell fish."

Kagome let off a giggle at them. She just couldn't believe that these were the same two males that upon their very first meeting with her called her a whore. She gave a shake of her head and rose to her feet as entertaining as this was she decided that it was time to bring this to an end. "Um…" She started as she stepped between the two and placed placating a hand on each one of their chests. "How about we go to that new buffet place that serves everything from around the world. That way we can all have what we want and not have to worry about me accidentally getting sick."

Naraku and Hiten looked at her like she had just grown a third head. "No we will go to the Beef Palace." Naraku stated with finality like he was the one arguing against going to the sushi bar the whole time. Hiten sighed in annoyance but gave a curt nod of agreement.

Kagome looked at Naraku and smiled. "See much better." His response was to give that strange throaty snort of derision that she was so accustomed to. She made a pouty face at him and batted her lashes over her big blue eyes. "I just want us to have fun together and with you and Hiten fighting it's ruining my day and I just don't think I will want to go to graduation tomorrow." For added emphasis she made her bottom lip quiver like she was going to cry he was always a sucker for that little move.

Naraku narrowed his eyes at her. "Do not think that you are not going to your graduation." He ground out trying to ignore that damn quivering lip of hers.

"Will you promise to stop fighting with Hiten?"

He stayed silent for a moment eyeing her critically before answering. "Do not attempt to threaten me girl. You will go to your graduation tomorrow and I will hear no arguments saying otherwise."

Kagome smiled hugely before throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him fiercely. That was the closest thing to an agreement she was going to get out of him.

Naraku pulled her from his person and held her at arms length. "Have you spoken with your parents?"

She shook her head vigorously. "I don't want to talk to them." She hissed with poison dripping from her voice.

"Iie, that is unacceptable. You will call them and invite them to your graduation." He ordered in a voice that left no room for arguments.

"I will not." She jerked free of his hold upon her and crossed her arms over her chest. "Besides they don't care about me. Never have never will."

"It matters not whether they care or not. They are still your parents and you will act as a responsible young lady and do the proper thing." He gave her a small push towards the phone hanging on the wall. "I did not raise you to be a disrespectful heathen."

Kagome rolled her eyes at him and sighed in annoyance. When he wanted his way he always pulled rank on her and then acted as if he had been raising her since birth instead of just being her adopted father for the last three years. "If it's so important then you call them!" She poked him in the chest. "Do I have to remind you that they never once called me for my birthday or Christmas or for any other important time in my life?" She could feel the sting of tears on the backs of her eyes but refused to let them fall for the two people who cared nothing for her.

"Damn Naraku lay off her!" Hiten growled out. "If she doesn't want to call then she doesn't have to!"

Naraku looked from his friend to the girl and cursed several times in his own mind. "Twenty-three years old and what do I have to show for it? A spoiled to the core, mouthy teenager." He growled. Yes this was his own fault for babying her for the last three years and letting her have her way.

Again she made her pouty face at him. "You don't love me." She stated in mock sadness only to end up giggling at the affronted face he made at her.

"You try my patience girl." He hissed as he walked out of the kitchen.

"So does that mean I don't have to call them?"

Naraku glared at her over his shoulder then grabbed his car keys before walking out the door.

"I guess that means no." Hiten stated as he plopped down on the couch by Miroku.

Kagome sighed irritably and snatched the phone off the wall. "And he has the nerve to call me spoiled." She bit out as she dialed the number to her father's house.


Kagome bit back the sobs that choked her throat as she walked towards the apartment. This weekend had to be the worst weekend of her life and she found out what he so called friends really thought of her. She placed her hand on the knob and found that the door was locked which wasn't all that unusual so she dug around in her bag desperately looking for her key only to remember that she forgot on the counter.

"Damn!" She hissed as she began pounding on the door. "DAAAD! OPEN THE DOOR!" She waited a few moments only to have no father open the door for her. "DAD! ARE YOU IN THERE? I FORGOT MY KEY! OPEN THE DOOR! IT'S ME KAGOME!" She didn't know why she announced who she was she was sure her father would know his own daughters voice. Yet no father opened the door. With a huff she walked around to the back of the building that looked like a big house but was actually four separate apartments where the parking garage was only to find her father's car gone. "Shit!" She cursed then made her way back around to the front and plopped herself down on the single step in front of the door.

Suddenly the memories of all that happened over the weekend came flooding back and the dam of tears broke. She pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her face sobbing silently. All she wanted to do was take a shower and crawl into bed and forget the whole thing but no, she was stuck outside waiting for her father to come home... whenever that would be.

Naraku lifted the lid to the trash container behind his building and dumped the bag containing all the beer bottles inside. He shut the lid and just as he turned to go back to his apartment he caught sight of the girl across the street, sitting on her step, with her face buried into her knees. "What the hell is she doing here?" He questioned himself as he watched her intently. He could easily see that she was crying based on the shudders her body would give off every now and again and he had to wonder if her she was crying because her father left her behind.

No, she wasn't his problem she was just a teenage whore and where her life was leading was none of his business. With those thoughts he headed back to his apartment to gather up the rest of the trash from the weekend party.

The sun had set hours ago and Kagome's tears increased ten-fold. Her father still wasn't home and she wasn't able to get a hold of him through her cell phone mainly because it had been shut off nor could she get a hold of him from the neighbor's phone. She even called her mother only to have her tell her that she hadn't heard from her father and that she was too busy to come and get her. She curled up on the step and sobbed pitifully.

Naraku stood in the darkness watching the girl and cursed himself to hell and back several times. He could have told her a long time ago that her father moved out over the weekend but no he said nothing and here she was lying on the cement step crying and most likely with nowhere to go. With a deep resigned sigh and a few extra curses to himself he made his way over to the sobbing girl.

Kagome looked up when she heard footsteps coming towards her and noted that it was one of the college boys that moved in across the parking lot well more specifically it was the one that had insulted her upon their very first meeting. "Go away." She choked out with a wave of her hand.

Naraku looked down at her and again sighed in annoyance. "Come girl." He grabbed her bag and turned to walk back to his apartment.

"Hey, that's my stuff." She whispered harshly as her voice from so much crying was strained.

He stopped and turned towards her. "Either you come and stay at my house or you sit out here for the rest of the night. Your choice."

Kagome eyed him for a moment until a realization hit her. "You know where my father is; don't you?" He gave her a curt nod and she scrambled to her feet. "Where is he?"

The millionth sigh in the span of a few hours expanded his chest before he told her of her father's whereabouts. "Your father is gone. He moved out over the weekend." Blunt, to the point, and very devastating to the sixteen year old standing in front of him.

Kagome fell to her knees not noticing that the concrete tore the flesh of her bared knees open. "No" She gasped as even more tears streamed down her cheeks. Her weekend went from bad, to worse, to just down right horrendous.

Naraku gave a small snort of disgust not for her but for her father before he grabbed her by the arm and hauled her to her feet. "You will stay tonight at my house and tomorrow you will try to find your father and mother."

She had no idea what he was saying she was in shock. Her father had abandoned her without a word as to his whereabouts or anything. Did he take all her stuff with him? Is there a note somewhere and she had yet to find it? Why didn't he tell her mother anything? Sure they were divorced and sure she lived six hours away and even though they didn't get along he could have at least told her to come and pick up her daughter or something not just leave her to her own devices.

Little did Kagome know that this turn of events in her life was going to be the best thing that ever happened to her.

Bankotsu looked to the door when Naraku walked in then at the girl behind him. "Who's that?"

"A stray." He responded and he made his way up the stairs to his room with the girl still following silently behind him. He walked into his room, grabbed a tee shirt, a pair of sweat pants, and handed them to her. "Go shower and when you are done you will come downstairs and we will find your father." With those orders he walked past her and down the stairs.

Kagome did as he ordered being she was still in too much shock to do otherwise. Tears streaked down her cheeks as she made her way to the bathroom and closed the door. She fell back against it and stared at herself in the mirror hanging on the wall.

Her face was still covered in her thick dark makeup and she gave a small snort; she did indeed look like a whore. Her mid drift tank top left nothing to the imagination as the V neck was cut so low it was a wonder she wasn't hanging out of it showing everything she had to offer to any one who bothered to notice. Then there were her shorts which desperately clung to her hips to stay up and from the back you could barely see the round curve of her butt cheeks hanging out. It was no wonder her so called friends did what they did to her.

She scoffed at herself as she ripped the clothes from her body and threw them in the trash can sitting by the toilet and had she a match she would have set them ablaze. She turned the water on in the shower, climbed in, leaned forward; pressing her forehead on the cold tiles, and sobbed for all she was worth, letting the warm water wash her tears of shame from her cheeks.

Naraku walked into the bathroom not bothering to knock, set a towel on the counter, and stuck his arm into the shower with a washcloth in his hand. He could hear her sobs over the water and narrowed his eyes at her although she couldn't see him. "Girl; cease this annoying sobbing." He growled as he gave his arm a jerk so that she would take the washcloth from him.

Kagome jerked up and grabbed the cloth from his hand. "Yea well you'd be sobbing too if you were abandoned by your father and…" She said the next part just under her breath and finished her statement loud enough for him to hear. "By your friends."

He knew about her father but what had she said about her friends? Did they abandon her as well? It had to be just morbid curiosity that forced him to question her. "What did your friends do?"

Kagome put soap on the cloth and began scrubbing he flesh like she was trying to scrub her skin off. "They raped me." She hissed causing more angry tears to roll down her cheeks as her nails went to her skin to scrub the filth of her weekend from her body.

Naraku's eyes widened a fraction as the scent of blood invaded his senses. Without a thought he jerked the curtain open and was greeted with bleeding scratch marks upon her thighs and stomach with her creating more bloody wounds on her arms as she tried desperately to rip her tainted dirty flesh from her body. He reached in and grabbed her wrists to stop the self mutilation of her body. "Cease this." He demanded and noted the bruises on her thighs, chest and was certain that if he turned her around they would be all over her back as well.

Kagome stared at him and began to cry even harder practically choking as her throat clenched from her hard sobs.

She suddenly looked far FAR too innocent and lost causing him to pull her from the shower to his chest not caring that she was getting him wet. He wrapped his arms around her small form and held her through her pain. Her face buried into his shoulder and her tears mixed with the water soaked his shirt. He grabbed the towel, wrapped his around her body, picked her up, and carried her to his room where he laid her down on his bed. Pulling the covers over her naked form. He sat down on the edge of the bed staring at her. "Sleep" He ordered then rose from the bed leaving the room and shutting the door behind him.


Sesshoumaru, Shippou, Miroku, and Hiten all came barging into the apartment just as Naraku made it to the bottom of the stairs. "Hey man, what's going on?" Hiten asked as he plopped down on the couch next to Bankotsu and disrupting his video game.

"Aw man! What the hell?" Bankotsu bit out then punched Hiten in the shoulder.

Hiten grabbed the controller from his friend while ignoring his protests. "Let me show you how it's done." He reset the game and began playing it while Bankotsu glared at him.

Miroku and Shippou both went to the fridge and Sesshoumaru took a seat at the kitchen table. "Why are you wet?" Sesshoumaru asked as Naraku took a seat in the chair across from his best friend.

"I took in a stray." Naraku stated like it explained everything.

Shippou pulled his head out of the refrigerator and looked at Naraku. "You got a dog? I thought you weren't allowed to have pets."

Naraku ignored the youngest of the group. "It's that girl from across the way. Apparently her father failed to inform her that he was moving out."

Sesshoumaru's eyes widened slightly. "Why would he leave his daughter behind?"

Naraku shrugged his shoulders silently saying he didn't know. "Apparently her father leaving her is the least of her problems right now."

Shippou and Miroku grabbed the leftover pizza and soda from the day before and took up at the table with Sesshoumaru and Naraku. "I'd think that a parent leaving a child behind would be the biggest problem ever." Miroku stated before taking a giant bite of his cold pizza.

Sesshoumaru nodded his agreement with his hentai friend and suddenly arched an eyebrow at his best friend. "There's something you're not telling." He stated knowingly.

Naraku gave a curt nod but didn't elaborate further. He really didn't want to announce what the girl had said to everybody being he was sure it would be just as bad for her to find out that everyone knew of what happened to her.

Sesshoumaru didn't miss the 'I'll tell you later' look in Naraku's eyes and gave a small nod in return.


Kagome tossed and turned in the bed as vague visions of Koga and Inuyasha attacking her bombarded her mind. The punching, the kicking, and the ripping of her clothes from her body, while Ayame and Kikyo stood to the side laughing and encouraging their respective boyfriends.

Once they had her stripped down the bound her hands behind her back and shoved her to the floor. The two girls laughed evilly as Kagome plead with them to help her. Instead of helping her they just watched as Inuyasha and Koga assaulted her grabbing her breasts harshly pinching her nipples until it hurt so bad she could do no more than scream, their fingers entering her, thrusting painfully deep it to her virgin core seemingly ripping her apart.

Kagome awoke with a scream tearing from her throat and a large male coming through the door. As soon as Naraku was through the door Kagome flung herself at him not minding her nakedness and sobbed into his neck.

Sesshoumaru stood in the doorway eyeing the scene before him. His sharp eyes easily spotted the bruises and scratch marks all over the young girl's body giving him a pretty good idea as to what happened to her. He made eye contact with his friend and his suspicions were confirmed when Naraku gave a small nod. A small silent conversation passed between the two males and Sesshoumaru gave a curt nod then left the room.


The next day Sesshoumaru walked into the apartment and tossed Naraku the notebook he had. "This is the last time."

Naraku snorted he always said that but again and again he handed over his notes from math class. "Did you find him?" He asked as he flipped through the notebook.

"Hai" He started as he sat down on the loveseat. "He lives about forty-five minutes away in Chiba."

Naraku looked at him and cocked an eyebrow. "And?"

"He said that if we were done with her we could drop her off at anytime."

"Done with her?" Naraku snorted his trademarked snort of derision. "Does he think her to be some kind of whore?" He then cocked an eyebrow in question. "Did he happen to mention why he left without informing his daughter of his new address?"

Sesshoumaru gave a small grunt. "Apparently he called the girl Ayame's mother and informed her of his new location. It seems that the message failed to get passed on.

"So it would seem." Naraku stated in disgust.

Sesshoumaru eyed his friend critically. "You sympathize with her." He stated knowingly.

Brown clashed with amber for a moment before he responded. "How can I not?"

"I suppose." He answered dismissively. "So where is the girl?"

"Sleeping" Naraku stated as he began to copy Sesshoumaru's notes.

"So what do you plan on doing with her?"

Naraku shrugged his shoulder. "You will take her home when she awakens."

That caused Sesshoumaru's eyebrow to arch right up to his hairline. "She is your responsibility and you will act accordingly."

"You found my father?" Kagome asked from the top of the stairs; causing both males to look up at her though she wasn't looking at them.

"Hai and Sesshoumaru will take you home whenever you are ready." Naraku stated with an evil smirk as he looked over at his friend.

"Oh" Kagome sighed. "Okay I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Sesshoumaru stood up and dropped a piece of paper on the coffee table then without a word walked out of the apartment before Naraku could utter a single word.

"Damn!" He hissed when the door shut. He grabbed the piece of paper and noted it was the address to where the girl's father lived. With a deep sigh he rose to his feet and grabbed his keys off the hook by the door.

"Um... Ready." Kagome whispered with her eyes locked onto her feet. She felt deep soul twisting shame and just couldn't bring herself to look at anyone so she kept her eyes downcast.

Naraku walked over to her, gently grabbed her chin, and tilted her face up. "Do not dwell." He ordered then grabbed her bag and walked out the door.

Kagome followed solemnly behind him. Don't dwell? How could she not? The tears once again began running down her cheeks as the pain of all the events over the weekend continued to bite at her.


Naraku pulled up into the driveway of her father's house and got out of the car.

"What are you doing?" Kagome asked as she climbed out of the car, grabbed her bag, and ran to stand next to him on the doorstep.

Naraku looked at her and was about to answer when the door opened. "Higurashi-san?"

The man at the door nodded then looked over at his daughter. "Your room is down the hall." He stated flatly.

Kagome nodded and walked in heading for her bedroom.

Naraku eyed the man. "I wish to speak with you." He stated with hard eyes just daring the man to deny him.

"Hai; come in." The man nodded his head. "You can call me Gin."

Naraku didn't respond as he made his way to the kitchen table. He waited until the man was seated before beginning. "Higurashi-san" He only let a little venom in his voice as he said the man's name. "It seems that while you were moving over the weekend your daughter's friends took it upon themselves to rape her." He narrowed his eyes at the man. "I would strongly suggest that you forbid her to associate with beings such as them and seek out justice to restore her honor."

Gin leaned in slightly towards Naraku. "Now let me tell you something about that girl. She can do as she pleases for all I care. I only claim her as my daughter due to her high standing grandfather." He sat back in his chair. "I married her mother because I thought the child was mine at the time and when she was born I knew instantly she did not belong to me." He sighed in disgust. "No one in my family nor her mother's family has blue somewhat rounded eyes, fair skin, and wavy hair." He waved his hand in the air. "Or her height. I keep the girl as mine since her grandfather paid me to care for her when her mother wouldn't; for that matter still won't. He even made sure that I continue to receive payments to care for her once death took him."

Naraku wanted nothing more than to reach over and strangle the life out of the man or to grab his head and twist it until he heard the pleasurable sound of his spinal cord snapping. "So am I to take it that you couldn't care one way or another as to her fate in this world."

Gin gave a curt nod. "When the payments stop coming from her grandfather's estate I will no longer have use of her." He rubbed his chin in thought. "Unless I can coerce her to sign over her inheritance once she reaches adulthood."

That was it he had just gone too far. He didn't know the girl but knew she deserved better than what her so called father was giving her. He knew what it was to have an uncaring father without love and support and knew without a doubt that the girl was bound for a life in which she could never return. "I will see that that never happens." He growled as he rose to his feet while giving Gin a look that froze the man where he sat.

He calmly or so it would seem from the outside but inside he was burning with rage made his way down the hall to the girl's room. He stood in the doorway and looked at the girl sitting in the middle of the room, surrounded by boxes, knees pulled to her chest, and face buried. Her body was lightly shaking and he could easily see that she was once again crying. "Girl you will gather what things you need and we will be leaving immediately." He ordered causing her to jump at the suddenness of his voice.

She turned her big, puffy, tear filled blue eyes to him. "What?" She whispered.

"You heard me. You have two minutes to gather what you need or you leave with nothing but the clothes on your back." With that he turned and walked back down the hall to finish with her father.

Kagome sat there shocked for a moment before she slowly got up and mechanically did as she was told. She was so tired of fighting and struggling to find happiness; a happiness that had evaded her since her grandfathers death. He was the only one who ever seemed to give a damn about her and love her unconditionally.

Once she had what she could fit into her backpack and a few of her more important essentials; she walked down the hall to the dining room just in time enough to see her father ball up his fist and swing it at Naraku.