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It was something that I craved, a hunger that followed me throughout my life. I could go days without it, but the thirst would always return. How many times now? How many times have I been on the hunt, watched people to select my victim, seduced them for my own purposes...

I was a vampire, an abomination of the human race, a disease that was paired with humanity for centuries.

My name?

Fate T. Testarossa was what I went by right now. I had long forgotten my real name, long forgotten my age, long forgotten the life I had before I was turned. Right now it times were the best that I've seen them. Humans were living peaceful lives, moving wherever they wanted to with ease. I remember the days of the past, the hardships that persisted throughout the ages. Right now it was perfect for me.

No one believed in vampires anymore, making it easy for me to find prey. Don't be fooled by the movies or what you have read in books, for they will lead you wrong when it comes to my world. I did not melt in sunlight, though long exposure to it did cause me slight discomfort. Crosses did not bother me; in fact I wore one around my neck because it suited my taste. I had a reflection and I have drank holy water from a slain priest's flask.

I was powerful, more so than your average human. I could run as the wind breathed and strike faster than a cobra with lethality of the deadliest venom. I did not fear death, but at the same time I respected it. I didn't take lives of the innocent, only those of people like myself.

You thought I was the only one? Hardly.

The blood of another vampire was what drove me now, filled my senses with heightened ecstasy in anticipation of the taste. The black blood of a vampire held all of it's owner's powers, and in drinking such I would become stronger myself. I would crave less, would be able to go longer without hunting. I was bordering three weeks now, and I was through waiting.

It was night time, a preferred moment to strike. I have been hunting him for days now, following his movements, judging his strength, watching his actions. He was a relatively new turn, a novice vampire at best. I judged him at several months old, and it showed at his cockiness. He didn't seem to fear the people around him, nor did he care about people witnessing his feedings. He probably thought he was invincible...

I would change that.

As he walked down the streets I trailed him from the rooftops. Leap after leap I pursued him, already knowing what he would do. He liked the taste of teenagers, and being a guy, females.

I watched him grab a girl with speed that would be impressive for a normal human and rip them into an alleyway. When I perched at the top they were already halfway into it, clothes being ripped and muffled cries sounding desperately.

He was probably going to rape this one. Typical teenage male lusting on his power. It disgusted me.

The wind soared around me as I leapt down, my boots sending a thumping sound loudly in the otherwise empty area. I felt my cloak fall around as the wind stopped and looked up slowly as I rose myself to my full height. I was tall compared to the Japanese women around here, standing just at six feet tall. I had the perfect figure, which I often used to my advantage. Right now, though, it was hidden beneath my cloak. All he saw was a body walking to him, and the reflection of my eyes.

He spewed some garbage about how he was going to mess my world up for interrupting his 'fun' but I ignored it. The battle wasn't even worth my time. After the first punch we both knew that it was over. Grabbing his wrist, I yanked him around and buried my sharp claws around his neck at the same time. A fast jerk severed his veins and I put my mouth onto it, sucking hard.

It tasted horrible.

After only a few moments I stopped, my thirst being filled. I used his clothes to wipe my mouth and let him fall to the floor. To anyone watching it would appear as if I just choked him down.

The girl was looking at me with wide eyes, trying to cover herself with what was left of her ripped shirt and bra. I have long since stopped caring for people, as they never much cared much for me. This one, however, caught my interest. Slate blue eyes only visible thanks to my heightened night vision looked at me in both appreciation and fear. Her body was shaking and she seemed to be too scared to speak at the current moment.

I walked towards her and knelt down in a fluid motion. The tight leather of my outfit creaked lightly as I moved my singly gloved hand out to touch her cheek and make her cringe.

She was lovely.

I felt the urge in me again and knew that she would taste heavenly, a perfect way to rid the lingering stench in my mouth from the last. My mouth opened and light obviously caught on my slightly extended K-9's because the girl went stiff in fear again. Her head was tilted to the side with no protest, probably too scared to move herself. Leaning forward, I exhaled on her exposed milky white skin...

Nanoha screamed as she sat up in bed, panting hard and looking around her room. One hand went to her neck, feeling nothing out of the ordinary. A few more gasps of air came from her throat before falling back onto her pillows and looking at the ceiling.

Outside the window a tree branch jerked as weight left it.

During the day I normally spent my time doing things that most people did. My body didn't need much sleep so I normally found myself awake at eight or nine in the morning despite staying up just hours before. I hated sleeping, dreams always flooded my mind and left me annoyed at the ones I remembered.

I ate breakfast just like always, another myth shattered right there. I didn't live off blood alone, nor did I eat the flesh of my victims. Scrambled eggs and bacon wrapped in a tortilla that I could carry around with me while checking the morning ritual.

Of course the events last night were on the news, the body of the person I killed being shown covered in plastic. The serial killer that had plagued the city for weeks was found dead on the scene. I knew the area well, and the reason I had left him there to be found was because the gang that roamed those streets would be given credit for it.

No other mentioning was heard so I flipped the channel to something else to pass the time. Although I didn't have a job I was insanely rich, having collected money through the years under different names. Whenever I was in a place long enough to start attracting to myself that I wasn't aging I would simply transfer accounts to another name and assume that identity.

My current lodging was one of my favorites: A penthouse on top of an apartment building. It was loft style with one wall nothing but glass looking out onto the city. I had an upstairs that doubled as my bedroom and study as well as a living room on the downstairs side. An open kitchen was separated by a bar and a bathroom on the other side of the wall provided me with my own personal shower.

Taking to a whim, I walked over to the glass wall and exited through a small door on the side. I had a large balcony that overlooked the city from my almost one hundred floor view. The sun was bright today, reflecting off the glass skyscrapers that littered the city. Wind blew around me and I caught a faint wisp of myself in it.

The girl I met last night was outside, somewhere close. With a grin I turned around and walked back into my penthouse to get dressed. I had marked her last night after I used my eyes to send her into a small hypnotic state. Getting her name and address was a simple matter after that.

I didn't drink last night, I had stopped just before breaking her skin. I would savor this one, wait until I knew her, and then drink whenever I needed it. A blood donor would be nice, as I haven't had one in centuries. Once we became friends I could easily drink at my whim and use my eyes to erase her memory of it. Yes, I would do that. Nanoha Takamachi, my new pet...

We would have our 'first' meeting soon.

I walked from the elevator and out into the lobby of my five star apartment building. Lights from the chandelier danced across the floor and several attendants there greeted me respectfully. I nodded to them and made small conversation with the man at the desk as I passed. He warned me that my attire would probably be too hot for today because of a heat wave coming through but I didn't really mind. I was wearing mostly black with stains of red and yellow, a Gothic Lolita kind of set-up.

The heels on my thigh high boots clicked on the sidewalk, sun glinting off the cross I now wore as a bracelet. It was a gift to me from ages past, a man I fell in love with only to watch him die at my side over time. But that was then, and this is now. I had moved on, countless years ago.

I sniffed the air, eyes narrowing and focusing my senses to find my prey. I couldn't get an exact trace on her, it didn't work that way, but I did get a general direction. My blond hair moved behind me as I walked, reaching up to ensnare the end of it with a black bow to keep it out of my way.

Nanoha was found after almost an hour of walking. She stood in a small store, resting her cheek on her palm behind a desk next to a cash register. She worked at a bakery it seemed. No, wait, scratch that, owned it. The words on the glass read "takamachi Café" proudly. With a smile I crossed the street of this slightly less populated area and entered in.

"Welcome!" She perked up slightly. "Please help yourself."

"How about a recommendation?" I inquired lightly, amused at how she didn't remember me at all.

"Hmm... What are you in the mood for?" She tilted her head to the side. "Sweet or savory? Or maybe just a snack?"

Walking up to the counter, I leaned on it and locked our eyes. "I'd like to see if something is on the menu?"

"Y-yes?" She moved back lightly, blushing at my bold move.

"I'd like you," I informed sweetly, lips turning up and showing off one of my fangs. "Can I get your number?"

"Wha... what?"

"Your phone number," I cooed while bending over to get a little more eye level with the short girl. "So I can call and ask you on a date...like, say, tonight?"

She looked at me with wide eyes, clearly in shock. "I... I don't even know you."

"That's why we need to get together." I smiled at her and stood up again, going to walk around her tiny bakery to find a cinnamon bun. If I had one weakness, it was cinnamon. "My name is Fate. Fate Testarossa."


"I figured, it's on the window." Using the tongs, I liberated the roll that seemed to be loaded the most and placed it on a napkin. "So, Nanoha," I spoke her name in a flirting manor. "Will you go out with me tonight?"

She was still in shock, not even taking the money that I sat down on the tabletop. "What... makes you want to ask me of all people? I'm no one special."

"I think you are," I insisted while eating. It was actually really good. If I wasn't trying to pick her up right now I would have probably bought a dozen to take back home.

Nanoha looked away. "I'm just a bakery girl..."

Oh? It seems like she doesn't know much on the lines of partying and having a good time. She was probably a goody-girl in high school. The thought made me grin to myself; I could break her out of that really fast. "Tell you what," I licked my fingers to get the frosting that was making them sticky. "I will be by the clock on main street around seven tonight. If you want to come have some fun then we can go out on the town. If not then, hey, that's fine too." I nodded at the five hundred yen bill on the table. "Keep the change, it was really good." With that I winked at her and turned to leave the store. She was stammering behind me but no solid words were formed so I didn't hang around to give her time to officially tell me 'no'.

I had several hours to kill before my date tonight so I started walking, taking in the world around me. One of my hobbies was learning things I didn't know and the best way to do that was to simply be around places that offered a good show. Currently I was interested in, ironically, baking. I was never really good at it, as I was sued to ad libbing meals to experiment on flavors. With baking you had to be exact or it would all fall apart on you. Nanoha being a baker amused me to no end. Maybe I could spend my time at her store watching her do her thing. From the way she was acting before I walked in her store I was sure she could use the company.

I spent a good hour down at one of the larger stores on the square simply watching people at the observation deck. I followed the making of a birthday cake from mixing to frosting and was going to watch another but my stomach decided to growl at me. I didn't eat a lot, but rather snacked often. My metabolism was high, a side effect from my body's...special... way of doing things.

By the time I got done watching a movie and finding food I had just enough left to spare to make it back to my apartment and tidy up a little. My clothes were suited for a night on the town so I simply left the way I came in and walked to the clock tower to meet my date. I arrived on the dot, leaning against the bricks of the tower when it was on it's fourth ring. I waited patently for her, watching the people pass by in the day's fading sunlight. I didn't mind the wait, in fact I could easily sit in a chair for hours on end and be perfectly still without being bored. Living countless years would do that to you.

Nanoha finally showed up almost thirty minutes late, stopping a few feet away from me. "You're a little late," I accused.

"I wasn't really going to come," she admitted to me softly. "I just didn't want you to wait for me, just incase."

How sweet. "Since you're here, let's go have fun?"

The girl looked at me seriously for just a moment. "Have we met before? It's been bugging me all day."

Pushing my body off the clock tower, I walked up to her and smiled. "I've seen you before, but today is the first time I've come into your shop." I had seduced several people before and knew Nanoha's type well. "Let's get to know each other? It would make me really happy..."

She looked away from me and thought for several long moments before facing me again. "As long as it's some place public, I don't mind."

Her words threw me slightly but I recalled that she was almost raped last night. Granted, I told her to forget that ever happened while she was under my spell but the sense of fear she felt probably still shook her. "Okay," I agreed to her terms. "In return, allow me to show you a fun time." Normally I would just take her, but it has been so long since I desired one person's blood so much. Yes, I would withhold from it until I couldn't stand it anymore. I had a masochistic streak in me and Nanoha was pressing all the right buttons without even knowing it.

This would be well worth the torturous wait I would put myself through.


I didn't really know what to expect when we started walking. Fate was next to me, eyes ahead and a smile on her face. This wasn't my first date, but this was the first time a girl had asked me. I didn't know if she wanted to be my friend or if she wanted something more... Right now I was praying she wasn't one of those freaks you hear about on the news.

Then again, judging from her attire, she might just be an emo kid...

Fate looked at me and winked.

No, she was definitely just into Gothic style. Her choice of clothing told me that much, and secretly I was really attracted to it. I wanted to wear something like that, in white preferably, but I didn't have the nerve... Or the money. Those things were expensive!

"Here we are," Fate pointed at a nightclub called the Roxberry. "There."

"Huh? That's one of those famous clubs isn't it? The kind where you have to be on a list to get in without waiting for hours?" To my surprise, Fate walked past the line and to the bouncer at the front door. I hurried to catch up and watched them exchange a few friendly words before we were let in. "Wow... You know him?"

Fate smirked. "I know everyone."

"A little conceited arn't you?" She just lost points.

"I was teasing," She pouted at me cutely.

Okay, she got her score back. "So," I had to speak up as we entered the actual club. "What do we do here? This is my first time." I was secretly really excited... I was in the Roxberry! Of all clubs!

"Anything," She replied, taking my hand to guide me around to the bar. "But first, let's get to know each other?" She left her hand on mine even as we sat on the stools.

Before I could reply, the bartender came up to us. "Evening, Fate," He greeted. "Oh, company tonight? That's rare."

"Hello," I took my hand from Fate's and rubbed the top of it.

"The usual," Fate told him, a smile on her lips that I found to be intriguing.

The man turned to me and raised an eyebrow. "And for the lovely lady?"

"I..." didn't really know what to order. Alcohol? What should I get? A martini? Maybe a sidecar? Seven and Seven? I looked at Fate for help and she came to my rescue.

"Get her a strawberry daiquiri."

"You got it." He nodded and started preparing for us.

Looking around, I was amazed at all the neon lights, booths, tables, dance floor space, and -god help me- the pole dancers. There were girls dressed up in fancy uniforms waiting on tables as well as scantily clad... bunnies... that were all over what I assumed were the V.I.P.s of the club.

It was rather intimidating, but one thought lingered in the back of my head:

No one I knew would ever be able to get in here.

For one night, I could have fun. I wouldn't have to worry about my G.P.A in school, my friends catching me, or someone from my parent's church seeing me and telling them... I could actually have fun!

"So," Fate's words caught my attention and I turned to her. "Tell me about yourself?"


Nanoha looked at me in thought for a few moments before actually answering my simple question with one of her own. "What do you want to know?"

"Anything," I moved my hand to accept the ordered drink; a scotch on the rocks. I could probably drink a gallon of Everclear and still not be drunk, but the taste of this really seemed to sit with me for some reason. Nanoha was fiddling with her drink, moving the straw around while probably pondering if she was supposed to mix the cool whip on top into her drink or if it was meant to be enjoyed separate. Finally she decided to simply take a sip and smiled down at it in appreciation, smacking her lips. "It's an acquired taste," I giggled at her. For once I was actually amused, my smile real. She was a funny girl, a goody-goody out of her element.

"Well," Nanoha pulled up her straw and sucked the cream off the end, eyes darting around at the many things around us. "Umm..."

"How old are you?" I offered her a place to start.


" School?"

"The Christan college in town."

"The private one?"

"Mm-hmm," Nanoha drank again. "My parents made me go."

I was interested now. That college was extremely picky with their students, which meant that pretty little head of hers was for more than decoration like I originally had thought. "Get good grades?"

The girl scratched her cheek. "Um, 4.7 GPA."

"Point seven?"

"I've never made below a ninety-five," Instead of bragging she seemed almost ashamed of this fact. "My parents are really strict... They would disown me if they found out I came here..."

"Don't worry, no one would ever see you here unless they were here as well. If that was the case, they couldn't tattle on you without putting themselves at risk."

"Yeah," She nodded. "And yourself?"

"I don't go to school."


"Everything," I waved off the annoyed look. "No, I'm not avoiding. Really, I do everything. I have a hobby of getting part time jobs. I'm well off money wise but I don't like wasting away my life, so I like to learn different things." I seemed to have picked up her interest now. "More on me later, right now we're talking about you." I leaned forward and tapped her nose, making the girl jump lightly and blush so red I thought she might pass out.

"Uhmm..." She averted her eyes and looked at the dance floor. "I live above my bakery, alone. It's a branch from my parent's main one...I was kind of forced into picking it up as well."

"You don't like baking?"

"I like it. I really do, actually... but..."

"But what?"

Nanoha sighed and moved to sit properly at the bar instead of facing me. "I just feel like... I'm 'wasting my life away', you know?" I gave a small nod and faced the front as well. "I know there is something more out there. Something that I've never done..." Her ponytail seemed to react to her mood and sagged down as her head did. "I've never been to a party before... Never just went out to have a 'girl's night out'... It was always just 'study, study,study' and 'get a good degree, geta good job, marry a nice husband'... NEver once 'what do you want to do?'"

"What do you want to do?"

She stayed silent a while and I realized over our course of talking we had finished our drinks. "I want to..." She looked behind us.

"Let's dance."

"huh?" I grabbed her wrist and pulled her along with me while going to the floor. "Wha? I don't... Fate-chan!"

"-chan?" I grinned, getting behind her and putting mt arm around her stomach, grinding to he music. "We're that close already?"


"Shake those hips!" I twirled around, going face to face and moving with the beat. Slowly Nanoha started moving as well, a smile appearing on her face as she got the hang of it. "That's the way!"


It was weird, dancing against someone I just met. People were all around me and music was thumping in my chest with each beat. I didn't really worry about 'knowing the moves' to the songs because everyone just seemed to be doing little more than bouncing with the beat. Fate, not surprisingly, drew lots of attention to us by her actions. Despite being in an outrageously Gothic frilly dress so didn't seem hindered at all. Her hands were always on me, hips grinding and leading at the same time.

I didn't know if I should feel embarrassed or not because it was such a... provocative motion. Everyone else was doing the same so I could accept it as just 'dancing' but at the same time I wish she would give me a little space.

When we danced enough to make my legs weak I gave her a small questing look and was lead off the dance floor without any protest. Our seats at the bar were taken now so Fate lead me over to a semi-circle booth and sat down next to me. Her arm went over my shoulders and I leaned away lightly.

"Oh, sorry," Fate moved away from me and I sighed out thankfully. "Did I frighten you?"

"... Just a little." I shyly looked down and licked my lips. I was starting to lean toward the fact of Fate asking me on a 'date' as a date, and not a get together like I assumed... "Um, Fate-chan?"

"Yes?" She was comfortable it seemed, leaned back with both arms over the back of the booth. She smiled at me and I noticed again that her K-9 teeth were... just barely noticeably longer than normal.

"Why did you ask me to come with you tonight?"

"To get to know you."


"Because you are cute."

"...Okaaaay," I rolled my eyes and leaned back as well. "Um... Are you...you know?"

"I know?"

I blushed. "You know," I said again, getting a chuckle.

"Are you afraid of my answer?" I didn't know how to respond so she went on. "Then don't ask me what you don't want to know."

"That's no fair." I pouted.

Fate leaned forward and our eyes met. Her facial expression changed from daring and teasing to a softer shade that made me settle down some. "Are you having fun? Honestly?"

"...Yes." I sipped the glass of water than was just sat down in front of me. "Thank you."

"Welcome." She drank as well and crossed her legs. "I sometimes come off as aggressive, please don't be afraid of me okay?"

"...Okay," I felt even more at ease and started seeing her as a possible friend. True, a weird one, but she was obviously trying to please me and that meant a lot. "Fate-chan, tell me about yourself?"

She beamed at me. "What do you want to know?"

"What are your hobbies? Besides part time jobs?"

"Anything really. I like to read a lot, I've studied martial arts-"

"Really!?" I knew I interrupted her and sank back.


"Yes," I smiled happily. "I heard it's really good exercise."

Fate tapped a piece of ice into her water and watched it float back up to the top. "It helps me stay fit." Her eyebrow arched slightly. "Want me to teach you somethings?"

"I-I'd be too embarrassed..."

"No one will have to see." She nodded. "When you are comfortable, I can come to your place? Will that be okay?"

My place... Sure, nothing could happen there. It would help pass the time too since I can't study too hard while watching the register. "Okay, sounds fun."

"A second date already," She teased me happily. "I think I'm doing good?"

"Well," I corrected her. "You're doing well."

"Oh great, an English snob." We both laughed at her joke and I honestly felt really comfortable with this weird girl now.

I would even say I was looking forward to seeing her again after tonight.


I can't remember the last time I had such an interesting night. Most people I ran across were either self-centered or really just your average person. Nanoha, on the other hand, tried her best to keep the topic of the night on me instead of herself and we even had a nice fifteen minute long conversation about things that I even had to ask her to explain to me. Now don't get me wrong, I am smart- very smart- but this girl... Wow. I was awed. Smoking hot, really humble, a smile to die for, and she could hold a conversation to keep someone like me entertained.

I wanted her so bad right now it was making me uncomfortable.

Luckily I have long since been able to keep my body's desired under control. I didn't need blood again for almost a month thanks to the small gulps I had of the last vampire. The taste was horrid, ruined by drugs and constant feedings on less-than-desirable people. When we drank, contrary to some beliefs, the blood didn't go into our veins. If I get cut I don't spew out like a geyser or anything silly like that, but instead it was rather different. Just like alcohol, it is absorbed into our bloodstream over the course of time. The more we drink, the more it becomes a part of us. Just as someone can ruin their blood flow by being an alcoholic, us vampires could ruin ours by drinking low quality supplies. Stoners, alcoholics, diseased people, all of their blood was drinkable but not really desirable. I personally chose my targets carefully and observed them for a few days before deciding.

My blood was clean and healthy, and if it didn't make me sick to my stomach, I might just drink my own just for the taste. The thought made me giggle lightly and Nanoha tilted her head to the side. "Sorry, I just remembered a joke I heard randomly." Looking around, I started noticing that people were slowly starting to either dwindle away or go to the private rooms for a show they -and their wallets- wouldn't soon forget. The clock on the wall told the tale and I grinned in satisfaction. "It's already three in the morning."

"Eh!?" Nanoha turned her head quickly to check and I was afraid she would fall over from it. The girl had a little to drink tonight: two daiquiris and a pina colada. From her weight and height and slightly woozy expression I assumed that her tolerance for the substance was actually below zero. "It is...wow..."

"Nanoha," She looked at me and smiled. Once again I was amazed at how much she could think while intoxicated. "Have you ever drank alcohol before?"

"Nuh uh," She shook her head and held her hand to it. "Wow, I suddenly feel light headed."

"It is because you just started moving instead of sitting still. Come on, let's get you home before you start feeling sick or something. I told you not to order that last one..."

"I'm sorry," She tried to reach into her purse for some money but I threw some bills down before she did. "I can pay for my own..."

Helping her stand, I guided her through the club a little slower than we came in. "You live above your bakery, right?" I knew the answer but wanted to ask her anyway to make her feel more comfortable. "I'll walk you."

"I'm okay, I can make it back."

"Not when you're tipsy and this late at night." My eyes looked around the club and locked onto a male's not far from the door. He smirked at me and I noticed a small fang just barely visible appear from between his lips. I had noticed him before while dancing with Nanoha but my goal right now was pleasing my new friend and not hunting. I had a drink not long ago... I would save him for later. "Come on," I encouraged her once we got into the night air. She was leaning against me lightly, mostly just to get her bearings straight. "Thank you for coming tonight."

"I'm sorry I made you wait," Her eyes were slightly unfocused but after stopping a moment to rub them and take a steadying breath, she sobered up enough to walk on her own. "Say, do you know a back way?"

"Back way?"

"Um, I don't want to take a chance on being seen. A few people from church are policemen and they patrol the main streets I'm told."

I chuckled at her nervousness. "They won't catch you. Even if they did drive by, the odds of them recognizing you at night is very slim."

She thought about it and shook her head at her own silliness. "You're right, I'm just paranoid." Her eyes alternated between looking ahead and glancing at me the remainder of the trip. I learned a lot about her the past few hours: Her favorite color was blue, she was studying with no clear goal in mind but was going for her bachelor's degree, and everyone expected her to run her own bakery just like her parents did. She seemed to have an extremely sheltered life but at the same time I could tell she didn't really like it. She was perfectly corruptible, and I was looking forward to doing it. She noticed my staring and smiled at me so I smiled back.

"Here we are," I stated the obvious in front of her door. "I had fun."

"Me too," She agreed honestly.

I couldn't help but tease the angelic girl. "So, do you kiss on the first date?"

She almost fell over in shock. "Fate-chan..."

"Oh well," I took her wrist and sweeped into a bow, kissing the top of her hand gently. "By your leave, my lady."

"Oh... oh wow," She blushed darkly and slowly took her hand back, rubbing the spot I kissed with her other palm shyly. With another small grin that showed my fangs I waved with two fingers and started walking away from her. "Um, Fate-chan!?" I looked over my shoulder and saw her leaning out of the half open door leading into her bakery. "Come by again, okay?"

"Sure," I waved again and got one back. The area around here was very nice, obviously in a nicer part of town but nothing too fancy. Nothing like my home at least. My guesses were that most of Nanoha's money went to paying for her tuition. I could probably help her out there a little, if she would let me.

Looking around, I walked between two buildings and crouched down. With a solid leap, I managed to land on the top of the building behind me in one single back flip. With a running start I jumped from it onto the roof of another and built up my speed. True, I wasn't anywhere near as powerful as myths and legends made vampires out to be, but there were many things that were never recorded as well...