From here on, the story will return to normal. As stated before, this was a type of "choose your own adventure" made for the Nanoha fanfiction forum on animesuki. They got to choose which POV was used for each part. The POV selected will be a bold name, as well as a page break. Enjoy!


I looked at Fate with a mix between shock and awe. Her story was so sad that I really didn't know what to say. Having gone through all that and yet she's still here, smiling and laughing and doing whatever she wants. "It's in the past," she told me lightly, a small ironic grin on her face now. "It's like something bad happening in your life and years later you get over it. Don't be sad over my past, because my future is what's important."

"I see," I still felt bad for her, though.


"Huh?" I blinked and looked at her again.

"You're holding back, go ahead and ask me. Better to get the bulk out of the way now so I won't be annoyed for the next month by questions every day." She took my hand when I hesitated. "Its okay, really."

"Um..." I flushed. "No one has ever... bitten me, have they?"



"You're marked." Fate reached forward and traced a design on my neck. "When a vampire is strong enough, they can infuse a little of their power into a person. You have a mark on you that only those with enhanced senses can see. Any vampire worth his salt will know that if they bite you, I would kill them."

"Fate-chan!" I stopped. I know she's killed before, but actually hearing it...

"Yes," She answered, meeting my eyes. "I still kill- vampires mainly. I don't hurt for the sake of hurting, nor do I kill for the sake of killing. I am old and desensitized to it. I will kill in the future, and I will kill paladins as they engage me. I promise you this, though; I will never do it unless it's required."

I would have to accept that, even if it did make me feel awkward. "I trust you." It seems odd but I know... her hands are too soft to be a mass murderer like in the past... "Okay," I took a breath. "How do you turn people? Into vampires, I mean."

She grimaced. "It sucks. They have to drink enough of my blood to overwrite their own. Just as I drink human's blood to create my own special type, a human can drink mine to taint their own. It's not much at first but as they live, their body starts to require the vampire cells to survive. Since you can't make your own, you have to drink blood to get what you need to create it. Want specifics?"

"No thanks... So just... That's a lot of blood isn't it?"

"For a small child it's not, but for an adult... yes it's a lot. Vampires can either do it all at once, which is easier on the human, or over the span of about a week, which is easier on the vampire."

I pondered this. "Explain?"

"For example, if someone drank enough to fill their stomach, the human would have enough to convert their body into what's needed to create the cells from normal blood, and their body would start doing it. Once their blood is completely converted, then they will need an outside source because they no longer have normal blood. The vampire would be out of commission for several days because their blood is so low. It's enough to kill them if they're not careful."

"And the other way?" I didn't want her to go through that...

"Drink a little at a time. The human would be in a lot of pain over the course of a week, as their body battles it out with the new substance, but the vampire has time to recover, to refill their own blood and drink others."

"And a vampire... I never recall you telling me you got sick?"

"A vampire doesn't get sick," Fate cut herself off and stared at me. She knew what I was thinking now...

"Can you..."

"No." She glared. "I will not."

I felt hurt. "But, Fate-chan, you said-"


"WHY!?" I demanded, shocked as my own voice rose. I was confused now... if she told me her story, and wanted me to accept her... If she could take away this pain!

"You don't fully understand...." She softened and I felt myself being pulled into a hug. "Nanoha...I'm sorry."

I sighed into her arms, still confused. Maybe it was something I was missing... but still... The thought that I could be cured still lingered in my mind.


My story lasted for most of the morning and Nanoha only had one more class left on this particular day so she decided to just ask one of her friends for their recordings to listen to later. She took to the store downstairs after a while and I watched her walk around with a dazed expression before I offered to buy her and Caro lunch. My trip lead me back to my apartment first to pick up Erio and then I swung by Zaxby's to get some chicken for everyone. Chicken is always happiness in my book.

As I drove, my mind wandered back to talking with Nanoha earlier. I still can't believe that she wanted to be turned into a vampire after hearing everything. Well, I could kind of get where she was coming from... Being turned could, actually, cure her... Judging from the countless bottles of pills in her cabinet, and how coughing blood wasn't anything new to her, being a vampire could be a step up in her mind...

"Fate?"Erio asked me curiously. "We going somewhere else?"

"Huh?" I blinked, realizing that I missed my turn. "Ah, no, sorry. Spaced out." I made the next right and circled the block to park beside Nanoha's house. The girl really needed parking spaces, but then again as far as I could tell, she mainly got walk-by business.

As we walked back, I was shocked to find the store fairly packed. Granted, she seemed to always sell out but I guess with Caro pulling people in and having two people working there, business would pick up. Good, now I didn't have to worry about her starving.

"Here, I'll take over." I gave Nanoha the bags and shooed her back into her kitchen when she tried to protest. Erio took over for Caro without me even telling him to be a gentleman and offer, which made me proud. I guess Chrono was raising him well after all.

I kept a smile and rang people up as quickly and politely as I could, using it to try and distract myself from the lingering thoughts in the back of my head.

If I did turn Nanoha, we would be together for a long, long time.

I closed my eyes and gripped the counter tightly, trying to force the thought from me mind. No. I couldn't do it. I can't make her go through that, she's too nice, too kind... She wouldn't be able to hunt, and the pain involved would be too much for her to take...

I felt a hand on my back and turned to see Nanoha smiling up at me. "Go eat, before it gets cold," She told me gently. Her hands moved to mine and gave it a small squeeze. Whatever she thought about while eating had obviously calmed her down and made her spirits lift.

"Okay." I leaned forward to peck her cheek but found her stepping back at once to avoid it.

"Parent's friends," She whispered, a little scared. "I can't risk it... "

"Right," I smirked, feeling playful again. "I'll kiss you later."

"Okay," She retorted on the spot, shocking me. Her leg slid between mine slightly, hidden from view by the counter. "But, I'll be on top."

I felt my knees shake, amazed at how much this single human effected me. I had forgotten she was the dominating type.

God I loved the shy ones.


Once again I found myself studying with Fate in my room. Erio and Caro were in my living room watching TV together after a hard day's work and a pleasant dinner that Fate cooked up for everyone. Currently the blond was beside me, reading over a paper that I had to turn in, in a few days. Her ability to absorb information both astonished and annoyed me. She literally flipped through my entire chapter that it was on and remembered it all, even quizzing me and correcting two mistakes that I had made. It took me days to commit everything to memory and she did it in under an hour. But then again, this was Fate...

"You're staring." She told me, glancing up from my paper. "What are you thinking about?"

"What makes you think I'm thinking about you?" I flushed, realizing that she never mentioned that it was her I was pondering on. "Not a word."

"You said it, not me." She grinned and put the paper down. "How are you? I dropped quite a bomb earlier."

I moved to sit next to her on my bed and felt her put an arm round my shoulders. "I don't want to bring it up if it upsets you, but..." She looked at me with those deep red eyes. "Fate-chan... Tell me why you won't help me?"

"I don't want to hurt you." She closed her eyes and pulled me into an embrace. "Living forever, seeing everyone you care about die, fighting just to survive, hunting and hurting people to keep going... I won't push that on to you."

I knew what she meant, having thought about that over lunch today, but still... "Okay," I sighed out. "But don't forget, I will be here for you to help you along, so... Please come to me if you are having problems. Okay?"

"Thank you," she whispered to me as she brought up a hand to stroke my cheek. We looked at each other for a few moments before she moved forward. We both licked out lips before they met in a soft, testing kiss. She pulled away from me and our eyes opened again. I looked at her for a few moments before moving forward and kissing her once more.

Fate slowly leaned as I urged her backwards, arms moving to loop around my body and hold me close. "Fate-chan," I whispered into her ear gently. "I don't know how you'll take this but... I'm in love with you."

I felt her strong grip briefly tighten before I managed to rest my forehead against hers. Surprisingly, she was almost crying. Her hand went to touch my cheek again. "It's been... so long... since I've heard that."

"I'll tell you every day," I promised her, kissing again. In between our connection I heard her try and reply to me but I didn't have to hear the words. I could tell by her heartbeat, in the hands that touched me, and in the embrace that kept me warm.

We continued softly at first, then picked up when our hands started exploring. I felt her fingers touch my skin first, along my sides and under my shirt. In return, I testingly raised hers to touch her stomach. Fate's skin felt smooth under my touch and I placed both palms on her, raising her shirt up to reveal a red and black laced bra. My fingers worked before my mind did and I unclasped the front lock, moving the fabric and gazing at her body. She looked at me, a little shy but eyes clearly telling me that I was hers.

Slowly I leaned back down and kissed her, arms snaking around her back and pulling her close. "You... are very pretty." I whispered softly into her mouth. Her breath shook and I felt a finger slide up my spine, taking my shirt with it. My bra was unclasped and I gave her a surprised, happy gasp. My heart sped up and I felt suddenly warm as her hands slowly trailed to my front.

I gasped, her palm embraced me, we kissed, she panted... I touched her...

"Nanoha~" Caro's voice came up, making us instantly break apart and fix our shirts just in time for her to come in. "Can you show me how to work the DVD player?"

"Y-yeah..." I nodded, skin still tingling. "Be... be right there."

"Thank you!" She smiled and trotted off back to her friend.

I fell back against the wall and panted, looking over at Fate for a few moments before she started laughing.



I grinned at Nanoha when she came into view and revved my bike several times to get her attention. I sat my helmet on my leg and grinned her when her eyes went wide. Several people were staring at me and I couldn't really blame them. Hot girl on a new bike, in a skirt and thigh high stockings... My white half jacket was the only thing innocent about me right now, and even it was part leather.

"Fate-chan," Nanoha whispered frantically when she was close enough. "Someone will see!"

"So?" I teased her, knowing full well why she was so shy.

"My parents," she hissed at me. "What if someone tells them!?"

"Helmet." I handed it to her. "No one will see."

Nanoha grabbed it and quickly put it on, tucking her hair inside of her shirt. "I can't believe you," Her voice floated into my ears thanks to the tiny speakers. "Fate-chan, you'll give me a heart attack one day..."

I chuckled and revved my bike, making her grab around my waist tightly before I sped off. "I need to tell you a few more things," I told her softly while pulling into the city.

"What?" She shifted to get comfortable and the death-grip around my waist loosened.

"Vampires," I told her seriously while stopping at a red light. "They are everywhere, Much like the lame movies and things you see on TV. Look there." I nodded to the side and Nanoha looked at the café right next to us. "That orangish red haired girl with the black ribbons with the crosses on them. She's a vampire."

"She's in one of my classes..." Nanoha breathed out. "And that blue haired girl she's with?"

"No." I drove again and Nanoha reclaimed her hold on me. "But like that, they are all around you. I marked you so you should be safer than before...but there are a few rebels. The new age of vampires who don't understand much. Be careful about those."

"What do I do if one comes after me?"

I licked my lips. "I'll give you something once we're at my place."

"But my bakery!"

"Erio is helping Caro while we're not there. I need to give you the rundown now that you accepted me. Don't worry, it's nothing bad. I'm just being over protective."

"Really?" She asked softly.

"Really." I felt a small hug come from her and I smiled. Maybe I was being a little over protective.... but I didn't want to take any chances at all...

Her school was crawling with vampires.

And where there were vampires, there were paladins.


I realized that this would be the first time I ever entered Fate's apartment before. As we rode the elevator up, I felt a weird sensation in my stomach when the numbers kept getting higher and higher. Finally it reached the "P" button, which I assumed was "Penthouse."

We got off the ride and walked down a hallway before Fate unlocked and opened the left door. A cool gush of air greeted me and I looked around in appreciation of the fancy place. Although it was a loft style, it was clearly expensive. Hand-crafted furniture was everywhere, combined with art on the walls that I guessed cost more than what I made in a year. "Wow," I breathed out.

"It's home." Fate opened her refrigerator and offered me a Samuel Adams bottle. "Drink? Always a good decision."

"Um, sure." I took the opened bottle and looked at it curiously before taking a sip. The taste was weird but at the same time it wasn't bad so I took another. "So what did you need to give me?"

"A few things," Fate guided me over to what appeared to be a wall and pushed in a section of it before turning a small cut out circle in it that I never even noticed. The wall opened up like a door, leading into what I assumed had been a guest room before Fate changed it. "It's just a door with a hidden knob and reversed hinges," Fate explained after seeing my amazed look. "You have to press in and turn a certain area to unlock it."

"I see," walking into the room, I gasped when Fate turned on the lights. Several different types of weapons were placed on display shelves and lots of ammunition seemed to be on a bookcase on the wall, all neatly labeled. "I feel like I just stepped into one of those cheesy movies." I joked, trying to hide my shock and failing.

"A girl has to defend herself." Fate took my hand and guided me to a small section and picked up a few items from it. "These are really high tech. I have a few connections into the paladins as well. Pay them enough and they'll easily turn double agent for you."

"I thought they were nut jobs who lived just to hunt vampires?"

"Most are, but they still have scientist who only want money. Anyway," Fate held up a simple silver ring. "This is your first line of defense. See the tiny light bulb here?" She pointed at what I had originally thought to be a type of gem embedded into it. "This will activate if you twist the band competently. A button will pop out on the bottom. Point it at whoever is bothering you and press. It's small but you'd be amazed at the light it flashes at."

"It will blind them?"

"It's a super bright flashing light that does several different colors in the span of a second. It will send whoever looks into it into a seizure."

"That tiny thing!?"

"Nanoha, they are made to fight vampires who can punch through brick. They have to come up with things to help them."

"Okay..." I took the ring and slid it over my right ring finger. "This will protect me then?"

"Yes. This too." She handed me something that looked like a standard stun gun. " Press it against someone and pull the trigger. One spark of this and they won't move for an hour."

"What if they're touching me? Won't I get shocked too?"

"Don't worry, you won't." She pointed to it. "Safety. Off. On. Off. When it's on pull the trigger. Nanoha, be careful with this."

"Yes." I swallowed, feeling even more nervous when she picked up something else. "More!?"

"Last thing," Fate gave a small lopsided smile. "This is my blood." She held up a small vial that was filled with what would be two swallows of something that could pass as oil. "I took it this morning." She showed me a faint scratch on her wrist.

"Fate-chan!" I took her hand and looked at it in shock. "Does it hurt? Are you okay!?"

"It will heal by tonight," She waved it off. "Anyway, this is special." Fate pressed it into my open palm and closed my fist around it. "The vial won't break even if you hit it with a hammer so don't worry about that. Take this with you everywhere. Everywhere." She repeated her word and I nodded. "Do everything you can to get away in case anyone tries to hurt you. If you can't, then drink this."

"Drink your blood!?"

"I blessed it." Fate informed me. "When you're as old as I am you learn a few things... I was taught this by the monks who trained me." I nodded quickly. "This will make you able to defend yourself, as if you were actually me. I can't really explain it, so just trust me. With this, you will always be safe. Always. Promise me you will never leave without it."

"I promise."

"In your pocket, not your purse."


"Good." She sighed lightly in relief.

I never knew she was so worried about me... But right now, I could tell that she was trying to do everything she could to keep me safe. "Thank you, Fate-chan." I hugged the blonde tightly.

"Mm," She hugged me back and lead me out of the room. "Um, to be on a lighter note, want to see my home?"

"Sure!" I followed her up the stairs to the bedroom overlooking the living room and observed everything. "Where do you keep your clothes?"

"I fold them, in the drawer. My leather is hung up in the closet, but you have to go into the bathroom to get to them."

"Can I look?"

"Go ahead," she seemed amused and I opened a drawer to see several different things, most of which were black.

"Pretty," I closed the drawer and opened the next, blushing when I realized it was her panty drawer. "Love black and purple?"


I blushed more, but picked up and object and turned around, grinning. "I see." I twisted the bottom and laughed at Fate's slightly blushing cheeks. "Even this is black with purple lightning bolts. Cute."

"Stop playing with my sex toys unless you want to have sex." She grinned and crossed her legs knee-over-knee. "Want to have sex?"

"Yes." She quickly got up to grab me but I held up a finger. "But I need to get back to my bakery."

"You... Mou!" Fate growled.

"Ne?" I closed her drawer and looked at the toy still in my hands. " Can I borrow this?"

"Can I watch you use it?"


"Then no." She plucked it from my hands and replaced it, pulling me downstairs.

"You..." I faltered, blushing hard when I realized my joke had been turned around on me. "Mou!"


I felt it before I dropped Nanoha off at her bakery. I was being watched, and I didn't like it at all. My goodbye to my girlfriend was quick, not really wanting to stay with her any longer than I had to in case the person trailing me decided to pick a fight. I revved my bike and took off, popping my front end up for a few feet before landing again. Leaning forward, I narrowed my eyes and focused right in front of me. Cars were weaved in and out of quickly as I made my way out of the more populated section of town and into the outskirts.

Finally, after almost ten minutes of a reckless chase, I realized that the person after me wasn't going to be lost so I instead pulled into an alleyway and cut off my bike. "So," I spoke up while taking off my helmet. The person parked next to me confidently and began taking theirs off as well. "What do I owe the pleasure?"

Orangish red hair was revealed and a girl with a pretty face looked at me, to which I placed as the vampire I pointed out to Nanoha earlier. She had deep eyes and I could notice her fangs when she smirked at me. "No offense, but I'm here to kill you."

"I get that a lot." I placed my helmet down and swung my leg over the bike while my opponent did the same. She wasn't hasty, and that alone was enough to make me wonder. Most people just jumped and attacked, but this one seemed to be smarter than that. It was obvious she liked her bike, and if I wasn't about to kick her ass, I'd chat with her for a while about it.

"Name's Teana." She spoke, stopping and setting her feet.

"Fate." I replied simply. "Why are you going to throw away your life, Teana?"

"Money talks." To my amazement, she pulled two objects that looked like playing cards from her pocket and flicked her wrist, making them form into guns.

"How did you get a weapon like that? Only paladins have the technology to create those." I pulled Bardiche from between my breasts and flicked the gem, forming a staff that sucked lighting from my hand to activate.

"I am a paladin." Teana informed me with a smirk just before aiming and firing.

The bullets were faster than I expected, but still too slow to hit me. My body twisted down to avoid them and I darted forward, slashing out my scythe to cut her legs off. My swipe hit air and I had to roll several times to the side to avoid a hail of bullets that shattered the concrete beneath me where I once was.

I righted myself and slashed again, getting dodged by a straight bend backwards that quickly turned into a back flip kick. Grabbing her ankle, I slung her at the wall close by and narrowed my eyes when she flipped in the air and landed feet first, aiming once more.

Snarling, I ran forward into the rain, slashing my weapon to clear a streak through them. Teana was obviously shocked by my move and yelped when I grabbed her throat, shoving my weapon to her chest as she placed the gun against my temple. "What the hell are you?" I asked sternly, showing her clearly that I wasn't afraid if she fired or not.

"I am evolution," She replied simply, glancing down at her predicament. I used the chance to slip away and get behind her, twisting the scythe up to her neck and standing behind her. "I can ask you the same."

"I am the past," I snarled, pulling the scythe to slit her neck. Teana slipped under me by using a quick jerk to dislocate her shoulders to be able to get away from me before I killed her. Her body hit the ground and rolled, popping them both back into place and moving to shoot again.

My feet kicked from the ground to get closer but I found them snagged by string so small I didn't even notice it until they ripped clean through my leather boots and wrapped around my skin. Falling, I caught myself in time to roll to avoid several daggers that were embedded into the ground. My throat was grabbed and Teana got on top of me.

Rapid gunfire rang out and I felt the energy rip into my body. Blood filled my mouth and I looked at the smirking girl in amazement. "Now," She spoke to me, voice confident. "I will drink my fill."

Are you really going to die here?

Teana flew from the alleyway, body hitting the asphalt and digging a trench in it. Two cars were hit and flipped over, sailing through the air as the limp body crashed into the building across the street and broke through the glass.

I panted, my white eyes slowly returning to normal as black feathers fell around me.