I gasped, mouth open and panting for air. My body shook, muscles ached, but I could still feel it deep inside. I cleared the road in a single leap, landing and shattering the sidewalk underneath me from the force. I straightened up and walked forward, still panting. Feathers were still falling, my mouth open in short ragged pants. My hands shook, fingernails growing...

I grabbed her and slowly pulled her face to mine. A long slow snarl came from my throat as she tried to regain her senses. She had hit her head when she landed, and I could smell the blood leaking in her hair.

"They never said..." Teana coughed out. "You were an ancient..."

"Who are they?" I demanded, voice scratchy and deep.

"The people who hired me..." She was slowly coming to again fully. "They paid me to kill you, but they withheld important information..."

I laughed at her stupidity. "Idiot. They wanted you dead, not me." I gripped her neck tighter. "You said you were a paladin. You lie."

"I didn't lie." She gripped my wrist and I could tell the fire was coming back into her eyes thanks to the small rest she was getting. "They trained me since I was created."

"You said created." I stated simply, my voice slowly turning more feminine as the devil was repressed.

Teana looked at me and I dropped her. She wouldn't attack me anymore, I could tell. "They injected my mother when she was pregnant. I was born a vampire but they kept me sated with pills. When I was old enough I was sent to kill others. I drank their blood to become more powerful and soon they gave me freedom to hunt and kill on my own."


"Hell if I know." Teana growled, now annoyed at my questions. "What's it to you?"

"Paladins hunting humans, training Vampires to fight... Times are changing, and I don't like where it's going."

Teana twisted her neck with her hands, making it pop loudly. "I'm leaving."

"Not going to kill me?" My attitude was coming back as well.

"I can't kill you like that." Teana made her guns go back into cards. "A clean up crew will be here shortly."

My eyes glanced at the people standing around, staring in shock. When I looked again, Teana was gone and so was her bike.

I frowned.


So many questions. Who was Teana? Why was she a vampire but allied with Paladins? And if my gut feeling was right, why did they send her to die in a fight against me?

Nanoha's bakery came into view and I parked my bike in front of it. My body was sore and I was a little dizzy. Repressing...her... had drained me almost completely. I wanted nothing more than a pint of warm blood and a cinnamon roll to make me feel better. The cinnamon roll would come first, of course.

The thought of Nanoha's body curled against me, gasping in my ear as I drank, made me cheer up significantly. "Nanoha," I sang out to her as I entered the shop. She looked up at me along with someone else.

Who smelt like her.

"You!" I ran forward and grabbed the girl by the neck, lifting her up into the air.

"FATE-CHAN!" Nanoha cried out, running around to start pulling on my hand. "Don't hurt her!"

"She's with Teana!" I revealed to my girlfriend, growling. "She tried to kill me!"

"She saved my life!"

I looked at Nanoha in confusion as she struggled to lower my arm by pulling on it. "What?"

"PLEASE!" She cried out.

I sat the girl down and she immediately started coughing and gasping for air. She allowed me to tilt her neck and I looked at the marking on it. This girl was a blood bank for Teana.

"Subaru-chan, are you okay?" Nanoha knelt by her and placed her arms on the girl's shoulders. "I'm sorry, she doesn't know yet."

"Know?" I asked, looking down at them. "Know what?"


"Subaru-chan, are you okay?" She nodded and took a steadying breath before exhaling slowly. I heard Caro start to ask a question when she came in from the kitchen so I cut her off before she could. "We're fine, Caro-chan, my friend just tripped over Fate-chan." She hummed and bought my small fib before retreating back with Erio.

"Explain," Fate stated a little firmly. Her red eyes were still gazing at my brand new friend with distrust and I swallowed nervously.

"Um, well, you see..."

Subaru stood up and took over for me. "We were attacked by paladins. They sent my Meister to attack you because she was getting too strong to handle. They were going to kill me as well to erase the traces but we got away." She glared at Fate, a feature that didn't really suit her cute, playful appearance. "Now tell me if Teana is okay."

Fate crossed her arms and for a moment I thought that she might start another fight. Surprisingly, the blond simply walked away and snatched a cinnamon bun from the shelf. "Use the tongs!" I scolded out of habit, something I picked up over the years of children grabbing things. She looked at me curiously and I blushed darkly. "Um, sorry..."

"Teana is fine," Fate told Subaru as she walked over to me and reached into her pocket with her non-sticky hand to get some money. I tried to tell her this wasn't the time to worry about things like that but she shoved it in my chest and let go, making me scramble to grab it. "I beat her up pretty bad but she had enough energy to run away and get her bike while I wasn't looking. If she's as strong as you're implying then I doubt she'll be out for more than a few days."

Subaru nodded at Fate thankfully. "Good. I'll talk to her, this was a misunderstanding."

"No it wasn't." Fate corrected her around a mouthful. "She was paid to try and kill me. She tried to kill me. Your stupidity of accepting the job without doing your homework lead to you being turned against by the paladins. You should have never trusted them. It wasn't a mistake, it was planned."

Subaru looked offended for a moment but soon turned to shame. "Yeah..."

"Fate-chan!" I protested, annoyed at the harsh words. "Don't talk to her like that, she really helped me today!"

"Thank you." Fate said the words simply but I still stopped talking. "I owe you." Fate put her arm around me and I was pulled close to her. "In return, I won't attack Teana the next time I see her. Talk to your Meister and for the love the gods, don't go back to the paladins or we'll fight once more."

Subaru nodded at us and turned to leave my store. Once the blue haired girl was across the street I turned to look at Fate. "Are you okay?"

"It will take more than that to kill me." She looked down at me and I felt my cheeks color at the gentle look. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." I swallowed and sank back a little, embarrassed at how loving she was all of a sudden. "Some people came after Subaru-chan while we were talking. They... I think they saw my neck and one of them said to kidnap me."

"Che." She frowned but changed expressions quickly. "They're doing weird things..."

"It's okay." I looked up at her. "I chose this. I'm not going to run. Besides, even if I did, they still know me."

"You're strange."

"I think I have a rebellious streak in me."

Fate laughed lightly. "Private school, shy, church girl is rebellious? Who would have thought?"

"Hey..." I looked down and for the first time noticed that her clothes were ripped. "Fate-chan, your shirt..."

"Yeah, can I borrow something?"

"Yes, come on." I lead her back into the kitchen and told the two children to watch the store for me for a moment. Once we were in my bedroom I went to my closet and rooted through it. "All my things are rather simple and plain," I told her while listening to my girlfriend's clothes rustling. "I have a black shirt somewhere I think... Ah, here it is." I turned and dropped it, gasping. "Fate-chan, you're hurt!"

"This is nothing," She waved it off but I still ran forward. Under her bra, her entire stomach was stained with dried blood. "Really, Nanoha," She stopped protesting when I sat her down on the bed and ran to get a washcloth. "Oh here we go..." She fell onto her back and sighed.

I gently started dabbing away the blood with a dampened rag, looking for the wounds so I could treat them. More and more blood was cleaned and finally I had her entire front damp with water but seeing no wounds. "Where did you get hurt?"

"No where," Fate sat up and wiped her hand over her stomach. "I heal fast."

"But you lost that much blood..."

"Makes me a little thirsty." The way she said the words made me realize exactly what was going to be asked next. Her hands went to my shoulders and slowly pulled me forward.

"Fa...Fate-chan..." I was put in her lap, sitting with my legs over one of her thighs and back supported by one of her arms. Before I could say anything else, my lips were claimed. A soft kiss, a gentle urging of her tongue right away, and a warm feeling on my stomach as it was massaged. I lost myself against her, blushing as her trailing fingers went under my shirt.

"Nanoha..." Her words came against my mouth before small kisses trailed away. She grazed my bra with her hand and cupped my left breast fondly. Gasping softly, I closed my eyes and felt her tongue slide over my collarbone.

One hand went to her hair and I threaded my fingers into the blond locks. My bra came up over my breasts and I blushed hard as I was gently kneaded. Her fingers knew exactly where to touch, making me unable to stop her. The emotions came all at once and I didn't know how to deal with them other than to just lose myself in it.

I don't know how long we stayed like that, but all too soon her hand moved back to my stomach. My back was supported and her fingers slid down the front of my skirt easily. My eyes opened wide and a new rush came all at once, paired with gentle sucking on my neck. "Fate... -chan..." I was squirming, never experiencing anything quite like this.

I didn't want to push her away, but instead found myself trying to make it easier for her. I leaned my neck to the side and allowed one of my legs to move away from the other. Her fingers were gentle, making me gasp again. They were soft, touching just the right spots and pressing only hard enough for me to feel. My body was burning and my senses were lost in the raising desire.

A nip on my neck. A soothing, wet lick trailing. Another nip, a small kiss. I squirmed in her arms, gasped in the pleasure she was giving me. A small bite, another soothing lick. Warm, sticky from the cinnamon bun, intoxicating... I was pleading with my breathing now, begging for her to keep giving me this warm pleasure.

It didn't hurt like I thought it would. Instead, I felt her mouth suck on my neck once more, a burning feeling followed by a prick at the same time as my lower half erupted in pleasure. My breath caught, eyes wide. My hands shook, my legs quivered. The body blitz was so intense I felt as if I would pass out, and it heightened to an extreme that stole my voice when I felt a warm flow being sucked from my body.

And then it was over. Fate pulled back and looked at me. My vision was blurred, mind not comprehending anything other than a strange calming sensation as her fingers retreated. I watched her prick her finger with a fang and touched it to my neck, making it grow numb.

What confused me the most, however, was that she didn't even take enough to be considered more than a taste... and when my eyes started to see clearly again, I noticed an almost... disgusted look on her face.

"Rest," She whispered to me gently and I felt a tiredness come over me. I was tucked into bed slowly and my forehead was kissed. "I love you, Nanoha."

I couldn't answer yet but I knew she understood my look. My eyes fluttered closed and I felt myself drift off. My body was warm, the sheets were comfortable, and I felt a peace inside me that I had never known before.

I love you too, Fate-chan.


I knew it all along, but for some reason I didn't believe it. Nanoha's skin was so smooth, so milky-white... She smelt like peaches and her flesh tasted so good... But I just ignored the fact that she was sick. The amount of foreign substances in her blood stream was enough to make me gag and want to throw up.

I was currently in the Roxbury, dancing on the floor while looking around with my eyes to find prey. I had to get rid of that taste, and drink enough to recharge myself. I did lose a lot of blood in that battle, but not enough to make me too terribly weak. I had wanted Nanoha to let me drink from her whenever I felt like it but... I guess sometimes life just hates you.

I never wanted to taste that again.

There! A vampire, the same one I saw when I first took Nanoha out. He was dancing as well, and from what I could tell he was interested in me. With a wry grin, I moved over to him and pressed my back against his front, getting a hand around my waist. I leaned back and whispered into his ear just loud enough to be heard over the music. "Let's not waste time, I want sex."

He laughed and I found myself being guided out of the club quickly. We ran a little while, me keeping my speed at a human's pace. The idiot couldn't even tell I was a vampire as well. Whoever was making these idiots around this town must be pretty stupid to not even teach them anything. The person pulled me into an alley and I grinned. There really was no limit to his idiocy.

I was pushed against a wall and almost laughed when he moved against me. I felt him against my stomach and briefly pondered what he could expect to please with something that small. "Ready, hot stuff?" He asked me.

"Oh yes." I gripped his neck and slipped out of his hold, slamming his forehead against the wall hard enough to make cracks appear. His body went slack in my arms and I sank to the ground, looking around before using my fingernail to sever the largest vein in his neck.

The taste wasn't bad, but wasn't the best. I was thirsty, however, so I drank heavily before he could recover. It didn't take too long for him to start groaning and I pressed him against the wall harder, sucking more. "You... whore..."

I chose to ignore him, having been called many things before in my life. I wasn't dumb enough to stop drinking to have a verbal chit-chat with my food. His body grew weak and he hunched over, more dead than alive. My stomach was full and I had enough to recover from my earlier battle. I moved to his ear and spoke into it. "I'll let you live. Thanks for the drink." With that, I slammed his head into the wall again and moved away. He would wake later, and would go about his business. No mess to clean up, no news to worry about, and no witnesses to deal with...

Okay, maybe one

I turned and looked at the girl standing in the alleyway. She wore an unbuttoned leather trench coat that was shockingly white. Her clothes were tight over her body, a black top with a golden zig-zag zipper going down the front. A black miniskirt covered her legs that was also accented in gold trim. In her right hands she held a staff with a cross on the end of it, completed by a golden circle hitting all the sides of it. I recognized her from before, as the leader of the group who saved Nanoha and the one who punched her to make her inhale the gas.

"Fate Testarossa." She spoke my current name as she started walking. I noticed she had on white boots that were splashed with black and gold as well.

"I like your clothes," I stated, making her pause briefly.

"Ah, thank you?" She recovered and shook her head. "I'm here to kill you."


"Because you are a vampire."

"That's all?" I stood fully and walked towards her. She was a short little thing, and barely came to my breasts. "Why are you killing vampires if you don't know anything about them?"

She tilted her head back and looked up at me seriously. I couldn't detect a single bit of fear in her eyes, despite how cute and innocent looking she was. "You are an abomination, a plague that needs to be wiped out before it spreads too far."

If she thought she could enrage me and make me lower my guard, she was wrong. "Why?" I asked her simply.

"...Because." She glared at me. "Attack!"


"BECAUSE!" She took a few steps back and held her staff at the ready. "That's what we do!"

"I don't want to fight."

She faltered. "But you're a vampire!"

"So?" I seem to be winning this game.

"So you hurt and kill people for your own gain!"

"No I don't." The girl gripped her staff harder. "Why did your group try and kill the girl who helped you?"

"What?" She blinked.

"Teana. Red head. Uses guns." I narrowed my eyes. "You sent her to kill me, so she would die. Then you went after her blood bank, and tried to kill her! A human!"

"N-no we didn't! Teana was sent on a long term mission in Germany!"

I stayed silent a moment before I realized what was going on. "Oh... I see."

"See? See what!?"

I smirked at her. "They lied to you so you wouldn't know that she was going to be killed. That way you wouldn't lose loyalty to your cause. Very, very clever." She took a step forward to try and threaten me but I stayed where I was standing. "What was your name?"


"Hayate." I tasted it, liking the way it rolled off my tongue. "Thank you for protecting Nanoha before."

She finally let the tip of her staff fall and she looked at me curiously. "Why... aren't you attacking me? Why did you not try and press the fight from before? They told me you were smart but..."

"They are lying to you." I stated simply. "Not all of us are bad. Not all of us chose this. Not all of us are killers. I stay out of this war for a reason." I looked at her and stared into her eyes. She was...strangely innocent. "Hayate, you clearly don't understand everything of what you do."

"Yes I do!"

"Why then?"

"... BECAUSE!" She lifted her staff again and glared.

"Are you stupid!?" I ran forward the few steps between us and grabbed her staff, moving it away and getting in her face by leaning down. "I could have just killed you." She swallowed but held firm. I could see doubt in her eyes but fear was still not there. "I am going to let go of your weapon." She nodded at me and I did so. She didn't attack me so I smirked. "You're interesting." I moved away from her and started walking the way she had come from.

"Hey!" She called out and I turned to look over my shoulder. "I... I didn't hurt her did I?"

I grinned, showing a fang. "Yes. Yes you did. I took care of her, though." She stayed silent a moment so I walked more.

"Fate!" I looked over my shoulder yet again at her. "I... like your outfit too."

I laughed and jumped up, backflipping onto a rooftop and running along it to leap to another. I had a really interesting night tonight.