With Nanoha resting in the hospital and Erio helping out at the bakery, I found myself with another day to kill by myself. I took the opportunity to grocery shop for Nanoha again but that only took up a little bit of the morning. Now it was lunch time and I was rather bored.

I decided to go to a little street corner place that I knew of in favor of a hot dog to take away my hunger. I left my bike parked at Nanoha's bakery and strolled on the sidewalk to burn some more time. It didn't take too terribly long to reach my goal, but then again I could probably walk to the other side of town and consider it a short walk.

The man knew me and made small conversation while preparing my usual combination: a beef frank wrapped in bacon topped with chili, cheese, and crushed Fritos. After a hefty tip and being talked into buying a to 'ward off the summer's heat', I walked outside the building to the very small sitting area outside. My favorite place to sit was taken so I looked around briefly before settling my eyes on a short haired girl sipping on a milkshake. She was wearing a white leather trench coat with a small black dress under it that rode very high on her thighs. A really cute newsboy cap was lopsided on her head and she was chewing on the straw in her mouth while blankly looking across the street. A smirk came to my lips and I crashed down next to her and crossed my legs.

Hayate yelped lightly and looked at me in shock. One hand was already on her necklace while the other was gripping the top of the chair she was sitting in. From the position I could tell that she was ready to leap back at a moment's notice, hit me with the chair in the process, and form her staff. Although I was impressed, fighting wasn't what was on my mind. "Your bodyguards not around?" I asked lightly before taking a bite of my meal.

The girl stared at me for almost a full minute, and I was on my second bite before she finally replied. "What are you doing here?"

"Eating lunch." She almost fell over at my response. Poor thing probably never had anyone be a smart-ass to her. After I did some research on the girl, I found out she was actually a highly skilled Paladin who, with her guards, have taken out a slightly impressive amount of vampires. "What are you doing here?" I pondered back at her. "Drinking a milkshake?"

"How did you know?" I looked at her blankly and she glanced at the drink in her hand. "Sh-shut up!"

"You know," I took a drink from my bottle and sighed thankfully at the taste. "For being a paladin held in high regards for her skill, you sure are a ditz sometimes."

"I'll hit you!"

"Go ahead." I went to take another bite of my hot dog but found myself clocked upside the skull. "What did you do that for!?" I shouted at her loudly.

"You said I could," she challenged with a smirk.

I liked that smirk. It looked good on her.

"So I did." I took the bite I was going for and spoke around a full mouth. "Do it again and I'll rip your hand off." Even though it was a threat, she caught my playful meaning, and after a moment, Hayate reluctantly sat down normally. "You didn't answer me."


"My question: what are you doing?"

"...I'm hungry." Hayate sipped.

"Then why not get food? You on a diet?"

She sighed. "I left my purse at home and only had enough on me for-" She blushed and glared at me. "That's none of your business."

I grinned. Wow, this girl was fun! "Here," I offered her a bite of my hot dog "Have a bite."

"I don't eat after Vampires." Her stomach growled at her words.

"Afraid you'll get cooties?" I teased her.

"Shut up." She glared across the street.

I got up from the chair and went back to my friend, purchasing a plain hot dog and walking back to Hayate, placing it in front of her. "Eat."

"I don't need a Vampire's help."

"I gave you my name, Hayate." I took another bite of my meal and her stomach growled again.

It took her a moment but she did finally start eating my offered meal after putting a few things on it offered on the table. Her first few bites were quick, showing that she really was hungry, but she slowed down soon enough to offer me a small thanks. "Why are you so nice, Fate?"

For some reason it felt good to hear her say my name. "I'm not really; sometimes I can be pretty mean. Just ask Signum."

Hayate glared at me a moment before softening. "She did attack you when I told her not to...I guess I owe you an apology."

"Nah, it was a good work out." My words made her fluster, but we both knew that I had won that fight. I healed overnight but Signum would probably be cursing for a day or three. "So, Little Pally, have you thought about your future?"

Hayate looked down at her food and slowly chewed. This was obviously a big time in her life and she had a lot to think about. Me... Well, I've been alive for so long that I now count my age by every hundred years. I had learned the value of patience the hard way. Now I was content to eat with my enemy until she made up her mind on what to do. I was confident she couldn't kill me, though I would probably be more dead than alive if I fought all her guardians and her at the same time. Alive, yes, but in a world of hurt. If I could avoid that, I'd like it very much.

Silence passed over us for a while longer and finally the girl spoke again after slurping the last of her drink. "I don't want to fight you."

"Thanks." I downed the rest of my drink as well.

Hayate looked down and sighed. "What am I going to tell my leader?"

"That you don't want to die?" She glared at me and I shrugged. "I'm sorry, but if you try and kill me, I'm not just going to take it, you know?" My aloofness must have settled her and she looked away again.

"If I go against their orders I'll be expelled from the paladins."

"So? Better than dying."

"They'll send someone to kill me.... Like they sent Teana to die when she...did whatever she did to displease them."

"They would even kill their own fighters..." I crunched the empty bottle in my hand and growled. "Pathetic. Why would you work for people like that!?"

Hayate averted her eyes. "They told me-"

"To hell with what they told you!" I slammed my fist on the table and she jumped, looking at me in shock. "People weren't meant to live thinking only what they have been told!" I fought back the imagine of a man with brown hair smiling at me in his white sparkling armor and gold crosses. "You have the right to choose!"

"Fate..." She looked speechless.

"Hayate. If they try to hurt you from this decision, then I will protect you." I put my hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. "I promise."

Her cheeks turned a dark red and she stumbled over her words. "Ah. um, No, I mean..."

"Relax," I tried to sooth her. She must be getting all worked up about making such an important decision.

She stayed silent a moment more and then looked up at me, eyes finally showing a little fear. "If I trust you... will you not back stab me?"

I took a knife from my boot and placed it into her hand and then the tip against my breast. "I'll trust you right now, so you trust me later." I let go of her hand.

Hayate looked at me for a few moments and then slowly took the knife away and placed it into her lap. "I trust you."

"Good." I took a napkin and a pen that just happen to be laying on the table, probably from someone before us. "Here is my number. Call me later okay?"

"O-okay..." Hayate was red again and fumbled when I gave it to her. "Um... want my number?"

"Sure." She listed it off and I put it into my cell phone. "Got it... Say you have a really cute accent."

Hayate blinked. "Oh? I do seem to get that a lot. Some people make fun of it."

I couldn't help but chuckle. Her shortness along with that accent did make her look rather... cute and innocent. Hard to believe she was a paladin. "Where are you originally from?"

"Wales, it's a little east of England."

"I know where it is, I've been there."

"Oh." She blushed. "Sorry, normally people give me blank looks when I say where."

I grinned. So this little girl was British... Acting on impulse, I pointed at her trench coat when we stood up. "Your skirt coat is crooked."

"Oh bugger," Hayate went to fix it but stopped when I broke into laughter. Her cheeks colored darkly and she looked at me in an expression that crossed horror and embarrassment. "D-don't make me say things!"

I took a breath to calm myself and shook my head. There was no way this cute little thing could possibly harm a fly. It was astounding that her record was as good as it was. If not for her special genetics I found out about, I wouldn't believe she could have done anything listed on her report. "Okay," I grinned at her. "I'll be on my way then." I turned to leave but found her grabbing my arm, pinching my clothing between her thumb and forefinger.

"Um..." She averted her eyes when I looked down at her blushing face. "Are you ...busy right now?"


"Want to... do something?"

I looked down at her red cheeks and fidgeting fingers. '....Uh oh.' I resisted the urge to face-palm.


I looked to the doorway when I heard footsteps coming from the stairs and gave Fate a small smile when she appeared. I kind of wanted her to be out of breath from running here to see me, but I knew that her being a vampire, getting out of breath would probably take more than just running. "Hello," I spoke to her while going back to cleaning the dishes in my sink.

"Um... hey..." Fate came into the kitchen area and looked at me while I continued to work. "...I'm sorry."

I sniffed. "I only waited in the lobby for two hours."

"... Yeah." Fate looked down.

"You promised me you'd pick me up when I was released, where were you?"

"I..." Fate sighed. "No where."

"Don't say that." I turned and looked at her fully. " That makes it sound like you were somewhere you don't want me to know."

"I wasn't."

"Then just say that, mou." I went back to the dished but yanked my hand out when I felt a small sear of pain. "Ow!"

"What happened?" Fate hovered over my shoulder while I held up my cut finger.

"Nicked it on a knife." I patted my hand dry and then went to wipe off the small stream of blood before pausing. Slowly I moved my hand over to Fate with my finger extended and looked the other way. "...You want to?" She didn't answer at first, which made me turn to look at her. "No? You haven't drank lately have you?"

Fate slowly took my hand and brought it too her mouth. I felt her lips wrap around my finger and her tongue roll around it. I half expected her to pierce it again with one of her fangs but instead she pulled my finger from her mouth and popped the skin of her own fingertip, drawing some oil-black blood from it. "Here," she whispered, touching our fingertips together. I felt a weird tingling sensation and when she pulled away, the pain was gone.


"My blood heals, remember?" She moved her hand back but I grabbed it. Our eyes met and I slowly pulled her finger to my mouth, licking her blood from her finger and sucking softly. Her eyes widened and I tasted a small flow come from her fingertip. Inhaling through my nose, I pressed my mouth tighter and sucked once more, this time tasting her blood fully. It was thick... but had something to it... Something I couldn't place... but I strangely wanted more.

Fate was shivering now and I stepped forward questioningly so our fronts were touching. Using the stepstool I had to reach up to higher shelves, I rose myself up and lightly turned her head away before kissing her neck. She went stiff in my arms and I kissed her again, lightly sucking on where I knew a vein to be.

"Na...noha..." Fate gripped my sides and I felt her body shaking. I sucked harder, leaving a hickey on her before she suddenly pulled back and crashed her lips upon mine. Her hands grabbed my butt and lifted me off the stool so I wrapped them around her waist. The next moment I was moving, but I kept my eyes closed. My arms went around her, fingers diving into her hair.

I felt my soft bed under me and Fate's feverish panting against my lips, her tongue working from my mouth down my neck and collar bone, where she bit just hard enough to make me gasp. "Fate... -chan..."


I looked down at Nanoha's body laying next to me and allowed myself to smile fondly down at it. The sheets were just over her breasts, covering her naked body. I moved my hand over to her ear and trailed some hair behind it. Pulling away, I received several strands of the brown locks attached to my finger and I couldn't help but grin at them. Maybe I pulled on her a little too hard...

I looked at the fading bite mark on her neck and touched it gently, making the girl sigh softly in her dreams. I had bitten her for the second time, drinking from her veins as she had a body rush during her climax. The taste was actually worse than I remembered, but I couldn't stop myself at the moment. I had drank heavily from her, until she whispered my name and fainted from exhaustion.

She would probably sleep all night and into the morning, knowing her. Slowly I moved from the bed and put on my discarded clothes laying beside it. Once covered, I moved back to my new found lover and pulled the covers over her properly. I bent over and kissed her forehead softly before I left the room and went downstairs into the bakery.

Caro and Erio seemed to be closing down the shop and I realized that Nanoha and I had made love for almost an hour... I guess it couldn't be helped, the way she sucked on my finger and neck... A full body shiver ran over me and I had to repress the memory. I was highly sensitive to people sucking on me, even more so when blood was involved.

"Fate-san?" Caro's voice called me from me thoughts and I looked over at her. "Is Nanoha asleep?"

"Yes," I confirmed for her before realizing that they had been working in the shop all day long. "Are you hungry?"

Erio's voice interrupted the girl with a "starving!"

I laughed lightly and bent over to them. "What do you want to eat?"

Caro blushed at me and tried to stammer out a decline of offer but once again Erio spoke his mind. "How about some seafood? Caro was talking about wanting some earlier."

"Oh?" I grinned at the flustered girl. "Don't worry, Caro, my treat, what would you like?"

"Uhm..." She looked down at her feet and I was amazed at how humble she was when it came to asking favors from others. Then again, I had treated her like my own child ever since we met. It was probably a little intimidating for her.

"Tell you what, I'm going to go to that place down the road. Erio, I'll call you when I get there so make her pick something okay?"

"Sure." Erio gave me a thumbs and Caro simply started stammering again.

With a smile, I patted them each on the head and got my keys from the counter. As I headed out the door and onto the streets I saw glowing orange eyes looking at me from the other side of the road. Smirking, I called out to the person confidently. "I'm going to get dinner, want to come?"

A woman stepped from the shadows, twin tails flowing behind her, laced with black ribbons that held shining gold crosses. "Ah, I'm starving."


I looked to the side and felt a little bit of disdain when I noticed that Teana was keeping up with me easily while rooftop jumping. We both landed at the same time onto a building and ran across it swiftly before jumping again. I cleared the three story jump but Teana almost didn't make it. She landed on the side of the building and kicked upwards so fast it broke of a small chuck of material from it. Her body lurched upwards and she landed next to me as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

"So," she asked me, stopping when she noticed I was no longer running. "Is this where you normally hunt?"

I pointed down at the bar entrance below me. "I have a few people in there that are regulars."

"I see." Teana leaped from the roof and landed with a swift roll to dissipate the force from the drop. I followed her shortly, landing in a crouch. "Fricken show off." She snarled at me, getting a smirk of satisfaction from my lips.

We were let in at once and Teana looked around for a moment before scanning the area seriously. I chose my target at once, a young man that came here often to forget about the work days. His blood was clean and delicious, reminding me at once of the blood currently in my stomach. Looking over at my ally, I finally spoke the question that was on my mind. "Why don't you just go to your donor?"

"She's studying for exams," Teana replied without interest. "If I drank from her tonight she wouldn't do well tomorrow."

I pondered this. It made sense to me, but I never expected her to consider it. Now that I think about it, I recall the two of them being on a type of date the time I told Nanoha about all of this... How long ago was that? A month? Two? I never considered time much so I couldn't really place it.

Teana and I sat down at the table where my regular was, smiling at him and his friend. The man perked up when he saw me and I gave him a flirting bat of my eyelashes. For all he knew, when I drank from him each time, I made him think that we had wild passionate sex. His friend was eying Teana, who leaned forward to show off her cleavage. Damn girl had no shame.

Then again... I didn't either.

Three drinks passed by us before they were starting to get ready for a night with us. I could tell they were a little drunk, which would effect the taste of their blood, but overall it would be nice. Before we went, I excused myself and made my way to the bathroom, where I put both hands on the sink.

I was feeling a little odd for some reason, as there was a strange sensation in my stomach. I had felt it only a few times before, each time following a reaction that I didn't really care for. I felt it coming for a while now but I only just now caved in to it. Walking to one of the stalls, I closed the door behind me and fell to my knees. I barely had enough time to scoop my hair before I hunched over and threw up everything that I had just drank, including Nanoha's blood.

The sight wasn't pretty and I disposed it if quickly, wiping my mouth in the process. Mental note: Bad blood and alcohol don't mix.

I moved from the stall and back to the sink where I slurped water straight from the faucet using my hands. Not really elegant, but I didn't give a damn right now. All I wanted was for that horrid taste to get out of my mouth, and this was helping.

When I made it back to Teana, she had already swooned the man and was allowing him to dote over her while my victim was waiting with a smile. I grinned at him, allowed for him to put his arm around my waist, and went outside.

I don't think I could wait too much longer, I needed the taste of Nanoha's blood out of my mouth quick, lest I throw up again...