Summary: She never thought she'd be falling for an Akatsuki

Summary: She never thought she'd be falling for an Akatsuki. But that is what she did, and she regrets none of it even if she's a prisoner for the reformed organization.

Chapter One:

Sakura Haruno, the soul female member of Team Seven who still believes in giving second chances, other than her blond companion Naruto Uzamaki. It had been several years since the destruction of the Akatsuki's and the only thing Konoha was worrying about was the final threat Pein gave before he left…

'I plan to bring my group back and when we do…Uzamaki Naruto and Kyuubi will be ours.'

The threat still rang through the cherry blossom haired Kunoichis' head. The fight had brought Sasuke back to them and she was grateful, but now she faces rejection every time she sees him at training. Yes he rejoined Konoha as one of Naruto's body guards but he also brought three of his comrades; Suigetsu, Karin, and Juugo. Sakura knew the look in Sasuke's eyes when she saw him occasionally glance at Karin, he loved her. From the stories she heard from Suigetsu the young Uchiha used to hate Karin, but now it's as if he has fallen for her and there is nothing she can do about it. For years she tired getting any kind of reaction from Sasuke by showing she truly loved him, but it back fired on her for he is showing it to some one else.

"Sakura-Chan!" She heard someone call her, she looked up from her bench, the bench where she woke after Sasuke left, to see Naruto running up to her. She noticed Sasuke and his group weren't far behind him. Sakura sighed and put on the fake smile she had been wearing since the day Sasuke came back greeting Naruto with the usual good morning.

"Hey we're all going on a trip to The Mist Village! I want you to come; Sai said he'd come after Sasuke-Teme invited him…So I'm inviting you!" Naruto smiled holding his arms out laughing gleefully at his kunoichi friend.

"I'd love to Naruto-Chan…When do we leave, eh?" Sakura asked smiling a closed eye smile. Naruto jumped in the air cheering and hugged Sakura in a bear hug.

"We leave in an hour meet us all at the front gates." Juugo explained and began walking off; Naruto chased after Juugo and began jabbering about random things. Over the years Juugo and Naruto became close friends as did Sasuke so they were a one of a kind trio.

"Sasuke…Suigetsu and I are going to go buy some supplies I'll see you at the gates." Karin smiled happily and skipped off with the water like man. Sakura glanced at Sasuke for a split second before walking past him to head to her apartment.

"What…no hello? No hug? No confessions of…love?" Came Sasuke's voice causing Sakura to stop walking, she was already looking to the ground with saddened eyes. Sakura closed her eyes attempting to stop the tears that threatened to escape.

"Sasuke…I" She began but was spun around and hugged by the Uchiha boy of her dreams. Since her academy years, Sakura always tried getting held by Sasuke and even into when they became the three man cell.

"I apologize for all the pain I had caused you, I truly am. I love Karin, someone I never saw myself getting with. I always saw myself with you Sakura-Chan and that is the honest truth. I wish I could make it up to you." Sasuke said to her, Sakura closed her eyes refusing to cry now; of all time she would have cried if he held her the way he was now, but that never came. To her it was too late for him to make it up; he lost her the day he made his decision.

"Sasuke, I'm not the weak little kunoichi from the chunin exams anymore and I refuse to be that girl anymore. We only have an hour so if you'll excuse me I must go and begin packing. And if you do not mind me asking how long is this trip going to be?" Sakura asked stepping away from him. Sasuke could tell she was trying with all her will to not cry and sighed knowing it would be no use to try and get it out of her.

"We'll be going for two months. Courtesy of Tsunadae-Sama, you should thank her before we leave." Sasuke explained, Sakura bowed to him before walking off not even taking a glance to see if he was still there. When Sakura reached her apartment she leaned against the closed door letting two lone tears fall down her cheeks before walking to her room and began packing her bag in silence. She thought about all the years she's been through with Naruto and Sasuke looking at photos she kept lying about in her apartment; she had a feeling this would be her last time in her apartment…her last time in Konoha. Sakura met up with the others at the gate seeing she was the last to arrive, but could really care less because she was having to watch Sasuke and Karin make out was pure torture for her.

"About time Sakura what took you so long?" Naruto teased running over to her smiling happily, she noticed that Hinata was there as well and put on her best smile.

"You know Naruto maybe you should stop worrying about me and more about Hinata!" Sakura teased back, as much as she hates being the only one without someone beside her, she honestly didn't care because that meant more room when they chose inn rooms. They were on their way in no time and Naruto, Sasuke, and Juugo were already rambling away about past missions they had gone onto. Poor Hinata was stuck talking to Karin, as was Suigetsu and Sai; Sakura just decided to keep to the rear staying in the confines of her own head. Inner Sakura had long disappeared when the depression first took over and that saddened the pink haired kunoichi even more since she now had no one to talk to but her actual self.

"Um not to bud in but when are we going to eat you Three Musketeers?" Suigetsu asked, Sakura never understood why Suigetsu called Sasuke, Naruto and Juugo that but she just left it alone sighing in annoyance when they all began arguing.

"Hey look there's a Dango Shop." Sakura bluntly stated pointing down the road, everyone stopped and looked then began laughing nervously.

"Hehe you sure are smart Sakura-Chan!" Suigetsu laughed rubbing the back of his head.

"It doesn't take brains to look down the road!" She said and began walking towards the shop her hands linked behind her back.

"Way to go Suigetsu now you made her even more upset!" Sasuke snapped smacking Suigetsu in the back of the head.

"Why is it my fault?!" Suigetsu yelled cringing away.

"Sakura is still in love with Sasuke you dummy and she's pretty much the only one here who DOESN'T have a lover! Since you and Juugo are our gay couple of the trip." Karin snapped.

"HEY! You leave our relationship our out of this woman!" Suigetsu yelled the two getting into each others face. After Hinata banged both of their heads together and lectured them then they all raced over to the Dango Shop where Sakura stood waiting with a bored look.

"Sorry it took a while the bubbling idiots were arguing." Hinata explained to Sakura who just shrugged it off walking into the shop.

"Well she sure knows how to dampen any mood!" Suigetsu retorted getting punched in the gut by Karin.

"Leave her alone already!" Karin snapped running in and up to standing next to Sakura trying to think up on what to say.

"You still love him…don't you?" Karin asked handing Sakura money so the pinked haired kunoichi didn't have to pay for all of the dangos.

"No, I just think it's ironic that I am yet again alone." Sakura explained watching the lady make their food and tea.

"Sai's here to you know." Karin explained with a smile on her face, Sakura sighed looking up to the roof sadly.

"He hates me; I rather just not get in the way…You all just worry about yourselves." Sakura said closing her eyes, but acted fast when the lady said their order was ready. Before Sakura could reach for the last two trays Karin grabbed.

"I'll take these to Sai and Sasuke." She smiled then skipped off, Sakura smiled to herself then followed the other pink haired kunoichi.

"About time you two we're starving!" Naruto and Suigetsu complained, Sakura glared at them both giving them their food last. Like their walk from before, Sakura secluded herself and let everyone talk to each other. She never noticed Sasuke walk up until he was sitting in front of her.

"I wanted to talk to you about something…Something Tsunadae told me I should keep you from doing…When did you start cutting yourself?" Sasuke asked only loud enough for Sakura to hear, but everyone purposely didn't listen just so they could give Sakura and the Uchiha some time.

"A few days after your return…Don't go and blame yourself…I'm perfectly fine and I don't need anyone protecting me!" Sakura snapped, shakily drinking more of her tea.

"You wear a black long sleeved shirt under your red tank top! You think no one would notice your new appearance or your sudden changed behavior! What's going on Sakura? How can I help you?" Sasuke asked looking at Sakura with pleading eyes.

"There's nothing going on, and I'm perfectly fine!" Sakura snapped, Sasuke then grabbed one of her hands and quickly lifted her sleeves up stitches from her cutting lining up her arm, some old with no stitches and some very recent.

"You call this nothing?!" Sasuke hissed, everything around them was quiet now, she knew that everyone was watching now.

"Yes I call this nothing!" Sakura said yanking her arm from Sasuke's hand pulling the sleeve down and began drinking her tea again. She could see Sasuke twitching in anger and that made her slam her glass down.

"Go ahead slap me! Tsunadae and my parents have already done it, but it still won't stop me! Nothing will stop me!" Sakura yelled, and that's what she received Sasuke slapped her, but unlike her parents and Tsunadae this slap actually hurt. It stunned Sakura and she couldn't help but place her hand on her cheek.

"What's happening to you Sakura?" Sasuke asked scooting over until he was beside the kunoichi and hugged her.

"We're going on this trip because Tsunadae told us to. Just so you can become yourself again." Sasuke whispered in her ear, sighing when he saw Sakura had fallen asleep.

"Let's get going okay. At the inn we'll be in two connected rooms; one for the boys and one for the girls." Sasuke explained standing up and lifted Sakura into his arms, noticing how she instantly clutched onto his shirt.

"Sasuke-Kun?" Karin asked, looking up to her lover.

"I did this to her Karin, and now I don't think I'll be able to fix her anymore." Sasuke explained all of them heading to the Mist Village now. Sakura woke up in a bed not in Sasuke's arms and she could hear rain pattering outside. She sat up to see all of Hinata's and Karin's belongings were in there as well and she inwardly cursed Sasuke for it to. It had been two weeks since she last slept and to be honest she hardly cared.

"SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto cheered running in and hugged Sakura as she got out of the bed. She prayed for Kami to kill her now, it was too loud for her liking.

"Must you be so loud, can't you tell you're annoying her?" Suigetsu complained walking into the room as the two saw Sakura change into a different outfit right there in front of them.

"Okay now I know something is wrong with her! Usually she'd yell at us to get out." Naruto said in shock, Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Tell Sasuke I went out to go for a walk…And tell him not to come for me I'll come back later tonight if I feel like it!" Sakura snapped walking passed Naruto and Suigetsu, proceeding down the hallway putting headphones in her ears listening to music loudly. She never noticed the cloak figure following behind her when she reached the outside.

oh no,
here it is again
i need to know
when i will fall in decay

Sakura walked all the way until she came upon a vacant lake turning her music up louder when she heard Sasuke calling for on the team radio. After a while she simply turned it off because she could still hear him. She felt nothing when the wind blew against her and could careless. She took off her shoes and walked onto the water feeling ice cold rain drops hit her bar skin. This time she wore no long sleeved shirt.

something wrong
with every plan of my life
i didn't really notice hat you've been here

Looking up to the sky she swore she saw a black shadow flicker across her view, but like before she could careless.

"Must have been another ninja…a local ninja to this village." She said allowed to herself not noticing that the black shadow had landed by her shoes. Sakura closed her eyes letting her tears mix with the rain. The cuts on her arm began to ach from the freezing cold.

dolefully desired
destiny of a lie

Sakura cursed when the battery to her CD player died causing her to put the thing into one of her empty kunai pouches. She then saw that someone was standing by the water. But refused to look up.

"You know you can catch a cold standing out like this." The calm voice said, it was deeper than Sasuke but it held a similarity. She knew exactly who it was. Uchiha Itachi, one of the most feared Akatsuki's.

"I don't care maybe this time it'll kill me." She said smirking at the prodigy.

set me free
your heaven's a lie
set me free with your love
set me free

Itachi narrowed his eyes at the girl before him utterly intrigued by her now. He removed his cloak letting it fall to the ground and walked out onto the water. He proceeded over to her knowing she meant no harm towards him. For one this kunoichi held no weapons on her. He walked up until he was mere inches from her.

"Why do wish for death Kunoichi? Does my foolish brother not suit your needs?" Itachi asked seeing that the girl in front of him held no fear in her face.

oh no,
here it is again
i need to know
why did i choose to betray you

"I don't wish for it, if it were to come then I'd accept it. And no your brother has simply chosen someone else, and I'm tired of it." Sakura explained her eyes meeting with Itachi's, he smirked at her bravery. He brought his hand up and caressed Sakura's cheek.

"Then you belong to me kunoichi." Itachi chuckled.

something wrong
with all plans of my life
i didn't realize that you've been here

Sakura glared at him before doing a substitution jutsu and landed by her shoes pulling them on. She gave Itachi one more look before beginning to head back to the village. Before she even reached the tree line Itachi was in front of her again. Sakura gave him an annoyed look.

dolefully desired
destiny of a lie

"Why are you pursuing me?! It's Naruto that you're after!" She shouted at him taking a step back ward. She froze when he was suddenly standing behind her his back pressing to hers. Sakura gulped silently feeling sweat fall from her forehead down the side of her face. She felt his fingers interlock with hers. It confused her so much it frightened her, why was the Uchiha Prodigy being kind to her?

set me free
your heavens a lie
set me free with your love
set me free

"What do you want most in life Haruno Sakura?" He asked, revealing that he indeed knew her name and who she was. Sakura looked down having to think of what the answer was. She thought back to all of her friends and found at least one reason why she would want to leave them, and it wall circled around one person…Uchiha Sasuke.

"Because I'm tired of everyone bringing up the past…I want to start a new. Tell me Uchiha Itachi, what do you want in life?" She asked, he released her hands and stepped away. She stood still as he placed his hands on her shoulders leaning down to where his mouth was by her ear.

set me free your heavens a lie
set me free with your love
set me free

"I want a reason to love someone and to be loved by them. I want to be set free from the hatred I always feel." He explained his hands now caressing her neck his thumbs circling on her skin. It sent shivers up her spine.

"And how does that bring me into the picture?" She asked, she heard him chuckle.

"You're the one who's going to set me free, because I'm the one who will set you free." He said in amusement pressing his thumb into her neck feeling her go limp as she blacked out.

"You made an unwise decision my foolish otouto…because now…this girl belongs to me." He said allowed wrapping his Akatsuki cloak around Sakura and walked off into the shadows; after turning Sakura's radio back on and leaving it by the lake shore.

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