Annyrose Thomson Sprang up from her bed, dropping the book she had been reading on the floor and pulled open the curtains of her bedroom. Morning light streamed in, painting her room in vivid colors. She smiled, breathed deeply and began rifling through her dresser, searching for something to wear.

As usual, she went for jeans and a t-shirt;that was what was "in", and that was what she was going to wear, at least until it was "out". Finally dressed, Annyrose left her room, and flew down the hall, and out-of-doors. It was the beginning of summer vacation, and Annyrose wasn't going to miss a second of it by being indoors. There was no one to play with--Annyrose lived on an old cul-de-sac that people never visited, except kids on dares. So except for during school, Annyrose went friend-less. But that didn't stop her. Years of spending summers alone had left the thirteen year old with an amazing imagination, one more complex than a normal thirteen year old would have.

"Annyrose Thomson, Come back here and put on some sunscreen--you really don't want to look like a tomatoe by the end of the day, do you?" Her mother called from the inside of the House. Annyrose rolled her eyes. Melinda Thomson was as down to earth as a mother could get--which wasn't that really down to earth, but at least her mother made an attempt to be cool. Usually. She Reminded her self. Not paying any attention to her mother, Annyrose bounded off the porch and into the scraggly front yard. She hit the grass with a running start and raced over to the only tree in the yard: A giant, gnarled fig tree, which was perfect for climbing. Annyrose put one foot in a small hollow in the tree and grabbed a thick, low hanging branch. She pulled herself into the leafy paradise, climbing higher till she could barely make out the ground. She found her favorite spot, a wide branch perfect for her size, and settled in it. Immediately, she wished she had brought a book, but she felt to comfortable to move, because she figured going down to get a book would spoil the feeling.

Since Annyrose's House sat on a hill, she had an amazing view of the town below from her tree. She marveled at how small everything seemed, and trying to find her friend's houses. After a few minutes, she grew bored and glanced up the street, in search of anything of interest on her street. Nothing of interest appeared, but suddenly she noticed a figure leaning against a retaining wall a few yards from her house. She couldn't see detail, but the figure looked male, and appeared to be very old, and stopped over with age. As she looked closer, she realized that the figure couldn't have been bent with age--it's back wasn't what was sagging, it was it's knees. This didn't bother Annyrose. She thought it was pretty interesting, but no way was she going to get a closer look at the figure. They seemed scary from up here, so they would be more haunting closer up.

Annyrose giggled at her fear. Here she was, thirteen and scared to death of some person who might have just been someone out for a walk on the warm summer's day. She shooed away thoughts of doubt, and tried to focus on something else. But her eyes kept straying towards the figure, and she couldn't ward off the feeling of dread she got every time she glanced their way. She pulled a leaf of the tree and twirled it between her fingers, staring at it's intricate detail. She looked away, and turned to the figure, who still hadn't moved, though the sun had climbed high in the sky by now. Annyrose glanced about the fig tree, and her eyes came to rest on one of the plump figs. She smiled at it, and said "Well, aren't you a pretty one?" Again her gaze strayed to the figure. Curiosity finally getting the better of her, Annyrose slipped down the tree and began the short walk to the stranger. Staying at a safe distance away, she raised her hand and said "Hello,"

The stranger looked a little miffed at her salutation. "Oh. Hello."

Annyrose nodded, like she was agreeing with something he had said, and as if he had said something she could agree with.

"Nice day, isn't it?" She asked, trying to be polite and contemplating whether or not she could outrun this person, if he proved a threat.

"Mmh.Though it doesn't help my allergies. All these pollinated flowers! Where I come from, Flowers just pop out of the ground, not pollination required, and no pollen!"

"If I may ask, but where is that?" Annyrose asked, feeling that this stranger was probably not right in the head.

"Whangedoodleland." The stranger said, eyeing her cautiously, as if waiting to see if she would start telling him that Whangedoodleland didn't exist.

"That's interesting. No pollen, huh? In my country, animals talk." Annyrose said agreeably. If this guy wants to play mental games, sure, lets play mental games. The stranger rolled his eyes.

"Whangedoodleland is not made up." He said, forcefully, as if explaining this to a toddler.

"I know. Neither is my country." Annyrose said, dragging a bit of sarcasm into the remark.

The stranger looked at her strangely, nodded stiffly and said "Well, I must be going. I'll see you around."

"Uh, okay." Annyrose said. She watched the stranger walk out of sight down the hill. As soon as he was out of her line of view, Annyrose raced back to the fig tree and shimmied up it as fast as she could. She got to her lookout point, from which she could see the whole town and glance down her street. The stranger had disappeared.

Annyrose lay tucked in her bed, waiting for her mother to come in to say good-night. She had been concentrating on the stranger she had meant all day, and wondering why he had acted like his little country was real. She sighed, and tried to forget about the whole thing.

Her mother entered her room, and Annyrose smiled. "Hey, mum." She said. Her mother smiled. "So how was today?" She asked, sitting on Annyrose's bed. Annyrose sighed. "Well, I meant some funny person just down the road--" She caught her mother's eye. "Don't be alarmed, he was fine and all--I didn't catch his name, but he was a bit know?" Her mother smiled warmly, and Annyrose continued. "And he was talking about some weird country." She shook her head. "Sorry, I just felt like bringing that up."

Her mother shook her head, smiling at her daughter's innocence. "A country? Which one?" She asked.

Annyrose thought for a moment. "Hangboodleland? Wait--Whangdoodleland." She corrected herself.

The change happened quickly--one minute her mom's face was smiling and genuinly curious about her only daughter's day, and the next, the happiness was blown out of her eyes. They filled with worry and confusion, but she continued to smiled with her mouth. Annyrose mummbled, "What did I say?"

"Oh nothing, darling." Her mother said in a tone that said she had said something of upmost importance. "Goodnight, dear." She said, absently tucking the comforter in more tightly, and turning of the room light. "Sweet dreams."

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