Anger's Heartbreak

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Author's Note: I was in the mood for writing tonight so I decided to start another WeeChester story.


Sam was in a surly mood. His father had forced them to pack up and move again just as he had finally made a few friends that he could hang out with after school. Why couldn't his father have waited three more weeks when school was out for the summer. He sighed in exasperation as they drove down the road headed towards the latest hunt.

John looked in the rearview mirror at his youngest child with dissatisfaction. Why did Sammy always have to act like a spoiled brat every time he chose to move the family for a new hunt. He wished his child would just suck it up and get with the plan.

Sam met his father's eyes in the rearview mirror and glared at him. He was upset and didn't care if his father knew it.

"That's it" thought John as he pulled the car over to the side of the road.

"I'm sick and tired of you acting like a baby every time we have to move Sammy. You either suck it up like a man, or I'm going to pull you out of the car and bend you over the back of the trunk and use my belt. Do you understand me young man?"

"Yes sir" Sam said with a slight hint of anger in his voice. He didn't want to force his dad to actually follow through on the threat. John didn't spank him often, but when he did, he felt it for days afterwards.

John pulled back onto the road as Dean glanced at Sammy in the backseat. He watched as a tear slowly fell down Sammy's face when he turned his head to look out the window. He felt bad for his little brother, but he could understand his dad's need to hunt down and destroy every demon and supernatural being he could find. He just wished Sam wouldn't buck his dad all the time.

John could feel the tension in the car as he drove down the road and knew that it was going to be a long drive to Billings, Montana. He thought about the hunt that Bobby had sent his way. There had been five killings in the last six months in the woods just outside of Billings and Bobby believed they were caused by a possible werewolf or wendigo. He asked John to look into it for him as Caleb and Joshua were already on hunts of their own.

John was pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of Dean's voice.

"Hey dad, can we pull off at the next exit and get something to eat? I'm starving and my ass is getting tired of sitting."

John had to smile at his oldest son's remarks. Why couldn't Sammy be more like Dean. Life would be so much easier if he followed orders like his big brother and did as he was told.

""Yeah, I'm getting kind of hungry myself" John said as he pulled off the interstate and into Ben's Country Kitchen. The Winchesters climbed out of the Impala and went into the diner with Sammy dragging behind. John grit his teeth in frustration before he said something he would regret to his youngest child.

John walked to a booth in the back as Sammy slid in on the other side and Dean slid in to sit by Sammy. A young waitress dressed in a khaki shirt and black pants walked over to take their orders.

"What will it be gentleman?" She said as she pulled her pencil out from behind her ear.

"I'll have a steak, medium well with a side of french fries and a black coffee" said John.

The waitress smiled at Dean and said, "and what would you like handsome?"

Dean grinned one of his cocky grins and said "Are you on the menu?" The waitress blushed at Dean's remark.

"Dean" growled John. He wasn't in the mood to watch his oldest son flirting with their waitress.

"Sorry" said Dean as gave the waitress his order of a double cheeseburger with extra onions, a side of fries and a Coke to drink.

"What will it be for you Sammy? asked John looking at his thirteen year old.

"I'm not hungry" replied Sammy. He wasn't in the mood to eat.

John looked at the waitress with a tight smile and said, "He'll have an order of chicken fingers, a garden salad with Italian dressing and a Coke to drink."

Sam looked at his dad and said "I told you I wasn't hungry."

"I'm not stopping anymore tonight Sam. You either eat the food or I'll feed it to you myself" John said in anger at his youngest son.

The waitress returned with their orders and the Winchesters ate in silence as tension once again filled the air.


It was well past midnight when John decided to get a motel for the night. He was getting tired and Dean was already sleeping in the seat beside him. He knew Sammy was still awake as he heard the sound of sniffling every so often coming from his youngest son.

He pulled into the Traveler's Motel and paid for one room for the night using a fake credit card. He was given the keys to room number nine and he drove the Impala to park it in front of the room.

He shook Dean awake and told him to open the door to the room while he and Sammy unloaded their bags from the trunk.

Dean opened the room and walked in followed by Sam and his dad.

John looked at his youngest and said "Sammy, get ready for bed while Dean and I salt the doors and the windows."

"But I'm not tired. Why can't I just watch the television for a little while" said Sam.

John had finally reached his breaking point with his youngest. He grabbed Sam by his right arm, turned him around forcefully and swatted him hard on the behind five times.

"You will do as I tell you young man!" he said as he applied his hand to Sammy's bottom.

Sam looked at his dad with tears in his eyes and replied "Yes sir" with a trembling voice. He walked over to his duffle and took out his sleep pants and a blue tee shirt to sleep in. He walked to the motel bathroom and changed quickly, used the bathroom, and brushed his teeth. He then walked out of the bathroom and to the bed that was away from the door and climbed in. He turned his head towards the wall and allowed silent tears to fall.

After they had finished laying the salt lines of protection, John and Dean got ready for bed also. John slipped off his jeans and crawled into the other bed while Dean took a quick shower before climbing into bed.

Around two in the morning, Dean was awakened by a soft sound coming from Sam's side of the bed. He could hear Sam softly crying and figured it was to keep from waking their father who was sleeping in the other bed.

Dean didn't want to embarrass Sam so he rolled over as if in sleep and slung his arm around Sammy's waist trying to give what little comfort he could to his baby brother. He felt it as Sammy snuggled up closer to his chest and he tightened his hold around him. Finally, after about thirty minutes, he could hear Sammy's deep even breathing and knew his brother had went to sleep.


The Winchesters awoke early the next morning and after a quick breakfast, they were on the road once again. Dean and John discussed the upcoming hunt while Sam read in the backseat.

After approximately five hours of driving, they finally arrived at their destination in Billings. John drove through town and finally stopped at a run down looking house with boarded up windows and weeds instead of a front lawn. The steps leading up to the dilapidated porch had boards missing and the ones that were there didn't look like they would support much weight. Dean and Sam both groaned in disbelief at the house they would be living in for the next few weeks.

"You've got to be kidding me dad. Couldn't you have found a better place for us to stay. That house looks like it could fall in at any minute." Dean groaned.

John smirked and said, "It's better than sleeping in the woods. No grab your gear and get it inside." Dean and Sam both walked to the trunk of the Impala and grabbed their duffle bags before following their father towards the house.

As he walked up the steps, one of them cracked under the weight of John's foot and he told the boys to be careful where they stepped until he could get that board fixed.

They stared in shock as they opened the door and entered the house. The inside looked worse than the outside. The plastered walls was littered with holes punched in them. The floors were filthy from years of accumulated dirt and they could see mold growing on the walls. The only furniture in the room was a chair with one broken leg on it that wouldn't be of any use to them.

Walking into the kitchen, they saw cabinet's with the doors hanging off the hinges and wooden table with four mismatched chairs. The sink had water stains from years of neglect and the stove was an old wood burning one.

John led the boys to the bedrooms where he pointed to the one on the left and said "You boys will sleep in there."

Sam opened the room to see two ragged mattresses lying on the floor for their beds. "This is just freaking great" he thought as he walked into the room. He was startled as a rat scurried into a hole in the corner of the room. He shivered just thinking about sleeping in there tonight.

"Dad, there's rats in here, how do you expect us to sleep in here tonight?"

John looked at his son and rolled his eyes. "Suck it up Sammy. Those few little rats aren't going to hurt you."


John drove to the store to get some cleaning supplies to make the house more livable. He had Dean clean the living room while he cleaned the kitchen. Sam was left with the duty of cleaning up the bathroom and the bedrooms.

Sam groaned upon opening the door to the bathroom to find rat deposits and filthy water in the bathtub. He reached into the tub to pull the plug letting the water drain down. "This is disgusting" he said aloud even though nobody was around to hear. Sam disinfected the tub with the bleach his dad had bought and then went to work on the sink and then the toilet. After the bathroom passed his father's inspection. He went to clean his and Dean's room.

After a full day of cleaning, John took the boys to eat dinner at the local Burger King restaurant before turning in for the night. He wanted to get a good nights sleep before starting the research for their hunt in the morning.