Anger's Heartbreak: The Epilogue

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It had been just over a week since the Winchester's had left Bobby's place. John had been taking it easy, stopping often to make sure that Sammy had a chance to stretch his legs. They had yet to go on their first hunt since John wasn't actively seeking them out. He wanted to make sure that their first hunt back wasn't too dangerous for his baby boy. Since they had stopped for the night, John was sitting at the table in the motel room scanning the newspaper when his eyes happened upon what he thought could be a possible hunt.

As John read the article, he found out that three people had been killed at a construction site for a new mall after an unidentified grave had been dug up and the bones relocated to the cemetery in town. Work had been called off at the construction site until authorities could establish what was causing the deaths. Knowing that they were most likely dealing with an angry spirit, John had decided to salt and burn the bones which would hopefully stop the killings.

John looked up from reading the newspaper article to see Dean and Sam lying on their beds watching Baywatch on the television. He smirked at the way Dean watched the lifeguards frolicking around in their skimpy bathing suits. It was obvious Dean watched the show for the view and not for the entertainment that it provided. John decided it was time to tell his boys about the hunt.

"Hey boys, I think I've found us our first hunt" he said as he watched and waited for their reactions. He watched as Dean first looked at Sammy to see what his reaction would be to the news.

Sammy immediately sat up and focused on his dad. "What did you find" he asked as he focused his full attention on his dad.

"There has been some people killed at a construction site here in town. It turns out that an unmarked grave had been found at the site and the county had dug it up and relocated the bones to the city cemetery so they could build a new mall. My bet is that they are now dealing with an angry spirit over having its grave desecrated. I think we should go to the cemetery and dig up the body for a salt and burn. That should stop the deaths from occurring. What do you say boys?" John asked wanting their input.

"Yeah, that doesn't sound too bad for our first hunt back" Dean said as he looked at Sammy. "Think you're up for it little dude?" he asked his baby brother. If he saw any reservations in Sammy's eyes, Dean was determined to make sure that they waited for another time to hunt.

"Yeah, I think I can handle this one" Sammy said with a gleam in his eyes. He knew that Dean would be there to watch his back if things went wrong, and honestly, he was happy that his dad had chosen a relatively easy hunt for their first time back.

"Okay, well let's get some sleep then and we'll head on out to the cemetery after midnight to take care of the bodies" John said as he watched Dean shut off the television. He watched as both boys stripped off their jeans and climbed under the blankets to go to sleep while he did a little more research to locate the exact location of the graves.


It was just after midnight when John woke his boys up and they headed out to Gravehill Cemetery. Upon arriving, they got their gear out of the trunk and John led his boys to the southwest corner where the graves were located. John carried the shovels and gasoline while Dean carried the salt and the guns they would need for the job. Sammy shook his head and smirked as they hadn't allowed him to carry anything.

John scanned the graveyard constantly as they made their way to the graves to make sure they weren't being watched. Finally reaching the graves, he handled 

Dean a shovel and kept one for himself as he said "Let's get to work Dean. Sammy you take the rifle and keep a watch while we dig the grave."

Dean immediately dug his shovel into the hard ground as John did the same. They had dug for approximately an hour when Dean stopped to wipe the sweat from his face. Seeing how tired Dean was, Sammy said "I can take over for you Dean" as he reached out to take the shovel.

Dean grinned at his little brother and his willingness to take over. "No way bro, I can handle this" he said with a smirk. He didn't want Sammy to exert himself just yet since Sammy hadn't really done any heavy duty work since he had been so sick.

After digging for almost three hours, John heard the thunking sound of his shovel hitting the lid of the casket. "Okay boys, watch your backs" he said as he started scooping the dirt off of the lid. Dean climbed out of the grave and lifted one of the guns as his father used his shovel to pry open the lid. The boys were immediately hit with the noxious smell that always came with opening graves. Both boys winced at the smell as John climbed out of the grave.

As John prepared to pour the gasoline over the body, a swirling wind began to build up as the area became suddenly cold. Leaves began blowing around as Dean watched a form beginning to coalesce. He pointed his gun towards the melding form and fired. He heard an unearthly shriek as the salt pellets scattered the form once again.

"Hurry Dad" Dean said as he and Sammy kept watch. John quickly poured the gasoline and salt over the form and was lighting a match when he saw the spirit take form again right behind Sammy. John immediately threw himself at Sammy knocking him to the ground and covering him with his own body as the spirit launched a shovel at them. John grunted as his shovel hit him hard in the back as he heard the sound of Dean's gun firing.

Dean immediately picked up the matches that his father had dropped and lit them quickly dropping them into the grave. He watched as the fire immediately consumed the bones as his father helped Sammy get to his feet. He felt elated at 

knowing that his dad had used his own body to protect Sammy, his dad really was making a conscious effort to watch over Sammy and his safety.

"You okay Sammy?" John asked as he looked Sammy over to make sure he hadn't been injured from being knocked to the ground.

"M'okay dad" Sammy replied as he brushed the dirt from his jeans. He looked over to see the flames starting to die down as the bones were cremated into ashes by the intense heat of the fire.

After the fire had turned the bones to ashes, they shoveled the dirt back into the grave and then gathered their gear to take it back to the Impala. While Dean and Sam stashed their gear, John returned to the grave area to clean up any signs of their ever having been there.

On the drive back to the motel, Sammy fell asleep stretched out as much as he could be on the back seat with his head pillowed on Dean's jacket. After looking back to check on his brother, Dean focused on John and said "Thanks Dad, I mean for watching out for Sammy back there and shielding him with your own body."

John was surprised to hear Dean thanking him and it showed on his face. "You don't have to thank me son, it's my job too to make sure the kid stays safe. You know, I would do the same thing for you too Dean."

"Yeah, I know that dad. I'm just glad to know that Sammy is still a top priority for you now that we've resumed the hunt" Dean said wanting his father to know how he felt.


After arriving back at their motel, Dean woke Sammy up and they walked back into the motel room where Sammy collapsed on the bed and fell asleep immediately. Dean snickered at the sight of his baby brother and wondered how the kid could fall asleep so fast. He reached over and unsnapped Sammy's jeans and pulled them off so that the kid could be more comfortable while he slept. He 

pulled the top blanket off of the other bed in the room and covered Sammy up as he saw his father walking into the room.

Dean took a quick shower while his dad put down salt lines around the door and the windows. He then climbed into the bed beside Sammy while their dad took a shower to wash off the dirt and smoky smell from the hunt. Dean contemplated how perfect this first hunt back had gone and hoped that future hunts would go as well.

Dean looked up from his bed as he saw his father come out of the bathroom. He watched as his father checked on Sammy and leaned down to kiss his baby brother on the forehead, while brushing the hair from Sammy's face. John then looked over at Dean and said "Go to sleep sport" as he climbed into the other bed falling instantly asleep.


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