He woke slowly, in a haze. He could hear the beeping of a heart monitor. Why was he here? Where was here?

Opening his eyes he saw a women in a low cut blouse. Who was she? She began talking in a rapid manner. Did she know him? She spoke as if she did.

"Who are you?" he asked.

She stopped in mid ramble. Her eyes widened in shock. She covered her mouth turning away from him.

"You know me don't you? At least I think you do, the way you spokeā€¦ ?"

"I'm Dr. Lisa Cuddy, do, do you know your name?"

He opened his mouth but stopped before speaking. He had to concentrate but the answer came to him, "Gregory House, next month I'll be ten. Where's my mom?"

(A/N: This is my response to the finally for Fourth season. The procedure could cause possible brain damage! I could not help my self. This will be a drabble series.)