Wilson continued to brush Houses brow. It seemed to suze him. What was he going to do. He did this. He offered House as a sacrifice for his girlfriend. One that he loved but how many women had he thought he loved and then the feeling faded. He laughed at himself. He didn't know what love was. That was his problem and House was going to pay for it.

Why did House do it? But he knew that answer. The man did it because He asked.

Tears began to fall done his face. He wished it was him that had died.

He shook himself suddenly. How selfish could he be.

First thing first, he had to deal with Houses pain. A ten year old if only mentally could not deal with chronic pain. If House ever came to himself he was going to hate Wilson.

But that was alright he already hated himself.

He turned and pressed the nurses call button.

A Nurse walked in.

"Call Dr. George Peterson, I need him to do an amputation right away."

The Nurse paled, "Jim, House hasn't consented.."

Wilson stopped her before she could continue, "I'm his power of attorney. Do it or I will call on some one else."

She turned and left the room.

Wilson felt the bed shift. He turned and looked down on House. He could see House was in deep pain. He knew House was on pain meds. This couldn't be psychological pain House couldn't remember his psychological pain.

"It hurts," said Gregory.

Wilson put his hand back on Houses brow, "I know Gregory. The only way to stop the pain its to remove the source of the pain. You understand?"

Greg nodded, "I want it to stop."

Wilson took in a deep breath, "Greg were going to have to remove your right leg."

Greg gulped, "All of it?"

"Most of it." said Wilson.

Greg put on what he thought was a brave face, "I don't want it. If its only going to hurt me I don't want it."

Wilson gave out a short sob. Before he controlled himself. "Every things going to be OK." He told Gregory he just withed he could believe hat.