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"Piece of Heaven"

Chapter 5:

Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell,

It was love from above, that could save me from hell,

She had fire in her soul it was easy to see,

How the devil himself could be pulled out of me,

There were drums in the sir as she started to dance,

Every soul in the room keeping time with there hands,

And we sang...

Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay,

And the voices bang like the angels sing,

We're singing... Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay,

And we danced on into the night,

Ay oh ay oh, Ay oh ay oh,

And we danced on into the night,

They've been together for three weeks now, almost a whole month. Every moment they spend together was enjoyed by both of them. Hinata always felt content and safe with Gaara around and liked his frequent visits at her job. It was all most as if with Gaara around, her problems floated away. Hinata couldn't be more content with it.

Gaara, on the other hand, was more pleased with spending so much time with his little gift from heaven. He couldn't be more fulfilled by anything else. It was her presence alone that calmed him and intrigued him. There had been a couple more cases with some gang members after that night Gaara had saved Hinata, but no more has come since then. Hinata hadn't been stalked or attacked for at least two weeks now. Gaara knew why too. After the last two strangers who tried to attack, Gaara had send one into unconsciousness with two broken ribs, and the other received a broken nose, broken wrist, and a few hits to the stomach. Gaara never mention the last two attacks to Hinata. He found no need.

The times they spent together, were times they either got to know each other a little bit more or they stole too many kisses from one another. The past week it had become a habit for Gaara to stay over at Hinata's house. She had invited him back to her place after her shift at the restaurant was over and he agreed. They spent the night, at first talking softly on common events, but ended up kissing on the couch with the TV on. They had fallen asleep there on the couch and after that it became a habit of theirs, after Hinata's shift at work was over, her and Gaara would take the bus back to her place.

It was dark out, around ten, when Hinata shift was over. She strolled over to an awaiting Gaara who sat at the bar with his glass of preferred beer. She grabbed at his hand as she arrived in front of him, his eyes intensely on her. His admiration for her could be seen when she looked deeply into his eyes.

"Time to go?" Gaara asked indifferently, as if the answer did not matter to him.

Hinata nodded and he stood up from the stool and laced his fingers in between hers as he led the way out of the restaurant. The night was cool as they stepped outside. Gaara quickly scanned the surroundings of the area for anything that was odd. When finding nothing out of the ordinary, he put his arm around Hinata, who was slightly shivering from the coolness.

They walked to the bus stop in comfortable silence and as they waited for the bus, Gaara witnessed a shadow move from the corner of his eye. Gaara braced himself, focusing on using his senses to his advantage. Gaara witnessed it was just another person that came out of the shadows, walking slowly to the bus stop. Gaara did not let his guard drop as he sensed the person stopping to sit at the bench. Hinata had paid the character a mind, and looked over Gaara's shoulder to see them. It was a slim figure of a girl, noticeable by the size of her chest even under a sluggish hoodie that covered her face half way, only showing her pale pink lips. The figure whistled softly to a tune Hinata did not recognize and the figure tapped her foot lightly barely making a sound.

Gaara's back stiffened at the familiar tune and he straightened himself, trying to block the figure out.

"I thought you got lost, brother," The figure spoke, stopping her whistling short, but kept a steady tap with her foot. "I didn't know you would run away like you did."

"I didn't run," Gaara stated emotionlessly, yet his eyes became defensive.

"Seems not that way to me," the woman said calmly as she stood up and stepped next to him. The woman hadn't lifted her head up yet and, neither Gaara nor she, looked at one another as they spoke, but Hinata looked confusedly at this woman and at Gaara for an explanation. Gaara knew Hinata was looking for an answer to this from the corner of his eye, but he could not give her one yet.

"I came and found you, because father has an issue to discuss with you. You know what about," the woman stated after the long no response from Gaara. The woman huffed a sigh and Hinata was able to see the woman's green eyes and see the blond hair that was poking out of the woman's hoodie.

"I told him already, I'm done. I will no longer work for him under his management," Gaara stated firmly and Hinata could feel the Gaara's arm tighten slightly over her.

"So you're going to give it all up? Why? Because you found a pretty little doll like herself?" The woman questioned, hardly exposing an emotion but her tone was that of anger.

"My reasons do not happen to be because of her, Temari. I'm done, because he can't keep using me just to get money. I'm done, because I'm tired of all the fake bull-shit!" Gaara exclaimed slightly enraged, but kept a collected face.

"You just don't get it, do you? What will you do on the streets, ay? Where have you been living, huh? You don't got no place to go." Temari now said as if mocking Gaara. Gaara growled ever so lightly.

"Where I am, is of no concern to you," Gaara stated with the hint of anger underlining his tone.

"Sure it's not. Anyway, if you want to quit, tell it to Dad himself. He's holding a little banquet at the guest house tomorrow for some business associates and he wants you to be there. Oh, and bring the doll. I'm sure he'll want to meet her." Temari said and smirked as she started to turn away as the bus turned down the street. Gaara ignored her departing as if they had never been talking in the first place.

"Oh, and Gaara… If you don't show, we'll pay a visit instead," Temari said in an arrogant tone as she laughed tauntingly at the end. The bus arrived then as Gaara clenched his fist at his sister's remark.

Hinata stepped up into the bus when the doors opened with Gaara following behind her and she led them to available seats in the middle. It was quite empty on the bus, besides some extra passengers. Hinata looked over at Gaara, concerned, on the bus, trying to piece together in her head what the confrontation with his sister was about. Gaara didn't look back at her; he stared at the floor lost in his own thoughts.

They didn't speak a single word to each other on the bus ride to Hinata's house nor as they got off at the bus stop and walk the rest of the way to the house. Hinata bit her lip as she was lost in her own worries and concerns. She realized she may not have known the man who walked next to her as well as she thought, but as she found out that she may not know him completely, she still had feelings towards him. He still made her feel content and safe. Also, whether or not she even really knew this man, he had saved her life… and Hinata thought she should allow the man the chance to explain. Gaara didn't wear it all out there on his sleeve, Hinata knew. He was guarded, she could tell, from the outside and inside.

Soon, they arrived at Hinata's house and Hinata unlocked the door, leading them both inside. Gaara expected Hinata to start throwing questions at him, but she surprised him when she didn't. Hinata just calmly went to put her coat way and lit a few candles as well as turning on the lighting in the living room. She asked if he wanted anything to drink and Gaara softly declined. He stood in her living room, looking around, slowly taking his jacket off as he heard Hinata from the kitchen setting up the pot to make tea for herself. It was something Gaara had learned that helped soothed herself from her worries.

As the tea cooked, Hinata walked back into the living room, seeing Gaara had took a seat on the couch, and turned on the TV for him. She set the remote down on his knee for his use of access in changing the channel. Hinata then headed to her room, as Gaara surfed channels, to change from her work attire to something comfy. Gaara mildly watched Hinata as she took a bundle of clothes in her hands to the bathroom, shutting the door and locking it.

She came out a few minutes later, in dark grey sweats and an oversized white shirt. Hinata headed back into the kitchen soon after, and grabbed her hot tea that was ready to drink. She had poured it into a mug, carrying it in her hands, as she joined Gaara on the couch. She sat next to him and he placed his arm around her, providing her the protection and comfort she wanted. They stayed like that for an hour, not talking, but watching the TV together that was on the history channel.

Hinata lifted her head up from Gaara's shoulder and glance at his face that was resting on his hand, to find him with his eyes shut, resting. Hinata lightly smiled with amusement and got up gently from the couch. Gaara sensed her movement and his eyes snapped open immediately, being slightly startled. Hinata giggled softly at that, making Gaara's eyes focus on her.

"You're a light sleeper, aren't you?" Hinata asked teasingly, with a sweet smile gracing her face as she looked down at Gaara.

Gaara, not fully awake yet, nodded once, curtly and rubbed his eyes with his hands before gazing back up at his angel. Hinata placed her mug on the coffee table before turning back to Gaara who fixated his eyes on her. She grabbed for his hand, and pulled lightly as an invitation to follow. Gaara received the message, and got up from the couch. He followed behind Hinata who led them slowly to her room. It was her first time inviting him into her room.

Hinata then brought him to the bed, where she let go of his hand, and climbed into bed. She got under the sheets she had, resting her head on her pillow. "You can sleep here with me, if you want," Hinata offered softly, barely above a whisper, looking up into his eyes.

Gaara stared at the women in front of him that he was so lucky to receive. He stripped out of his shirt, letting it drop to the floor as he cautiously climbed into her bed under the sheets with her. They both faced each other, with Hinata smiling shyly at him as Gaara looked at her longingly. Hinata became braver and grabbed Gaara's hand once again and led it over to her waist as she scooted a little bit closer to him. With that bravery Gaara could witness the fire in her soul and new that there was a whole other person to get to know once you get past her shyness. Gaara held her in the embrace, his thumb rubbing light circles on her hip. Hinata leaned in and kissed him lightly.

This however, brought a response out of Gaara. He kissed her again, taking her all in. His kisses were soft yet rough as he got more passionate, but it was as if Hinata didn't mind about the kisses. She longingly kissed him back, wanting more. They soon came to a stop though, for a breath.

"Why me?" Hinata asked staring up memorized by Gaara's eyes. "Why did you pinpoint me out, out of everybody?"

Gaara licked his dried lips for the moment as he gazed back at Hinata's interested eyes. "I… You're my reason. My sign. I couldn't let you slip by without knowing who you were." Gaara answered slowly, hesitantly.

"Your reason for what?" Hinata question gently.

"To not give up on life," Gaara answer honestly, his face blank.

Hinata's eyes softened as her heart filled with sympathy as she cupped Gaara's cheek with one of her hands gently. "That women this evening… was she's your sister correct?" Hinata asked carefully. Gaara nodded and shut his eyes, relishing in Hinata's soft touch of her hand. It was as if his demons could be put to rest by her touch. "What happened?"

Gaara sighed and opened his eyes, looking into Hinata's wide eyes, where her brow was push down in concern. "The family I have, does not operate as a family. They use each other to their advantage. My father, owns a Boxing Ring and Gym, and is in business with high associates of TV sports programs. He makes a lot of his money over sponsoring ads and high deals with other businesses, but mostly he gets his high raising pay from, me, my brother, and my sister. My father's big Boxing Gym was created for training and classes on boxing. That makes enough profit as it is from monthly fees due from kids parents. But it doesn't give a kick out of my father like the real big bucks for a real fight. The Boxing Ring Stadium, he created, was geared towards that. He booked either me or my brother for a fight every month or so. It didn't matter if you win or lost, he got paid for us to fight. He didn't start betting on us to win, until he really saw, as he said it "the potential in me". I won my first official boxing match when I was fifteen years old. The guy was twice the size of me, but I knocked him out in round five. My father pushed me as hard as he could. My days were consisted of endless amounts of training. My father did not want me to lose.

"I didn't snap to my senses until I saw my father booked a matched for my brother whose opponent had 20 pounds more on him. My brother got in pretty good hits and my dad rooted for him, but the opponent's hits were harder. My brother had his entire left side of his face bleeding by the sixth round. My father started to yell at him to give up, telling my brother that he couldn't do it. I found out later that he didn't yell at my brother to quit, because he cared for my brother's health, it was because he had money on the other guy to win. My father cared only for the money and even betted against his own son on the match. After the fight, my brother was sent to the hospital, he had a few cracked ribs and a shattered cheek bone. My sister complained about my brother's fighting strategies, saying he should of listen to her about what he should have done. She made me sick, as I watch her looked after our brother like she knew Dad didn't set it up on purpose. My brother is stubborn, and he literally thought he could of had his opponent. He thought he didn't train well enough. I told him, what Dad had done. My brother scoffed at me and didn't listen. I stopped trying so hard to please my father. I did almost everything that I could to piss him off, like skipping training, ditching school, getting in trouble with police, drinking.

"He got mad, of course, but he still was proud of me when he introduced me as his winning achievement to his business associates. The last fight, I did, I barely gave it my all. I block the man's shots, but I didn't inflict any on him. By the eighth round, my opponent was sweating profoundly, and my dad was yelling at me to get my act together. I really wanted to lose the fight, just so he loose his money, but I ended it. I knock the guy out and that was that.

"The day, I walked away was after that fight, at the little reward party my dad threw. My brother was in recovery mood and was there to congratulate me; he still thought dad was looking after us. I knew I had to leave. My father had been boasting loudly about his children. He gave Temari the spotlight of being the strategist for the fights and the help of training as a teacher and to us. I couldn't take it anymore… so I left," Gaara said summing up some of his life's events. Hinata eyes grew slightly wider, amazed at his story, but she calmed and looked at him with understanding.

"Is boxing what you love?" Hinata asked after a moment, or two, of thinking.

"Yes," Gaara answered without much thought as he saw her search his eyes carefully.

"Then… I think you need to have a talk to your Dad, and do what's best for you… You can always join another league or get new management for your boxing." Hinata stated cautiously, sincere.

"What's best for me, is you right here," Gaara said as he took Hinata's wrist of the hand that touched his cheeked and kissed it before keeping a grasp on it. Hinata blushed faintly before replying.

"And I am here now," Hinata said quietly.

"Yes, but I was going to throw it all to hell, until you came along. Hinata, I need you beside me," Gaara stated gravely.

"Gaara… You have me already… ever since our first dance," Hinata said honestly as she leaned in to give him another quick kiss on the lips before leaning back onto her own pillow.

Gaara rubbed the hand he held as he stared intensely back at Hinata. He was able to slightly smile at her, because of the unknown happiness that seemed to fill him from her words. That she was truly his.

"Well then Hinata, will you join me to my father's banquet tomorrow?" Gaara asked in a gentleman manner in mock humor.

Hinata smiled back at him, and join into his mockery, "Of course, it would fill me with pleasure."

Gaara smirked and leaned over her to kiss her again and of course it lasted more than a few seconds. They broke apart however, and talked slightly more to each other, but not too soon did Hinata fall asleep and Gaara lay silently holding her, barely falling asleep himself.

The next day had not ended anymore excitedly. Gaara had taken Hinata to his father's banquet, introducing her to most of the guests. Many remarked on Gaara's last fight or overall his fighting ability. Some curious folks asked how Gaara obtained a pretty little Hinata. Hinata would blush at the compliments given to her, she was wearing a rather classy dress for this fancy banquet. Everyone was dressed in business attire and we're fancy. Even Gaara came in nice dress shirt and slacks.

Upon meeting with Gaara's father, there were nice greetings amongst each other, before it got into the little confrontation. Gaara's father held it off for the night, saying he had other important things to discuss with clients about. He officially dismissed his son on the argument, but Gaara knew that the arguing was soon to continue when these guests leave and he was alone with just his family.

Temari had made small talk with them again, smiling secretly to herself of her victory at getting Gaara to show up. Hinata was also able to meet Gaara's older brother, Kankuro, and found him friendly enough and a little chatty about his fights. Gaara, though, stole Hinata way as the music began to play.

He knew he would have to confront his dad later about the issue but for now… He was going to dance with his angel that he thought was secretly sent here to him to save him.

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