A/N: This idea popped in my head when I was trying to sleep. And then Britty told me to use Paul London. Yay!

Oh, let's pretend that this is kayfabe, okay? Well, we don't have to pretend, because it is! There probably won't be much of WWE wrestling in here, but Paul Burchill is going to be Katie's brother. I love Katie Lea.

"You…You're breaking up with me?" the soft British accent of Katie Lea whispered into the dark room.

"Well, yeah," Paul London replied just as softly back to her.

Paul had just gotten back to their hotel room, assuming that Katie was sleeping. In reality, she was waiting up for him. The instant he walked in, Katie could smell that he wasn't the same. She reeked of cheap sex, alcohol, and bad perfume. Being chummy with all of the Divas, she knew instantly which Diva he had been spending his leisure time with: Kelly Kelly.

Katie bolted upright in the bed, tossing the covers off of her. "Paul, how dare you cheat on me like that! And especially with that whore!"

"How did you know I was sleeping with Kelly Kelly?" Paul asked, dumbfoundedly.

"I can smell a rat when it comes under my nose, Paul. I am not stupid like you Americans think we British are. I can't believe that you are so stupid!" Katie yelled even though it was about four in the morning.

"It's not just that, Katie. Your brother scares the hell out of me," Paul mumbled, laying down in the bed where Katie previously was and fell into a drunken stupor.

Katie quickly gathered her things and hurried over to her brother's hotel room. She knocked furiously until he answered.

"Katie, what in the devil's name are you doing here this early?" he asked.

"I just dumped Paul!" Katie cried as she turned on the waterworks for her older brother. "He cheated on me with that lowlife conniving skank of a woman, Kelly Kelly."

Burchill opened the door even more so his sister could enter the room. "No one messes with my baby sister," he growled.

"You're damn right," Katie agreed. "Paul London has hell to pay."