AN: O.K. so here's my newest idea for a story. An I.M.! I liked the idea and I thought it was something new so I thought I should try it just to see what reviewers thought. R&R please! I would also like to dedicate this story to Jenna, who is also obsessed with the twilight series.

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Com: Edward has signed on.

Bells16: Edward? Ru on?

CullenE: Yes, my love. What is that?

Bells16: What is "that"

CullenE: "Ru"

Bells16: Sorry, are you, I guess I have to use real English with you now.

CullenE: That would be best since I am 107 years old you know.

Bells16: Don't say that! It makes you sound old.

CullenE: Well as you said before in your sleep, the 107 year old virgin.

Bells16: Not for long!

CullenE: Bella….

Bells16: Sorry but it IS true, I will ask Alice myself!

Com: Alice has signed on.

AliceCullen: I know! It's true! I had to watch it during one of my visions… eeek!

CullenE: ALICE!!

AliceCullen: Ha!

Com: Alice has signed off.

Bells16: Well that was interesting….

CullenE: NO, not at all.

Bells16: You mean that you are appalled by that?

CullenE: Of course not, It's just unessecary for Alice to chime in like that.

Bells16: Mmmhmmm.

Com: Bella has signed off.

AliceCullen: You just made Bella mad at you!

CullenE: ALICE! This is ALL your fault. You better stay away from me today.

Jazzzz: Don't get so mad Edward.

EmHunk: Yeah, make it up to her wink, oohhh!

CullenE: Emmett, just leave me alone, you guys are so annoying!

RoseLove: Emmett stop this now!

CullenE: Thanks Rose

RoseLove: Everyone can stop teasing Edward… we all know he has no touch!

AliceCullen: Perfect Rosalie!

Com: Edward has signed off.

So… what did you guys (and gals) think? I hope you guys liked it. Review so I can see just how much you liked it or disliked it, good or bad!