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Call Me a Safe Bet, I'm Betting I'm Not

Naru x Gaa

Sand swirled around his ankles, the bottoms of his bare feet burning as they touched the hot grains. With much difficulty, the blond was able to wipe the sweat brimming on his brow. This came with difficulty because of the heavy handcuffs and chains linking him to several people in front and behind him. The scorching heat of Suna was something to be marvelled at, compared to Konoha it was positively boiling. Uzumaki Naruto had laughed when the guard had told him that it was actually very cool weather for Suna. Naruto had stopped laughing when the man showed no hint of amusement in the supposed joke.

In front of her were two people his age, one was a tanned man with piercing black eyes and dark hair tied back in a spiky ponytail. Naruto had amused himself at first by patting it every so often; he had quickly been removed away from the man. Naruto had learned his name to be Nara Shikamaru. The person directly in front of him -separating him from Shikamaru's spiky hair- was a girl with bubblegum pink hair and bright neon green eyes. Naruto had guessed her fate to be a grim one. Probably, best case scenario she'd be used as a slave-girl. Worst, she would be a sex slave to one of the princes. She'd told him her name was Haruno Sakura. There were also two people behind him; two more men who looked almost ashamed that they'd been shackled and dragged to Suna.

The one right behind Naruto was silent the entire time; he looked embarrassed to even be present in this situation. His ivory white eyes that looked almost lavender were boring into the back of his head. The most Naruto had been able to lean about him was from the boy at the back. Apparently his name was Hyuuga Neji. At first Naruto had been confused, after all, the Hyuuga's were one of the royal families in Konoha. Then he'd been briskly informed by Neji's fist and shown the mark on his forehead. It was to show that he was not a true Hyuuga; their kind had been ostracized for not being direct Hyuuga's. The man at the back was deeply tanned and had two red triangles painted onto his cheeks. He'd told Naruto that his name was Inuzuka Kiba, and then whipped ferociously by one of the men escorting them for talking too much. Naruto had cast him a sympathetic look and returned his gaze forward, not wanting to be whipped himself.

When the five entered into the heart of Suna the large and impressive Kazekage Castle came into their view. When they'd gasped lightly the guards had only smiled knowingly, they'd probably received this response many times by other slaves being escorted. The castles in Konoha were large but no where near as large in any way or as highly decorated. Naruto suddenly understood how Suna had gained control over Konoha. Though Konoha was larger than them, it was highly obvious that Suna was more heavily populated and much, much richer.

Now all Naruto could do was pray that he didn't end up like the slaves they were replacing.

:..: :..: :..:

Cold teal eyes scanned the horizon for even a shadow, one move out there and all of Suna knew that he'd sound the alarm. There was not much else the boy could do to prove his loyalty to the people. Dark circles lay around his eyes so much that it seemed to be eyeliner, though it was because the poor man had never slept a day in his life. His frame was small, slightly feminine even. His face was delicate looking, his cheekbones were slender at best and his eyebrows were so light he seemed to have none at all.

But you would only be able to tell this by getting close to his face. And no one, no one, had ever gotten that close to Sabaku no Gaara's face. And he suspected that no one ever would.

After all, how could someone ever be dumb or optimistic enough to get close enough to his face.

Gaara was a monster.

:..: :..: :..:

The five stepped into the castle, marvelling once more at the complex patterns weaved into the buildings walls, the tapestries that hung in the main hallway, everything about it was simply...breathtaking. Two figures appeared coming down the stairs. One was a blond woman in a long fitting black dress, the other was a man with purple face paint and a hat, and he also wore black.

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, how can they both be wearing black in this weather and not be sweating? Naruto wondered. The woman smiled.

"Hello, I'm Sabaku no Temari and this is my brother, Kankurou. Welcome to Suna, our home, and the rest of your miserable lives."

The five blinked in astonishment that their employer would actually simply come out and say that their fates were grim. Naruto sighed inwardly, "At least she's honest..." He said so it was only audible to those closest to him. Kiba snickered for a moment at his comment. No one else dared to move.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Unshackle the poor kids, I wish to get to know my new playthings!" Temari laughed.

Naruto swallowed hard, his throat stung as his spit hit his dry throat. I just have to be optimistic. Naruto told himself.

I can get through this if I stay optimistic...


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