Entertain Me

(Tenshi Ja Nai) A collection. Because bored people are scary companions. And Izumi was always scarier than average. And Takabayashi Hikaru has to deal with him. (7fics)

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I'm proud to present:

Entertain Me

A Tenshi Ja Nai collection

1 First Time

(meaning: there were several 'firsts' in this story, and was chosen to be the opener. Heck, there's even insecurity here. shock)

"Hikaru, entertain me."


It was an extremely awkward request to ask, and only someone who has guts would ask Takabayashi Hikaru that as a favor.

Or, to rephrase the previous statement, only the former Kido Izumi, now Miyakawa Izumi, would dare ask Takabayashi Hikaru such a request.

"I'm bored," he elaborated long-sufferingly. "So I want you to entertain me."

"I'm not a performer. Go away," she mumbled.

It was an extraordinarily hot summer, and she was sweltering indoors, even if the air conditioner was on high.

"I don't want to. And besides, Hi-ka-ru..." he smirked. "You are an actress."

"Leave me alone," she whined, batting at him uselessly with a loose fist. "It's too hot to do anything."

"I'm not asking you to eat fire or even juggle."

"Even so, Izumi-san. It's still hot. You can't talk, I mean, at least you can take your shirt off."

He smirked. It was a very smug expression, as if gloating that he was biologically born male.


"Take a cold shower," was his retort.

"I did. Twice," she said, almost irritably.

The corners of his lips twitched upwards. "I would never have noticed," he teased.

Instead of an angry retort, Izumi was faced with a idol -slash- model -slash- actress that had turned, to all appearances, into a quivering blob of goo.

"Hikaru? Hikaru?" murmuring expletives, he rolled his eyes at her response: murmuring 'too hot' while unconscious, and then he entered her bathroom.

He was faced with the bathtub, and a brutally sadistic plan began to form in his mind.

Smirking, he filled the bathtub three fourths with the cold water tap and carried Hikaru (limp and unconscious) and very unceremoniously, (aside from making sure her head won't hit the sides of the tub), dumped her in.

Takabayashi Hikaru woke up flailing and sputtering to his manic laughter.

When she had regained her precious balance and was not gasping for breath as desperately as she had, say, thirty seconds ago, she summoned enough dignity to glare at him.

"I hate you," she hissed, clutching at the sides of the tub.

"We both know that's not true."

She couldn't help but smile at that. "Yeah," she said, giving up at least to that extent.

Her expression hardened even as his lips quirked upwards.

"But I'm still pissed."

Izumi rolled his eyes, waving off the feeble threat, but he could feel the seed of doubt starting to sprout.

"Hey, Hikaru."


"That was very... entertaining."

She shot him a glare that could possibly be lethal and groaned.

His smile turned evil, but Hikaru's eyes fluttered closed in bliss.

His eyes started narrowing even as she started to speak.

"I suppose it's cooler in here. I think I'll stay," she said innocently, the edges of her tank top and shorts fluttering lightly in the water.

"In your clothes?"

It was a challenge, and both of them knew it.

Hikaru smirked in a very un-Hikaru manner.

It was rather disconcerting.

Heck, it was very disconcerting.

"Got a problem with that, Izumi-san?"

A brief pause.

Izumi started to smile again, by all account, the smile may be considered pure evil.

"No, not really. May I join you?"

An awkward silence ensued before Hikaru dared to speak:

"... Why?"

"Well, I do know that I was born male, contrary to popular belief, but I do feel like I'm slowly being roasted," he seemed offended.

"Steamed," her answer was immediate, intended to lift tension.

"What?" he was puzzled, that much was apparent.

"There's no direct source of heat, so it's not really right to say that you're being roasted..."

Izumi decided that he had been rolling his eyes way too often lately, but did so anyway.

Hikaru almost giggled, aside from the fact that it was extremely uncomfortable to be sopping wet.

Especially sopping wet in your bathtub in frigid (that was a good thing in retrospect...) water with all your clothes on and with Izumi-san's shirtless presence.


Very uncomfortable.

She flinched involuntarily away from him, and she didn't notice the hurt expression on his face.

(He was always the better actor...)

"Alright then, being cooked, so that's over now…"

Hikaru agreed grudgingly and he smiled, a real smile, at least refraining from diving into her tub...

He sat beside her, in close propinquity and she was hunched over lightly, submerged until the lower half of her face was in the cool water.

She didn't notice her partner's troubled expression; the way his eyebrows furrowed or his unusual silence.

She blew bubbles with her nose.

"This feels great," she commented.

Izumi stretched, seeming to snap out of it. "Of course; I thought of it."

Hikaru snorted. "Right. I think the heat's finally gotten to you."

"I... I love you. You know that, right?" he asked, his head bowed as if he was embarrassed.

Hikaru stared at him. "Why would you ask that?"

She was answered with silence.

She lifted her head from the water to look him in the face. "Izumi-san..."

He lifted his head to look at her, meeting her eyes.

"Izumi-san," she repeated. "I know. And I love you too. You shouldn't doubt that. Alright? I know that I can't really prove it now, but you have to trust me, ne?"

He smiled boyishly at her. "I... I just wanted to know, I guess."

Hikaru smiled, too, and splashed him lightly with the cool water. "Snap out of it, Izumi-san."

He grinned, startling her by pulling her close and wrapping his arms around her tightly, wet clothes and all.

He whispered in her ear, standing up from the tub and carrying her, uncomfortably wet but feeling safe.

"I'm out," his smile turned into a smirk. "Cool enough, Hikaru-chan?" he continued, voice teasing.

She couldn't suppress her shudder, snatching her towel as he walked past it. "Do you want to get a cold?"

"You'd make a great mother," he said, as a response.

He ignored her flush mercifully.



"Want some ice cream?"


He grinned. "Alright, but first..."


He swooped down briefly to slant his lips over hers. She stiffened in surprise but twined her fingers behind his neck.

When they parted, she just smiled. "I love you," she whispered against his chest.

She could hear his heartbeat, erratically thumping against his ribcage.

Izumi saw her shiver, her teeth starting to chatter. Her wet clothes, the thin tank top and the loose, oversized shorts... He sighed.

Taking the large fluffy towel from her slack grip, he wrapped her easily in it and headed for her bed. He dropped her unceremoniously, and she ounce once before settling.


"Get dressed, Hikaru. We're going out soon."

She smiled, looking almost beatific. "Thanks, Izumi-san."