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That's all it will ever be. That's all she will ever be. A temporary relief from a pained life, a tool used to achieve ones dream, a necessity.

She knew this was in store, so why did she willingly leave?

He has that power over her. Uchiha Sasuke.


"This is where you are to sleep. Where we are to sleep. I'll be back shortly."

With that, he closed the door.

End Flashback

It had been a few hours since he left. All she had done in that time was stare at the high ceiling room, and take in her new home from outside the window.

Sound was nothing like Konoha. Yes, it had all the things Konoha had; a market place, dirt roads, an academy, a hospital, and even a 'ruler.' But this place didn't feel like it should. It wasn't home. Not for Sakura Haruno.

'I'll make it home!' She thought desperately to herself.

She looked around. The Uchiha fan was plastered on the sheets. His greatest pride had always been with his clan.

She thought for a moment. She wasn't allowed any time to pack much before her departure from Konoha, let alone clothes. She browsed her way over to the dresser and was about to open the drawer when she hesitated.

'This is my room too now. I should be able to look if I want. Right?'

She pulled open the drawers. All she saw was Sasuke's white training shirts, the Uchiha crest facing upwards. Shifting aside some of his clothes, she found something that made her heart stop.

It looked like her old uniform, but it was…different. Instead of red, it was white, with blue stitching. She held it to her delicate frame. She turned it over, and where the Haruno symbol would have been, a red and white fan graced the fabric.

How long had he been planning this? Did he plan on bringing her back to Sound? She dug deeper into the drawer; more sets of women's clothing were folded neatly there. Skirts, shirts, dresses, and some of the most beautiful Kimonos' she has ever seen. A sad smile played across her face.

'He had a while to plan this.'

The door opened. She didn't bother to hide what she was looking at.


She placed the clothes gently back where she had found them, and looked up at the door. He was still standing there.

"Sasuke-sama." She bowed her head in his direction. He approached her.

Lifting her head up, he stared at her intently for a few moments. Roughly, he kissed her, forcing her against the wall, crushing her delicate body against his well toned abdomen. She was a foot shorter than him and two sizes smaller, and was easily over powered. Even the super human strength she had obtained through her sensei wouldn't help her now, she would submit to whatever he wanted. That's why she was here…right?

He began kissing along her neckline, her collar bone, biting and groping what he wanted. Sakura couldn't deny she liked it, wanted it, returned his kisses. But she still couldn't ignore the truth. She knew he didn't love her. She was a tool, the bearer of future Uchiha Prodigies. Nothing more.

If she could do nothing else for Sasuke, she would do this. Be his wife, the mother of his children, and become a betrayer of Konoha like her husband.

She loved him so much, and would do whatever it took to please him, even if he never returned her feelings. She knew he couldn't love her, but he would be a husband and father, like he should. He would protect her, her children, and the honor of his family. That's all she needed.

He pressed harder, she felt him all over her. His breathe against her neck and his hands wrapped under her thighs, lifting her upward towards his face. She wrapped her legs around his waste, making him growl. He kissed her again, licking the inside of her mouth, and leaving the bitter taste of lust in her mouth.

Losing patience and tossing her to the bed, Sasuke pinned her down with his thigh between her legs, and his arms on each side of her head; her arms spread out.

Lust. Not Love. Lust.


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