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I'm not sure where I'm going with this story, its just something I was writing for a friend of mine for her birthday. Tell me what you think about it, cause I love to hear other peoples thoughts on this. Flames are welcome, cause it can only improve my writing. Have fun reading the story, I'll update as soon as I can, but I don't promise anything cause its my birthday coming up.


Part 1, Claire's point of view

It's just another normal, lay back day for Claire Redfield. But something got in my sight when I was playing soccer with my older brother Chris. 'Hey Chris, look at that. That creep must think its Halloween or something. Doesn't he know that zombie costumes are way out!?' Chris laughed and walked toward the person, as his job he needs to contain peace in Racoon City. Even if it includes talking to weird guys who think its Halloween. 'NO stop, don't go closer' a female voice shouted. We both looked in her direction 'why not?' Chris asked the blonde woman. 'Because he is infected' Chris and I looked at each other. 'Infected with what?' He asked the girl. 'With the T-Virus' What was she talking about? The T-Virus, what the hell is that? I go to school and I never heard anything about a T-Virus. 'There is no T-Virus, it doesn't exist. We have biology at school and we are talking about infections' I told her. 'Its new, Umbrella made it as a viral weapon for the military' Chris looked at the guy. 'That would be called a zombie. When someone is infected and they die, they turn in one of those. Only living for there biggest need' Chris frowned. 'What need is that?' 'The need to feed'

I looked at Chris, he looked worried. 'Feed of what?' I asked her. She looked at me 'Everything that is alive. They need fresh cells to keep alive. Soon you'll see more of them' The woman grabbed a gun and aimed at the guy, Chris tried to stop her but it had no use. She fired the gun, and it went straight trough the mans head, leaving blood spatters and pieces of the brain everywhere. 'What did you do that for?' Chris yelled, his read turned really red, like it always does when he gets angry. 'If I we don't kill it now, it will kill someone else. Its kill or be killed now' she said seriously. She turned away to leave but Chris got up to her, and talked with her. but I couldn't hear what they were talking about. With every word that they said Chris got angrier. He walked away from her, and she followed him. He walked up to me with a very serious look on his face.

I knew what he was going to say, he's about to say that he needs to help out his buddies at his work, trying to keep the civilians safe. 'Claire. I need to help my colleagues. I need you to stay inside and barricade yourself, only get out when you have to' I shook my head. 'No! I don't want you to go. I always worry about you and this time its even worse. You're going with her! Who says she aint gonna kill ya once she gets the opportunity for it?' The woman looked shocked. 'I only kill those zombies, I don't kill humans unless they are too badly infected and that they cant be helped' I didn't believe her, how could I?

I don't even know her. 'Look Claire, you have my phone number, and my pager number. You can contact me at any time. I want you to have this' he pulled something out his pocket 'it's the necklace dad gave me before he went away. I want you to wear it, so I can be with you even if I'm not' he said while he put the necklace around my neck. 'At least tell me your name, that way I can track you down if you kill my brother' I told the woman. 'My name is Manu. Need to know more things about me? What's your name anyway, that way I know who it is who tries to kill me for something I didn't do.' I nodded 'my name is Claire, this is my brother Chris and sure, tell me everything' she glanced at me 'well Claire, I was sent by a special organization who tries to stop the experiments of Umbrella. So we can live in a safer world, without viral weaponry. I am on the highest rank, my partner, Can, works with me. She's a few blocks away from here, seeing if things are a little safer there.' She looked at Chris and back at me 'normally I would say, stay in your house. But right now, get as far away from Racoon City as possible, and as fast as you can. Before its too late' I looked at Chris and he looked at the woman 'why does she need to get out of town? I say she's better off barricading herself in the house'

She shook her head 'if I'm right, this is going out of control and they will do anything to cover this up. Remember Chernobyl?' Chris nodded 'there was a hidden Umbrella facility there, things got out of control with a other virus, which got neutralised instantly when they threw a nuclear bomb on it' Chris and I both gasped 'my guess, is that they are going to do same thing here' Chris nodded and agreed with her. He did know that Umbrella did experiments, he told me that so I wouldn't sign up for anything to get some extra cash. He told me to get out of here, and went inside. A few minutes later he got out with a Beretta .47 and ammo. 'Keep this with you as your life depends on it. You know how to use it' Chris looked deep in my eyes and I nodded 'just like you showed me a thousand times' I joked. And he smiled at me and nodded 'exactly. Claire, please be careful. And check in with me everyday' he turned to walk away, but the woman, Manu as she calls herself, stayed there. After a few seconds she walked up to me and said 'If you encounter them, shoot them in the head, 80 chance that they will die. It worked with Chernobyl' she stopped for a second and then started talking 'If something happens, I want you to call this number. If I don't take contact with you in 7 hours I need you to presume that your brother and I are dead, and you need to tell the person who answered that you are looking for Michael' she got a card out her pocket and wrote something down 'they are gonna ask you for a verification number, this is it' and showed me the card 'when you reach Michael, can you tell him I love him? And what happened and why I cant contact him myself?' I nodded.

'Boyfriend?' I asked her, she shook her head 'my brother' I looked at the card and put it my pocket, and in my other pocket I put the ammo and the put the gun between my belt and my pants. 'I will' I looked at Chris 'I need you to come back' He walked back to me, and gave me the tightest hug ever. 'Chris…you're stronger then I am' I mumbled and he let go of me. 'I love you little sis.' And he gave me 1 last kiss on my forehead and walked away, not turning around. The woman smiled at me and said thank you and walked after Chris. I stood there, thinking where I should go. I decided to grab the Hummer Chris bought a few months ago and walked to it. Only to remember that the keys were still on the table in the house, so I walked back and grabbed the keys when I heard a window break in the front of the house, so I walked towards it. There were 5 of those weird creatures. I didn't want to use my gun right away, so I ran to the backdoor and jumped over the fence and ran to the car and drove off. Going nowhere, just out of here.

End of part 1