A/N: Early birthday fic for myself

A/N: Early birthday fic for myself! xD My birthday that is on 22nd of May and since I'll be taking my last exam on that day I though I'd write myself a cheer-up fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pot.

Title: Sexy Outfits.

It's been 3 months since Fuji, Ryoma and Tezuka started living together. The tensai and buchou were dating for a couple of years before Ryoma they invited the child prodigy to enter their lives. Surprisingly, Ryoma agreed.

The threesome were quite a sight, thought they were often confused for a family as Tezuka looked like a father with an honorable job, Fuji looked like the caring mother and Ryoma looked like their baby. It didn't bother them though.

It all started on a Sunday. A day Ryoma will forever remember as a special day.

"Ryo-chan. Me and Kunimitsu have to go to a Geographical exposition. We'll be back in a couple of hours." Fuji said as he caressed Ryoma's face. The said boy just came out of the shower, towel wrapping loosely around his waist.

Tezuka smiled at the cute scene. Ryoma's hair was flat and plastered to his face, making him look almost like a girl due to his hair length.

"Ne Syuusuke…Kunimitsu… Do you have to go?" Ryoma said, pouting a bit at being left behind.

"Gomen ne neko-chan. But it'd be dreadfully boring." Tezuka said as he finished putting on his shoes.

Syuusuke nodded. A smile on his lips.

"Don't forget we have to go to Oishi and Eiji's apartment today." He said as Tezuka and Ryoma nodded. Ryoma pouted a bit.

"Fine…" Fuji and Kunimitsu smiled and kissed his cheeks.

"See you in a few Ryo-chan…" Fuji murmered as he licked his youngest lover's lips. Ryoma blushed scarlet and nodded slightly. Tezuka smiled before kissing his lips.

"Put on something nice." Tezuka said as both Fuji and him walked out the door.

Ryoma stood in the room, blushing before he made his way to the bedroom. Opening the closet he tried to find something to wear. As he shifted through the clothes, he saw a box. Ryoma being the ever so curious boy he was took it out and opened it.

The box contained an almost illegally short skirt and a nearly transparent blouse. God knows what bewildered him to put it on, but he did. Just as he finished buttoning up the blouse, the door opened and in entered Fuji and Tezuka.

The two elder teen's felt their jaws drop at the sight of the sexily clad Ryoma. The skirt barely covered Ryoma's cute ass and the blouse was see through. All in all, Ryoma made a very tempting sight.

"What are you two doing here? Aren't you supposed to go the that exposition? "Ryoma asked, face ablaze.

"Screw that!" Tezuka exclaimed, shocking his lovers. 'Tezuka using a swear word! Dear lord!' Ryoma thought as he saw the predatory gleams in both of his lovers' eyes.

"Ryoma… Did you really think you'd make it out in one piece in THAT outfit?" Fuji purred as he removed his shirt, walking up to Ryoma and kissing the living daylights out of him.

"For once, I have to agree with Syuusuke." Tezuka said as he moved behind Ryoma and started kissing his neck.

Ryoma moaned loudly as talented fingers massaged his body and lips trailed down his throat.

"Does this mean… We won't be going to Eiji and Oishi-senpai's place?" Ryoma said in between pants and moans.

"We'll take a rain check." Tezuka said as he slowly unbuttoned Ryoma's blouse, playing with his nipples. Ryoma moaned louder as Fuji put his hands up his skirt, grabbing his erection.

after hours of fun later.

"Ne Ryo-chan… We were saving that for your birthday…" Syuusuke said as he snuggled his youngest lover affectinotely. Just then, Kinumitsu spoke.

"Who says we can't do it again?" he said with an uncharacteristic grin.

"Ah.." Ryoma said as he hugged both his lover and fell asleep.