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So into the arena it is. S.T.E.E.L and Dark Mirror will come later.

AN: When I refer to the point at which the future and past meet, I'm using the term future/past to make things clear. Hope it works


A blast of air send Lurdens and Guards flying in all directions, the attack made all the more potent by the lack of space.

Hay Lin gasped as Lord Cedric grabbed her throat and began to squeeze. She sent a blast of magic at him, but he swatted it away like it was of no consequence. As her vision grew dim, she saw a huge ball of fire hit Cedric hard in the back, forcing him to let go. Falling to the ground, Hay Lin took a deep breath and faced her rescuer.

"I could've taken him." She said. "Thanks anyway, T."

Taranee grinned at her friend. "Yeah well I couldn't let you have all the fun."

Cedric roared as he pulled himself up. Taranee threw another fireball at Cedric but he merely batted it aside. A beam of blue magic zipped from Hay Lin towards Lord Cedric. But at the last minute, the magic suddenly zipped around him to stop behind him.

Taranee looked at her friend as though she'd gone crazy.

"Hay" Taranee began, "You're supposed to attack him, not dodge him."

Hay Lin merely grinned at her friend. Lord Cedric pulled himself to his full height. Suddenly he was sent flying backward with unbelievable speed.

"You don't need to hit someone to take them out." Hay Lin said with a grin. Taranee grinned back, her eyes lit up as she realised what her friend had done.

"Changing air pressure! Smart thinking Hay!" Taranee exclaimed.

Hay Lin grinned back. "Hey I'm not an idiot."

"You think that you're a match for me, you little fools." Cedric snarled as he charged at them once more, this time supported by the Lurdens and Guards that Hay Lin had sent flying earlier.



Thomas, Cornelia and Caleb stared in disbelief as Will, Cornelia and Melinda joined them from the past.

"Will?" Cornelia of the future began, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Is that really you?"

"Ok, there is no way that's Me." the Cornelia of the past stated. "I mean please. She looks like a fashion reject." Cornelia of the future laughed bitterly.

"Oh" she began "How I'd love to be that age again. Where I didn't have the cares I have now." And with that statement, she embraced Will in a tight hug. Thomas and Melinda hugged each other as well, almost as though they were afraid to ever-let go.



A burst of fire from Taranee forced the Lurdens and guards to back off. Meanwhile Hay Lin blinded the guards and Lurdens by kicking up a minor dust storm underneath them. Choking they backed off.

"Seize them you fools!" Bellowed Lord Cedric, clearly angry that these two guardians were making a fool of him.

"Oh I don't think so, snake-face." A voice called from behind him. Turning to face this new voice, Cedric was caught by a wave of water flooding the tunnel. The water flooding the tunnel suddenly stopped as it reached Taranee and Hay Lin, almost as though there was a solid barrier between them and the rest of the tunnel. When the water filled the tunnel, with the exception of the space where Hay Lin and Taranee were, the water flooded out.

As Hay Lin and Taranee cautiously made their way down the tunnel, they found Irma sitting there on her knees, a look of exhaustion on her face.

"Did you like my little watershow?" Irma asked with as much energy as she could muster.

"Definitely." Hay Lin replied with a grin. "I think that should give the others enough time to finish things."

"Right." Taranee agreed. "I suggest we get out of here. Draw the bad guys attention outside."

Nodding in agreement, the three of them took off.



"What are we waiting for?" Caleb of the future growled. "Lets just destroy this thing and be done with!" and then he smashed his fist into the clock face with all his might.

"No, wait!" Melinda and Thomas exclaimed, but it was too late. The clock face shattered under Caleb's fist and suddenly a white bubble spread out from the device and they knew no more.



"Uh guys? I think we're in trouble" Irma exclaimed as the bubble of white expanded to them at what seemed like an impossible speed. Before anyone could say anything else, they were engulfed in the white bubble.



Sarah, Alice, Anzu and Hannah barely had time to register the expanding white bubble before it engulfed them.

Queen Elyon tried to stop it, but even her powers were no match for it.


Thomas Vandom sat up with a groan and opened his eyes. Looking around, he saw he was back in the white void once more.

"What happened? Did we succeed?" He asked.

"I'm afraid Mr Vandom, that your fathers actions have caused your world and Meridian to be pulled into a time/space fold." Time/space answered.

"What do you mean, pulled into a time/space fold?" Thomas demanded.

"By destroying the device when he did, he shattered the timelines it was interfering with. Meridian and Earth are frozen within a moment of time. They are frozen outside time and space."

Thomas slowly sat down and placed his hands on his face. After coming so close to success, one rash act had undone all that they had hoped to achieve.

"Wait, I thought that sort of thing would destroy you?" Thomas asked, to which Time/Space laughed.

"The universe is far bigger than just Earth and Meridian. I am infinitely flexible and can be bent indefinitely. It take far more than a little meddling in time to damage me." Time/Space replied.

"Well good for you!" Thomas snapped back sarcastically.

"There is still a chance to make things right." Time/Space said in a calm voice "but it will require you to leave your time/space continuum. To live outside of time and space."

Thomas gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

"Don't have any choice in the matter do I?" he pointed out as he opened them. "Tell me what needs doing."

"Are you sure Thomas Vandom? This is not a decision to be made lightly. I could send you to another world, let you start afresh."

"Couldn't do that to my friends or family. So tell me what needs doing." Thomas answered.

"Very well. I will send you back to the point at which you and the others reached the device, just before your father Caleb smashed it. Then you must…" Time/Space began to tell Thomas what he must do.


With a sudden flash, Thomas was back to the point in time just before Caleb smashed the device.

"That's not going to fix things!" Thomas yelled at Caleb as he knocked his fathers hand aside.

"What are we supposed to do about this thing then?" Caleb snapped back.

"Time/Space has told me what we need to do." Thomas replied calmly. "Melinda, Will, place the two Hearts of Candracar together." Will and Melinda shot him questioning glances. "Please, trust me on this."

Somewhat dubiously, Will and Melinda put the two hearts together.

"Now, Will, Cornelia and Caleb. Pile your hands over the two Hearts. Melinda hold your hands above the others hands." He instructed them.

He watched as they did as he told them. Now came the hard part. Closing his eyes, he placed his hands above and below the two Hearts and a column of white light appeared between them. The device and the column began to react and time began to reset itself and the timeline flashed across them.


"Cos you like me?" Matt asked Will, cutting off the stream of babble coming from her mouth. Matt chuckled. "Wow, I can't believe I just said that."

"And I can't believe I'm going to do this." Will said and she grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. And for a moment, Will Vandom wasn't worried about Meridian, or the fact that her friend Elyon thought that Will and her friends were her enemies, or even worried about being the keeper of the Heart of Candracar. For a moment, she was just a normal teenage girl, experiencing her first kiss.


"This is it. The final battle for Meridian has begun." Caleb said to Cornelia. Then he turned to face Hay Lin, who was standing behind them, "You should go on ahead."

Hay Lin raised one eyebrow and brought the other one down. "Oh!" she exclaimed as she realised what Caleb and Cornelia were about to do. "I'll be in the other world. If you need me." she finished, putting her hands together and bowing. When she stood up, she chuckled and gave Cornelia and Caleb two thumbs up and a wink, before walking into the portal to Meridian.

Cornelia sighed and took a step closer to Caleb. Leaning forward, they kissed for the first time.

Neither Will and Matt, nor Caleb and Cornelia knew that their relationships were doomed to failure. Cornelia and Caleb broke up a month after W.I.T.C.H defeated Lord Cedric, after he had swallowed Prince Phobos. Will's relationship with Matt ended shortly after that. Will was destined to marry Caleb, Cornelia married Irma and Matt married Hay Lin. The timeline had been restored.



Melinda opened her eyes to see Joan Lin looking down at her with concern.

"What happened?" Melinda asked slowly.

"You fainted. How are you feeling?" Joan replied in a worried voice.

Melinda blinked twice. "Ok, I think."

"You're not working any more tonight, no arguments." Joan snapped out, her maternal instincts kicking in. "I'm wondering if we should take you down to the hospital."

"Mrs Lin, I don't need to go to the hospital, it's not that desperate." Said Melinda calmly.

Joan didn't look convinced, but she let the matter drop.



Anzu opened her eyes to a splitting headache and Matthew Chang standing over her with a look of concern on his face.

"Ok, I didn't think I was that good a kisser." He joked nervously. "Are you ok?"

Anzu responded by grabbing him with both arms and pulling him into a passionate kiss.



Sarah, Alice and Hannah opened their eyes and looked around them. It was Alice who broke the silence.

"Judging by the fact that everything's back to normal, I guess we managed to save the day. Again."

"I guess so." Sarah replied. "I'll call the others using my telepathy."

Closing her eyes, Sarah called Anzu and Melinda.

"Anzu, you there?" Sarah asked telepathically.

"Sarah, unless it's an end of the world type emergency, I'm not interested." Anzu replied lazily, also telepathically.

"We'll talk tomorrow." Melinda added.


Thomas looked at the white void around him and sighed. He'd saved the world and everyone he cared about, but it left him trapped here.

"Thomas Vandom. I have a proposal for you that will allow you to return to your world." Time/Space said. Thomas perked up.

"Really? How?" Thomas asked.

"The events that lead you here have shown me that I need an agent in the world. Interference in time is far to big a temptation for mortals. I need someone who can intervene on my behalf. You can be that person." Time/Space replied.

Thomas placed his hand on his chin. "Well, I guess I'm in. After all, it's not like you're evil exactly, is it?"

"Good and evil are human concepts. I will contact you later with the details." Time/Space replied.

With a flash, Thomas was back in his room.


Future, the day after Melinda's guardians returned the timeline.

"This has got to be the weirdest thing you've ever done as a guardian." Will said as the newer guardians finished telling their story. "I'm proud of you. All of you."

Melinda smiled. "Thanks mum."

"Yeah, and with me protecting the time/space continuum, you won't have to worry about a repeat performance of what happened." Thomas added.

The Oracle looked at them benignly and turned to face the council of Candracar.

"Here is the best proof we could ever ask for, that we have chosen the right people to be guardians once again." He told them. The council applauded.

On the West Coast of Africa, a butterfly flapped its wings.

Flap, flap.

AN: Originally I was going to simply restore the timeline by having the device touched by Will, Cornelia of past and future, Caleb of past and future, Melinda and Thomas. But then I decided that it would seem to easy, so I came up with this.