Tosh hadn't been working long at Torchwood when Jack recruited a new doctor. The previous doctor was going to be replaced with someone Jack described as an arrogant but brilliant young doctor. She hadn't been close to Meredith Russell at all before she was killed. She wondered when this job finally got to her, she could end up like Meredith. Frozen within a steel morgue; placed along with the countless others who gave up their lives for this job.

She looked from her computer to the door as Jack walked casually out of his office behind the line of computers and greeted their new visitor. Standing before Jack was a dark haired man who looked to be at least in his mid-twenties to early thirties. His rodent-looking face formed a smirk as he stuck his hand out to shake Jack's. Jack turned to open the cage that led to the heavy metal door, then moved aside to allow the man to enter the Hub fully.

"Toshiko, come here please?" Jack asked politely, motioning her to come over to them.

Jack and her were the only ones here this early in the morning besides Ianto. She begun to think, in the short months she had been at Torchwood, that Jack never left the Hub. She spun her chair around to face them then stood to her feet. She straightened her cardigan and A-line skirt before moving towards them. The man stood calmly next to Jack, his leather coat zipped almost to curve of his Adam apple and his black medic supply case clenched close to his side. Tosh gave the man a soft sweet smile as she came to stand beside Jack. With her arm politely behind her back she moved her gaze, meeting his deep brown eyes like her mother had always taught her was polite and proper.

"Toshiko Sato, meet Dr. Owen Harper," Jack smiled as looked between the two them. '

Without taking her eyes from his, she reach her other hand out towards his. His gaze seem reluctant at first but slowly reached his hand out and took hers with his.

"It's nice to meet you, Owen," Tosh replied with a sweet smile.

"Like wise," Owen replied back, abruptly taking his gaze from her.

Taken back, Tosh pulled her hand away as he dropped his own from hers, and turned to look at Jack. Her knees felt weak as she watched the two of them talk before Jack motioned towards the desk not far from Tosh's own. She reached back until she felt her chair behind her then sat down. His deep brown eyes burned behind her own as she took a deep breath, and placed her hands on the edge of her chair. This was definitely going to be the beginning of series of long days to come.