Summary: After the fateful scene when Christine saves Raul and the Phantom disappears, Meg dedicates her life to finding him. Her mother saved him once, not it's time for a second coming, but who is saving who? Based off of the movie by Andrew Loyd Webber. Phantom/Meg
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Journal Entry 1, March 3rd 1874

I have not just started my lifelong quest, but have now begun to write of it in this journal. I am Meg Giry, the daughter of Madame Giry, who is the dance director at the Opera Popularie and inadvertently responsible for my current state of affairs. If it weren't for her…I suppose it is only right to say things would have been different.

Four years ago, life at the Opera House turned upside-down. My closest friend, Christine Daaé, saw the worst of it. The Opera Ghost wreaked havoc upon us while pining for the heart of Christine. "The Phantom" as he was often called, eventually offered her a life with him for the life of her lover, Raul, but not after leaving the Opera House in disarray. Christine saved her love and escaped the Phantom's threats. Meanwhile, myself and others from the cast and crew came searching…

I found four years ago the mask of the Opera Ghost, what is now my only token of his existence, the only reminder of his presence in this world. But no…I can still hear him. I can hear his voice echo through the halls of the Opera House, which has been undergoing construction recently. Well, since the Chandelier incident, it has been in constant repair. Monsieur Andre and Monsieur Firmin are buzzing like honeybees around the Opera House in a frantic haste to renew its glory. It was during the early stages of construction that my journey for the Phantom began.

At that point, Christine and Raul were planning their wedding. My dear friend was the happiest I had ever seen her, and we spent all of our time together planning the reception.

"Meg?" she said from behind one of many wedding bouquet arrangements.

"Yes, Christine?" I replied.

She opened her mouth to speak, but swallowed back the words and started anew. "What do you think of these roses?"

I could see through her walls immediately. "I think they're lovely. Now what is it you were going to say?"

"It's nothing." She smiled and continued down the line of bouquets.

"You weren't going to ask me about flower arrangements, Christine." I said. "And whatever it is you were going to say is still troubling you. I see it on your face, now spit it out." The friendly chuckle I offered her was meek and dishonest, and she knew I had caught her.

"You're right." Christine sighed. She stopped perusing through the bouquets and turned to me with saddened eyes. "Meg, I want to know if…"

"Yes?" I prompted.

"If you still think about the Phantom."

The air in my lungs froze and my mouth went dry. After a few seconds of stumbling, I was able to speak again. "You know?"

Christine only nodded.

"I just…I just wonder where he vanished to." Slowly, my composure was coming back.

"I know, Meg, and I don't judge you for it." Christine gave me a reassuring smile. "But please…keep what is past, past. The future is a bright, spring morning after the winter storms."

The wedding was three weeks later. I haven't spoken to Christine since.

Her words probably should have given me more of a caution, but in the end I simply could not stay away from the Opera Ghost mystery. Something else, however, kept me enthralled by the Phantom. Christine spoke of him as an Angel of Music and she heard him sing in her mind. I believe I can hear him, too.

So today, four years later, I live in London, following clues that might lead to the Phantom. My mother was reassuring, but dismayed at my leaving nonetheless. I write to her often, and she gives me any information that might be helpful on my expedition. And I continue to search, hoping with an illogical hope that I might find him. I still can't explain it…I just know that I must. If not for just my curiosity, for his welfare. His tortured, mourning heart. His requiem of a lost love that rings in my ears.

I will find him.

I will heal him.

I will love him.

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