There was an awkward silence in the room; the tall, blond high school teacher glared down at the very late pink-haired student, like an old western staring match. In a cruel twist of irony the teacher, Professor Steele, had just finished lecturing his class on 'respect' for each other, the classrooms and their teachers when Marluxia, the pink-haired student, had burst into the room, ten minutes late and talking loudly into a cellphone.

Now he stood silently, his steps seemingly frozen by the teacher's cold, frightening glare.
The boys cellphone was still only inches from his ear; realizing it wasn't doing him any favours, he mumbled a goodbye to whoever was on the other end and snapped it shut, tucking it into his pocket.
Not only was he waiting for some form of punishment, but the rest of the class was as well. There were a few whispers being passed between students, the occasional snicker or mumble of fear for the well liked boy, everyone awaiting the verdict with baited breath.

"Take your seat, Marluxia." Professor Steele instructed, much to the class's disappointment and relief. The student nodded and quickly went to join his friends at the back of the class amidst murmurs of encouragement.
"I thought he was going to skin you on the spot!" Axel, a rather arrogant red-head with a nasal voice, whispered to the Marluxia the moment he took his seat.
"It would have been far more amusing," Larxene commented.

These were Marluxia's friends. Well, two of them.
Not the nicest people, nor the brightest.
Axel was an obnoxious fire crotch he'd known for the best part of his life. He was a fluke and it was generally perceived to be a miracle that he ever got into high school, though that was probably thanks to is boyfriend, Roxas- A smart boy, no heartbreaker but not unattractive, with unruly blonde flicks and bottomless blue eyes. Marluxia would be lying if he said he'd only ever want Roxas as a friend.
The same could be said for his Roxas's sister, Namine. More artistic than intelligent but otherwise almost identical to Roxas, with the same deep blue eyes and blond hair, though she kept hers straight and draped over one shoulder.
She was a gentle, kind-hearted- and even though Marluxia did not have much interest in women, an expectation could (almost) be made for Namine; thankfully, she was already spoken for by Larxene.
It's safe to assume that their being together caused an up-roar within the student body- not because they were both girls- (that was common in their school-San Francisco was generally considered a homosexual Mecca, after all) -The up-roar was because they were complete and utter opposites.
Larxene was well known at the school for her ability to make fully grown men cry and her appearance was definitely for those with an acquired taste; she usually had her yellow (rather then blonde) hair gelled back so tightly that a widows peak formed along her forehead, two strands stubbornly breaking free from the gels hold and flicking back like a pair of antennae. Her favourite past time was well known to be playing pranks on freshmen.

Demyx was once one of those freshmen, and one of the few who hadn't transferred to a new school out of fear. Instead he had embraced the saying 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer', though in his case it was more 'keep your tormentors closer'.
The hazel haired boy was still utterly terrified of the sadistic prankster, who had picked on him more then anyone else through his first year at high school until he became close friends with Roxas and Axel, more than willing to help them in music classes and to play them music during lunch. The boy was a sweetheart and extremely musically talented, the kind of gift that was granted once every blue moon and with no regard of who was on the receiving end; looking at his surface appearance, a tangle of hazel hair styled into some kind of 'mulhawk', ocean green eyes and a guitar slung over his shoulder constantly Demyx was nothing special. He looked like he belonged with the rest of the group really.

He didn't, but no-one else seemed to mind.

And then there was Marluxia.
He hadn't yet figured out how to describe himself in a nutshell…'Flaming' was how everyone else described him, though.
He was peculiar, all right. Intelligent too, but not willing enough to apply it. A natural in a garden he was born with a green thumb but had dropped out of extension botany classes.
No one would deny that he was pretty either, yet he barely ever got a second glance; his was an androgenous beauty that few people appreciated. The boy always seemed sickly sweet, but had worse mood-swings then a teenage girl. He really was something else, a fact that Professor Vexen Steele and the rest of his classmates would soon come to realize.

"Earth to Marluxia!" Axel called as he waved his hand in front of the boys face.
"Oh, what?" Marluxia said dumbly, his train of thought jumping the track at Axels distraction.
"Tell 'em how you nearly got skinned in science today, Mar'!" Larxene chirped up before Axel had the chance, grinning as though it was some big accomplishment to be proud of.
Roxas, Namine and Demyx watched their pink-haired friend intently, faces falling as he shrugged.
"I was just late for class, nothing big." he explained.

Axel rolled his eyes, taking a long drag from the cigarette protruding from his thin lips.
"Nothing big!" he mimicked, the smoke he had inhaled seeping past his lips as he spoke, "The Professor looked like that vain on his forehead was about to burst!"
Professor Steele didn't even have veins that popped out when he was mad, Marluxia noted to himself. No matter how mad the man got, he never seemed to loose face. Brushing the stray thought aside, Marluxia joined in the laughter; he didn't need Axel asking him question along the lines of 'Where's your head at today?!'.

Lunch ended quickly and one-by-one, the group left, some headed to their classes, others were heading towards the school gates; four periods was enough for one day, they figured. Axel flicked his cigarette away as a teacher shot him a look, starting after the redhead as he made a beeline for the gates. Marluxia stayed seated, kicking the leftover but of Axel's cigarettes between his feet absently and watching the group separate out.


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