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-Chapter Seven-

"I really should go now..." Marluxia slurred reluctantly, pulling his bottom lip from between Vexen's gentle bite. "I have class." The blond man made a childish pout and slipped his hands into the back pockets of Marluxia's pants and drew him closer again.

"Surely you can be just a little late today? Say you had detention? You wouldn't be lying~" Vexen suggested in a rather sly tone as he let his hands fondle the material and flesh beneath them. Marluxia let out a whine.

"So very, very tempting. But if I'm late, I'll get another detention!"

"Let them! You can have all your detentions with me." The blond grinned. It was a grin that was starting to grow on Marluxia, he'd seen a lot of it recently, along with this new cheerful and mischief attitudes of the Professor's. But the answer was still 'no' he decided, and pulled away from the other man and gathered his things. "Alright, alright. Go on. I'll see you tomorrow." Vexen surrender and started to straighten up his own clothing.

"Okay. Seeya." Marluxia said with a small smile and quickly disappeared out the door.

"Do you know what you're doing, Marluxia?" The brisk words hit said one the minute the door shut behind him. Zexion was seemingly waiting for him outside the laboratory with a stern look plastered on his face.

"Uh, going to class?" Was Marluxia's dumbfounded reply. Zexion expression wavered with announce for a moment.

"Not that. With Professor Steele."

"... I have no idea what you're talking about." Possibly the worst lie ever to slip past the strawberry-haired boy's mouth, and he was pretty sure Zexion knew it.

"Marluxia, everyone knows that you and the Professor have been pawing at one another for weeks now." Another waver of announce on the slate-haired boy's account. Marluxia tried to discreetly suck in a deep breath. He knew. That was bad. He screwed up his face a little, scrambling for something to say.

"W-why do you care, anyways?" It was rude, and a little uncalled for, but it was the first thing to pop into his fried-out brain, and it seemed to have touched something in Zexion-- His stern face melted to something akin to concern, and his one violet eye dropped it's attention to the ground.

"I just don't want you getting into trouble, Marluxia." He murmured sullenly. "You could get kicked out of school if someone were to find out. And the Professor would surely be fired on the spot." The taller student pounced on something the slate-haired boy had said.

"That would only happen if someone was to tell on us!" The words came out childishly, even for Marluxia, "If you don't want me getting in trouble, keep it under your hood. Please." He added the last bit with the slightest look of hope in his eyes. Zexion didn't look impressed, his eyes (or at least the one Marluxia could see) jerked up to glare up at him.

"Marluxia you can't continue thi-"

"Please, Zexy!" Marluxia hated to plead, but yet he found himself clutching Zexion's hands in his own. He only then realized how alien it felt to have the other's icy flesh against his own. It had been so long since he last felt it and part of him was sad to find it wasn't something he enjoyed anymore, but it did bring back memories of how Marluxia used to constantly try and warm up Zexion's corpse-esque hands. He had enjoyed it, no matter how much the smaller boy would protest. But now it was different. The circumstances had changed and they no longer doted over one another like they used and Zexion's hands simply felt alien.

"Marluxia, it's not as if you love him or anything. They're going to find out eventually, so why not tell them? Or let me tell them?" Zexion said in a painfully calm voice. Marluxia let go of his hands and let himself seep into thought momentarily.

"I do love him." The hall was so quiet the words seemed to echo back to him.

"...What?" Zexion sounded as though he were about to choke, and he finally lost face.

"I love him, Zexion." Marluxia repeated with as much confidence as ever. "Please, don't say a word to anyone. Now I have to get to class, I don't want anymore detentions today." He spoke hastily and before Zexion could so much as squeak, he was down the corridor and gone.


As they had silently promised one another the day before, Vexen and Marluxia met up. They had chosen a small cafe that seemed to centered in the middle of nowhere. But it was cute and comfortable enough. Vexen was chattering quite happily, but to Marluxia his voice was a mere murmur in the back of his mind. He tried to avoid Vexen catching on by nodding and making all the right sounds when he thought he had to, but all he truly heard was the conversation he had had with Zexion the day before. He'd spent a good portion of the night pondering over his last few comments to his ex. Pondering weather or not he should pass a certain one on to Vexen or not. He had obviously slipped to far into thought, because Vexen noticed and was now tugging lightly at his hand.

"--Oh, what?" Marluxia stammered, the train of thought derailing quite 's eyes flickered over the younger man's face.

"What is it?" Vexen asked, narrowing his eyes down on Marluxia slightly.

"Oh, nothing. Just..." He trailed off, frowned, shook his head and smiled up at Vexen. "We should get going now." Vexen let out a small sigh and stood up.

"Fine, act like it's nothing. Let's go." He didn't sound at all impressed, and Marluxia felt a little bad, but bared in mind that right then probably wasn't the best time to drop a bombshell. So they both left the cafe without another word.

It was later then Marluxia had assumed, and the sun was starting to set, causing a rather brilliant shade of pink to spill out across the sky. He probably would have just stood there, gawking if Vexen hadn't have taken his hand and led him away.

The silence still lingered as they were driving. It was obviously bothering Vexen- who kept sighing and glancing over at Marluxia. Marluxia was doing the same, but at different times, avoiding Vexen's eyes, just waiting for the question to come.

One, two...

"Marluxia, please. Just tell me what's on your mind?" Three. Just on time. Marluxia let out a long sigh again, slumped further into his seat and looked over to the blond.

"Nothing. I already told you that." He retorted, playing the game that was akin to cat-and-mouse. It seemed Vexen was playing a game, too. He was playing the patience game, so no further questions were thrown at the strawberry-haired boy.


Time dragged on for a little longer, before Marluxia could no longer take it. They stopped at a redlight and Marluxia jumped on the moment. "Vexen-" He started, and when the blond turned to face him, he found he was only mere inches from his face.

"Yes?" Vexen asked, slightly startled. The boy basically pounced on him, throwing his arms around the older man's narrow shoulder's. Then his actions seemed to slow, he inched closer to Vexen's face, gently brushing his lips over the other's.


"...I love you." Marluxia said quietly, timidly, as though the words could destroy buildings if they were said any louder. The blond was stunned. He stared into the colbolt blue eyes that were fixed on him so intently, waiting for a reaction. For anything. "I know it sounds crazy, because it's only been such a short time, but I'm just so sure of it." Marluxia explained hasilty, as though if he stopped talking something bad would happen. Vexen was smiling now, lifting his hand to brush a stray strand of pink from the boy's face.

"I love you, too." Vexen said, his tone drenched in confidence. Marluxia was silent, soaking in the words before burying his face into the man's chest. His heart did a back flip at the words, and he found it just a little crazy that the four words could make him feel so... Complete? No. That sounded lame. Happy. Yeah, just...Happy.


After that night, Marluxia barely ever left Vexen's side, unless of course they were at school; and even then, Vexen put Marluxia on detention for the smallest of things.

The worry that had tailed after Zexion's words had ebbed away to the back of Marluxia's mind, he was so wrapped up in his own happiness, although just a little fed up with having to lie and dodge questions about what he'd been doing with his spare time. Saying he had extra work hours hardly worked.


"You're still seeing him, aren't you?" Marluxia jumped, nearly dropping the coffee and books he had in hand. Zexion had done his famous sneak-up-from-behind trick on him. Damn, he thought he had gotten used to that while they were still dating.

"Uh, uhm... It's none of your business." Oh yeah. Real smooth.

"I know. But I was hoping you would have heeded my words. It's going to cause you nothing but trouble." The slate haired boy shrugged a little. "But, okay. If my words aren't getting through to you, perhaps I will have to de-"
"No!" Marluxia cut in, whirrling round to face the small male. "Zexion, just... Just stay out of this!" He snapped, turned on his heel again and marched off before the boy could get another word in.

Zexion sighed, and shook his head. Watching the figure dissappear into the English block. "Idiot..."