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'Introducing Batch of 2008: The stuck-up chicks and the pathetic guys'


Ask me anything about Konoha High's Batch of 2008 and all I'll tell you is that I hate almost everyone there.

Sure, they're my batch mates, but they can be considered a band of jerks, especially in my perspective.

Take a look at the yearbook we got when we graduated from middle school. It's still the same old people and it's hard to believe that I managed to cope with them through all those years of wedgies, mocks and 'Kick me' signs on my back.

Column Seven of Bio Class has Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. All three of them are total opposites, but they still consider each other their own best friend.

Naruto is the batch clown and the only clown alive to get straight B's. His grades aren't impressive, but they're fair. He gets clobbered a lot of times everyday and he never fails to enter class with a black eye or two. But anytime, he'd join a fight for Sakura. He pulled a prank on every teacher known and has escaped from detention almost every time, thanks to Sakura's plans. He joined the Math club… he's their blackboard eraser.

Sasuke is the baseball team's first baser, since he was too short to even become the referee in basketball. He sticks to one crowd like how he only sticks to one diet (all meat and no vegetables). Like all, he has a weakness: he fails Chemistry. Last year, he was near to being recommended for summer school till he managed to pass the final exam. He was had more swirlies in his high school years than I did.

That's where Sakura comes in. For three years, she's been tutoring Sasuke, her crush, along with six other students. Her schedule's always hectic since she has to fuss about her own studies, being part of the student council, tutoring students and taking library shifts. She spends too much time in the fiction section of the school library and in the benches, watching Sasuke play ball and lose.

Row Nine in Algebra Remedial and Algebra 4 is composed of Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi, the family friends. They're more inseparable than the Column Seven group, even outside school. But they're definitely a strange bunch.

Ino and her gorgeous build won the title of Prom Queen in the Junior Prom and in the Senior Prom. Even if a million guys have asked her out, she turned all of them done, leaving them to cry in the dust. She could've gotten an Academic Award last graduation if she didn't suck in Algebra so much. For five years already, she's been attending Algebra remedial classes… still, she plays hooky sometimes.

One of her friends, Choji keeps himself busy with being the quarterback of the football team. If he didn't devour school lunches in three minutes thrice every school day, he'd be fit. But that doesn't stop a few girls from drooling over him (how shocking). Still, Algebra pulls him down, too. And for the record, he's one of the few who eats cafeteria food daily… and doesn't rush to the bathroom or the clinic right after.

The third of their group is Shikamaru, captain of the chess team and Ino's first and only boyfriend. He wouldn't be in Algebra Remedial if it weren't for his two best friends. He didn't fail Algebra like them. He only attends remedial classes so he could be with them and sometimes, to give them pointers and tips. He's overprotective of his girlfriend but hates the limelight, giving away the title of Prom King since he didn't like the attention.

Then, there's Gym Trio: Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame. Honestly, I thought pigs would fly even before they get teamed up together. They only became classmates in Gym class but they're a gang of pals outside the classrooms.

Kiba led the pack, as he'd like to say it. He has a weird obsession with cats that consists of cat posters and pictures taped on his locker and notebooks and suddenly muttering "Meow" randomly in a random situation. But, strangely, he owns ten dogs, which he sometimes smuggles into school. He's the soccer team's best player and is responsible for last season's win.

Hinata always attends parties, dancing and socializing. But she doesn't make friends easily and she is often misjudged to be 'an indifferent rich kid' because of the limo she rides to school and because of the designer things she owns, like her Calvin Klein sneakers. We all know that Calvin Klein do not make sneakers. That's the point! How much do you think did she bribe the company just to make her those sneakers?

The resident deejay, hippie and the photographer of the school newspaper, Shino changes the color of his sunglasses every week ranging from the original black to the odd-looking 70's rainbow one. He doesn't really talk much, but he can sure crack jokes and laugh like a maniac. Scary, but hilarious. He is sometimes responsible for scandals, though. He controlled the sound systems during our prom nights.

Of course, there's the group of exchange students that transferred here a year before graduation, maybe so they'd be in the yearbook by then. They called themselves the 'Beach Sibs'. I think it was because they came from a Sandy Country… maybe Africa, which has the Sahara.

Temari is the eldest sister, three years older than everyone else and the only one who dared flirt with Ino's boyfriend, Shikamaru. She's known for her computer skills, from extraordinary PowerPoint presentations to hacking. Whenever the faculty's espresso machine malfunctioned or maybe whenever the PA system made the principal's voice sound like a million farts, Temari would be laughing her head off and proud of what she did.

The middle child, Kankuro, is the lead vocalist of the school's rock band and is two years older than all. Being a rule breaker, he usually has his face painted outrageously. His antics either made the teachers crazy or the girls screaming for him. If the school needed money, he'd start a fund-raising concert. In an hour, the school earns more than a thousand dollars.

Gaara is their youngest sibling and the only one in school who had the guts to get a tattoo on his forehead. Many times, the teachers have scolded him, but he never really cared. He was the cutest thing in school, but only second to Kiba's Dalmatian puppy. Shockingly, he joined the school's boys' choir in his freshman year and has helped the choir win numerous contests. Many have said that he has the voice of a million angels.

I'm not going to forget my own gang. Aside from me, I've got my pals, Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga. They're my classmates in both my Japanese Literature class and my History class. So, we share the same column every time.

Lee is part of the school's boxing team and is also a member of the poets' guild. I don't know why he joined the poet's guild. He sucks a lot. But he excels in boxing. But not once did he win in the tournaments. He's labeled 'weirdo', 'gay ass' and 'freak', yet, he keeps his head high when walking down the halls… even if the words 'I'm in love with Kiba' is usually taped on his back (The reason why Kiba hates him).

Back in elementary, Neji was the meanest bully in school. He gave the highest wedgies around and started the toughest spats ever known. But when he became my partner in my Dance Class, he almost always cried in desperation. Dance class is the only class that he stinks at. He barely passes every year. But I helped him through Dance class and since then, we became friends. He's now a geek, they say, but he's still cute.

Me? Oh, I'm the Drama Club's director. I've directed many school plays but I've never played a role in any of them. Many of my batch mates thought acting is for sissies… so, I was eternally labeled 'Sissy'. Usually, higher-class men would pick on me, taunting me or pushing me in the hall. But Neji would always pulverize them if ever it happened. He's nice and caring, after all.

I guess that's some of my batch mates. There are still other students, but I guess you'll just meet them soon.

I'm not going to forget the teachers that rack our brains every year.

I don't want to, but I guess I have to introduce the teachers, too.

Kakashi-sensei is the Japanese Literature teacher. He's not exactly the ideal teacher since the moment he steps inside the classroom, he throws his butt onto the teacher's chair, props his feet up onto the table and reads this same book over and over again and lets us do whatever the hell we want. Then, before the bell rings, he announces a quiz, even if he didn't discuss anything for the day. Not even the nerds aced the quiz.

His favorite quote: "If you kids studied your lessons at home, you'd pass any quiz anytime without me giving a damn lecture."

Still, Kakashi-sensei is one of the best teachers around. He laughed with us in the cafeteria as if he wasn't a thirty-five-year-old man amid sixteen-year-old students hanging out in the cafeteria. But he's the only teacher who doesn't have a favorite coz he says, "You all suck in my eyes." Wink.

Asuma-sensei is the Algebra teacher. He's always smoking something before, during and after class and inside or outside school. He smokes a variety of stuff from cigarettes to home-planted marijuana. We wonder how he manages to smoke in a non-smoking school and never get fired. He also teaches in the Algebra remedial class, which is odd because he also needs Algebra remedial classes. His favorite student? Shikamaru.

One of the few female teachers in school is Kurenai-sensei. She teaches Bio, Chemistry, Work Education: Kunoichi Class (where we learn how to cook, sew, arrange flowers, decorate rooms, fold clothes, wash dishes…), Botany and she's the coach of the school's girls' softball team. She must be really good at handling stress. She's married to Asuma-sensei and on their wedding day, every male in the faculty attempted suicide.

We all know Gai-sensei. He's the gym teacher and he also teaches Work Education: Shinobi Class (carpentry, making stuff out of Popsicle sticks, improvising, mechanical and technical skills…) and he's also the guidance counselor. I know, I know. At first, we were all screaming, "WTF is this?!" But, soon, he's not such a bad guy, after all. He believes in:

"The older, the wiser."

Only because he's nearly 55… but he looks like he's 69 and just gets his face 'fixed' with Botox every morning.

I'm not going to dare forget Jiraiya-sensei, the teacher who teaches Health Education and he's Coordinator of the Japanese Literature Subject Area. He's the wackiest sensei around and he can have you rolling on the floor laughing your head off and peeing your pants with his antics… and he doesn't even try to look funny. In fact, he has lots of pride. And he's trying to woo someone…

And that's Tsunade-sensei, the music teacher and surprisingly, she's the coach of the Karate Club… and a part-time nurse in the school clinic. She's aspiring to be the principal once my batch has graduated. Tsunade-sensei never fails to encourage the girl students to reach for their goals and she's also responsible for giving Hinata a backbone. The lady has a short temper so watch it.

We've got more teachers in the lounge but I guess I'd be wasting time if I introduced more of them.

So, there's all you need to know about the people in school. Hope you took note of them all.


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