The Wedding

The Wedding

Vince: let's go to the jewelry store I saw this cool ring.

Gary: All right, all right that's cool.

Vince: Holly, we will be right back.

Holly: Where you going.

Vince: the um………. Mall

Holly: buy me something nice.

Vince: sure will.

Gary: (whispering) yeah sure will.

Holly: Bye babe.

Vince: Bye honey.

Knock on the door.

Holly: hey Tina

Tina: want too go to the mall.

Holly: NOO!!

Tina: why

Holly: I think Vince is going to bye me an engagement ring.

Tina: yeah right

Holly: he is

Val: Holly what are you so happy about

Tina: Holly might be getting married.

Holly: Tina!!

Val: let's go pick up the cake and your dress this is going to so much fun.

Holly: I'm not getting married today.

Val: why not

Holly: I'm not even engaged

Tina: your not.

Holly: no I might be getting engaged.

Tina: Oh, I see so you don't have the ring

Holly: Oh, look how you put that together baby girl.

Holly: Hey, Vince.

Vince: Hey, baby

Holly&Vince kiss

Tina: holy cow they are really getting at it

Val: Stop it

Vic: Val, chill we do that too.

Holly: yeah.

Vince: its fun.

Still kissing

Knock on door

Holly: Got it

Val: keep kissing I got it

Vic: Hey, Val why can't we kiss that long.

Val: oh gosh it's Lauren

Lauren: I can hear it's a door it's real thin kinda like me.

Tina: let her in

Val: fine

Lauren: oh you're all here.

Lauren: holy cow they are really sucking the teeth out of each other

Knock on door

Tina: it's Gary

Gary: hey babe

Vince :( Whispering to Gary) All right you got the ring.

Gary: course man I got you covered

Vince: kneels down to holly and says "will you marry me"

Tina: You didn't lie Gary

Holly: what

Tina: don't you get it all the people that you love are here.

Holly: Thank you guys

Val: Shut up what's your answer

Vic: chill baby

Holly: YES!!

Vince&Holly kiss

Val: Oh my gosh again.

Tina: Finally I'm not the only screwed up one.

Holly: No it's still just you.

Lauren: don't worry I'm still screwed up

Tina: When aren't you?

Gary: I see a chick fight coming.

The Baby

9 months after Holly & Vince finally did it

and holly is pregnant.

Holly: its not raining in here why am I standing in a puddle this is scary.

Holly calls Val on the phone

Holly: Hey I'm in the hospital

Val: what did you do now?

Holly: I am having my baby, get Vince, Tina, Gary, Vic and Lauren and come here.

Val: How many contractions per.

Holly: I don't know I'm not acing science.

Val: I will be right there

2 hours later

Vince: what will his name be?

Gary: "Gary"

Holly: well Tina and Gary are the god parents.

Holly: So, Nick it is.

Vic: that's good

Holly: Lauren, you decide the middle name.


Holly: Babe that's not good for the baby to hear that bad name.

Lauren: Hey

Holly: Well it's true

Lauren: No, well………

Holly: Vic, I want you to know thank you for marrying my sister we thought she would die alone.

Vince: What does that have too do with anything?

Holly: IDK

Vince: How bout Vic

Lauren: Not that cause Nick Vic

Holly: that's bad.

Val: How about Gary he was your first friend.

Gary: Thank You

Vince: So, Nick Gary Zano

Holly: yeah

Vince & Holly Kiss

Lauren sees Robin: What you looking at

Vince: Dude your cross eyed

Vic thinks back to when Val made up a magazine cover

Vic says to Robin with finger next to head: I'm over here.