I'm not stopping writing on my other supernatural fic Define Normal, just I've sort of lost my muse for it at the moment. I've had this idea for awhile and it wouldn't leave me alone so I thought I'd just go for it.
I will try and update all my stories again soon, stupid exam time.


Chapter One: Meet and Greet

Jamie let out a sigh of exhaustion as she parked the truck in front of the small bar before her. She so couldn't be bothered with this, she could barely keep her eyes open and to top it off she totally forgot to get the peanuts, not that anyone actually ate those things anyway but that wouldn't matter at all once her mother got a hold of her for forgetting the one thing she specifically asked for, if she was honest with herself she was really dreading the lecture more than anything, no one likes returning home to a pissed off mother, especially one like hers.
Really the sooner she got back on the road the better, the past few months visiting her mother and sister were bad enough she didn't care to repeat the family bonding moments for longer than she had them, despite how much she may love them.
Letting out a dejected whine she hefted the grocery bags up and out of the trunk, slamming it shut with her elbow, wincing at the sharp sting that followed. Juggling her keys she managed to lock the truck before making her way towards the door. Here goes nothing. Lecture time, yippee.
The door swung open with a soft squeak as Jamie made her way inside, boots scuffing the floor as she practically forced one foot in front of the other. Lifting up her eyes to scan the room she encountered the sight of her sister and mother holding two guys at gun point, all of whom were now looking at her. Despite what she led people to believe, this was actually a regular occurrence in the Harvelle residence.

"I take it I missed something?" She asked sarcastically.

Her mother, keeping her gun trained on the extremely tall guy, narrowed her eyes at her in suspicion, "Where the hell have you been?"

Blinking she carelessly dropped the groceries down onto the bar top, "Whore house."

As Jo snorted in amusement at her comment she allowed a small smirk to slide across her lips while her mother glared at her and the two guys merely continued to stare blankly in her direction, probably wondering if the conversation could continue after the guns were removed from their faces. Shrugging she manoeuvred her way towards the foursome and leaned against the bar, crossing her arms and giving the two a once over. Nice, she'd be so disappointed if they turned out to be psychopaths.

"Who the hell are they?"

Ellen eventually dropped her arm, "I think these are John Winchesters boys. Dean and Sam."

The hotter of the two in her opinion, Dean, turned towards Jo with his hand cupped over his nose, "You're not gonna hit me again are you?"

Jamie quirked an eyebrow at her sister, "You decked him?"

Sneering she shoved her shoulder in response, "Shut up, Jay."

She shrugged before turning her attention to her mother who had apparently began a conversation with the two men again while the female siblings were distracted. Not that she was all that interested in what they had to say anyway, they were more than likely just passing through so there wasn't much need to get to know them.

"You called our dad said you could help, help with what?"

"Well, the demon of course, I heard he was closing in on it."

"Was there a Demon Hunters Quarterly that I missed? I mean who are you? How do you know all that?"

Jamie let out a chuckle, "Demon Hunters Quarterly.", She paused as they all turned towards her in bemusement, "What? Would come in handy."

Ellen rolled her eyes at her oldest and turned back towards Dean, "Hey, I just run a saloon. But hunters have been known to pass through now and again. Including your dad a long time ago. John was like family once".

Jamie shifted uncomfortably at that statement and took notice that Dean didn't seem all that convinced by it, she couldn't really blame him, guy had probably never even heard of the Harvelle's. Before now that is and even then he had no reason in the world to trust them. Then again she didn't have to trust him either.

"Oh, yeah? How come he's never mentioned you before?"

Ellen's face fell a fraction before she tried to smile, "You'd have to ask him that."

"So why exactly do we need your help?"

Jamie mentally snorted in amusement, wrong thing to say my friend. Apparently Jo had similar thoughts and they both exchanged amused glances as their mother got that defensive look on her face that usually came about before she chewed someone out.

"Hey, don't do me any favours. Look, if you don't want my help, fine. Don't let the door smack you on the ass on the way out. But John wouldn't have sent you if -"

She cut herself off and immediately stood straight, leaning off the bar with a serious look on her face, "He didn't send you." She paused as the brothers exchanged sorrow filled glances, "He's alright, isn't he?"

Sam let out a gust of air, "No. No, he isn't. It was the demon we think. Just got him before he got it, I guess."

Jamie kept her eyes on Dean throughout Sam's explanation, guy looked devastated, no wonder, it was a look she recognised well, it was one her family wore on several occasions when her dad's name was mentioned. It was interesting how he didn't choose to express his grief as openly as his brother did, you could hear and see the sorrow on Sam's face clear as day, with Dean however it seemed he was doing everything in his power to hide the fact he was affected by it.

"I'm so sorry."

Dean forced a small smile on his face, "Its okay. We're alright."

"Really?" Ellen asked sceptical, "I know how close you and your dad were."

Jamie sighed; sometimes her mother didn't know when to drop things, "Mom."

Dean slowly brought his head up to look at her, "Really Lady, I'm fine."

Awkward silence filled the room after that little exchange. Jamie didn't even have it in her to try and crack some joke to ease the tension. Luckily she didn't have to try as Sam broke it for her, apparently even more ill at easy with the situation than she was.

"So look, if you can help...we could use all the help we can get."

Ellen nodded and looked towards her daughters, "Well, we can't. But Ash will."

"Who's Ash?"

Jamie gave a soft whistle, "Well there's a loaded question."

Her mother chose to ignore her and instead called out to Ash, who to no surprise woke up immediately, snapping upright, arms flying in all directions until he managed to twist around to look at the group behind him.

"What? It closing time?"

Sam's brow rose up as he pointed at the loony lying on the pool table, "That's Ash?"

Jo hummed in agreement, "He's a genius."

Jamie nodded along, "Yeah, you know when he's not drunk off his ass."

Dean flung down a fairly full looking folder down onto the bar top in front of him with an echoing slap, staring at Ash as he did it. A few of the papers slid out of folder revealing weather reports which Jamie looked over with a curious glance, the folder looked like something Ash would put together for a hunt for her to take. She wondered why then the Winchester boys hadn't tried to take out the demon if they already had all the necessary materials to find it.

"You gotta be kidding me. This guys no genius; he's a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie."

Ash half smiled at him, "I like you."

Dean however didn't share the sentiment as he sarcastically thanked him and Jamie wondered briefly if he was as much a jackass as he was letting on. Jo moved towards them carrying beers on a tray, she placed them down in front of them and nodded her head in Ash's direction.

"Just give him a chance."

Dean pulled a face before moving to sit down, "Alright." He paused to shove the folder in Ash's direction, "This stuffs about a years worth of our dad's work."

He smiled sarcastically at him, "So uh, let's see what you make of it."

Jamie moved to hover over Ash's shoulder as he flicked through the folder, only catching glimpses of what it actually was, looked like more of what she'd see before however she didn't see any sign of a map pinpointing tell-tale areas to go to, she figured they were having a little trouble trying to figure out what was actually on the papers.

Ash let out a little sigh, "Come on man. This crap ain't real. There ain't anybody that can track a demon like this."

Dean and Sam shared a look before Sam answered him straightforward, "Our dad could."

"These are nonparametric statistical overviews. Cross spectrum correlations."

Jamie smirked as she caught the disbelieving look on Dean's face, everyone always underestimated Ash. Although she didn't have to really guess why, one look at him and you immediately think stoner but the guy really was a genius and if anybody could find out what the hell these things were then it was going to be Ash.

"Huh, omens."

"Right on." He smiled up at her before continuing, "If you can track them, you can track this demon. You know, like crop failures, electrical storms. Ever been struck by lightening? It ain't fun."

Sam nodded in impatience, "Can you track it or not?"

"Yeah, with this, I think so. But its gonna take time. Give me..." He paused and looked thoughtful for a second, "...51 hours."

Both brothers stared at him, mouths parted in shock. Ah, Ash was always a great source of amusement; everyone's reaction was always priceless. Dean recovered quickly however and let out a dry chuckle.

"Hey, man."

Ash turned back towards him, "Yeah?"

"By the way, I uh dig the haircut."

Ash shrugged casually and touched his hair, "All business up front." He paused to ruffle the back of it, "Party in back."

Jamie shook her head with a smile on her face, "You're such a dork."

Ash pointed in her direction and winked at her, "You like it, Wildcat."

Laughing quietly she made her way to the far end tables she had been told to go clean earlier in the day by her mother, best to get it over with before the usual horde of truckers that would filter through causing even more of a mess to clean up. Dean who had previously been staring in Jo's direction immediately followed her with his eyes, or more specifically followed her ass with his eyes, before he hopped off his stool and made his way slowly to where she was. He smiled at her as he sat down at the table she was cleaning, leaning his elbows on the table effectively blocking her hands and causing her to stop what she was doing.

"How'd you mom and you girls get into this stuff anyway?"

Jamie looked over at him an uncomfortable look on her face, "My dad, he was a hunter. He died."

Dean's smiled dimmed at her reply, "I'm sorry."

Jamie half smiled at him, "It's cool, and I've had years to deal with it. Sorry about your dad. He was a good guy. From what I remember anyway."

"You knew him? You remember him?"

"A little yeah." She paused to laugh a bit, "I mostly remember him giving me red liquorice all the time to shut me up. He spoke about you two sometimes, when I'd ask him about his hunts."

"He did?" Dean's face held a child like hope that broke Jamie's heart a little bit.

Catching the look on her face, Dean hurried to steer the conversation onto something not quite as depressing, the last thing he needed right now was a pity conversation about his fathers death, Sam's desperate need to talk about it was more than enough. He scratched the back of his head briefly before looking back up at her with a carefully blank face.

"So I guess I got 51 hours to waste. Maybe tonight we should-"

Jamie cut him off before he could finish, "Yeah in your dreams maybe."

"Really?" Dean asked, smirk firmly in place.

"What? You think you can toss me some cheesy pick up line, buy me some beers and I'm putty in your hands?" Dean squirmed in his chair, "Most hunters make that mistake."

Face going blank in shock he blinked at her for a few moments, "What a bunch of scum bags."

Letting out a laugh she smirked back at him, "But not you right?"

Before he could answer Sam called him over for reasons she was unaware of, therefore Jamie mostly ignored them until she heard the word murders, her head snapped up as she heard Sam discussing a case. More specifically her case. One of these days she was going to throttle her mother for butting into her life. Flinging down her cloth she stomped over to the bar and ripped the folder roughly out of Sam's hands ignoring his yelp of surprise and turned to scowl darkly at her mother.

Ellen merely pointed at her, "Don't start, Jamie."

Gaping at her mother she spluttered, "It's my case! I researched, I'm gonna hunt it."

"No, you're not."

She rolled her eyes, "What are you gonna do? Handcuff me to the bar again?"


Ignoring the incredulous question from their guests, she shook the folder in her mothers face demanding some sort of answer to be given to her. Before her mother could come back with probably some snappy retort, Sam jumped into the conversation effectively ending the argument before it could truly get going.

"Hey, look we didn't know it was yours, it's just been awhile since we've had a hunt so..."

"Yeah, you can take this one, honey." Her mother remarked before moving away swiftly.

Turning Jamie narrowed her eyes at the brothers, "Don't even think about it."

Dean let out a disbelieving laugh, "What are you gonna do? Come with us?"

It was meant sarcastically she knew however Jamie decided to take full advantage of the remark. She smiled widely at him which caused them to exchange a worried glance with each other. She'd a feeling this was going to be one fun road trip.'