Well its been awhile hasn't it?

For those of you that follow me or my other stories you will know that I had a death in the family and I wasn't really feeling up to updating many of my fics, in fact I think only my Glee fanfic has been updated recently but if I'm honest I lost a lot of inspiration for this story and was having a hard time churning anything out but I'm trying to give it another go.

So forgive me for the extreme ridiculous delay and I hope you are all still interested in my fic.

Chapter Seventeen: I kind of like you

Jamie let out a whimper as sunlight shone directly on her face, rolling onto her side she startled as she came face to face with Dean. A reluctant smile spread across her lips as she watched him sleep, face relaxed and his lips parted. She inched closer to him carefully and tucked her head under his chin, relaxing when his arm automatically came around her waist tugging her in closer to his body while his other arm slipped beneath his pillow, his arms muscles clenching as if he was gripping something and after a few moments she felt herself drifting off again.

When she woke again her head was pounding and she could hear who she assumed was Dean bashing about the room. With a pained groan she rolled onto her stomach and pressed her face tight against the pillow feeling utterly awful, both physically and mentally and she really didn't want to face the day. A few seconds later the bed dipped and a hand ran along the length of her spine before curling around the back of her neck and squeezing gently.

"You awake, killer?"

She shushed him quietly, "Too loud."

"Yeah, brought you some painkillers so up and at them." He chuckled.

Frowning she rolled onto her back, raising an eyebrow when his hand just ghosted along her collarbone, fingers dipping into her top instead of moving out of the way.

"You mind?"

He smirked down playfully at her, "You weren't saying that last night."

She rolled her eyes as she picked up the two pills, "Yeah well, either do something with it or move it."

"Whoa, feeling feisty today?"

"Just don't see the point in bullshitting around."

"Are you okay?" His asked his brow furrowed in concern.

Jamie felt herself soften before remembering that he wasn't all that nice to her two days ago when he was giving her a hard time about protecting precious Jo. Seriously her sister could find a hero in a frigging serial killer and use it against her every single time. Whatever she didn't have time to justify why once in a while she was allowed to be the emotional wreck over their dad and not have to put up with Jo and all her crap about hunting and everything else. And now to top it all off, she finds out his dad is like responsible for her dad's death and it was so much easier to be logical about the situation when she was drunk and all she wanted was for him to kiss her and forget her mother even said anything. But now she was sober and she hurt.

"I'm fine!" She snapped as she tugged the covers off her.

"Look if you wanna talk –"

"Why talk? You already know everything you need to know from Jo and apparently now my mother."

He tried to reach out to touch her but thought better of it after catching the glare she was currently throwing him, "Look, I'm sorry, alright? I thought we were cool about that and I didn't know anything about your dad, I swear."

She snorted in reply as she gathered her clothes from the chair beside the TV, she figured Dean had taken off her outer layers last night and folded them up for her. She briefly considered thanking him before shrugging that thought off and instead stomped her way to the bathroom slamming the door shut behind her ignoring Dean's protests.

"Jamie?" Dean paused and leaned against the bathroom door trying to hear anything from inside, "Jamie!"

He'd been doing this for forty minutes and she'd yet to actually say anything or make any noise at all and if he was honest he was starting to freak the hell out because she wasn't exactly quiet by nature, even when she was annoyed with him. He was contemplating actually breaking down the door when she finally said something.

"Shut. Up!"

Dean probably would have felt more relief at the snapped reply if it wasn't followed up by sniffles and the telltale sign of her sobbing. He momentarily panicked because crying wasn't really his thing, he sure as hell didn't do a lot of it and he was even more confused when it came to comforting women, he never usually stuck around them long enough to form any kind of emotional bond where he'd be required to comfort them.

"Jamie, let me in."


He sighed impatiently before trying again, "C'mon."


"Baby, just let me see you." He softened his tone and tapped his fingers against the door hoping that noise would coax her out of hiding.

He pressed his back against the door when no reply came, finding himself oddly missing her snapped replies because at least then she was still talking to him. The door suddenly clicked open and he wasted no time in reaching up and twisting the handle to swing the door open. He felt his heart break at the sight before him, Jamie was huddled in a corner with tears streaking down her face as she wrapped her arms tightly around her knees, burrowing into herself as much as could. Still on his knees he shuffled towards her, slowly reaching out his hands to grip her arms, careful not to startle her in case she withdrew from him again. Relief flooded through him when she offered no resistance and let him pull her onto his lap, his arms slipping around her waist as she pressed her face into his neck, her breath coming out heavy against his skin as she sniffled attempting to choke back tears. The next thing he knew she was leaning up into him, her lips pressed tightly against his, her fingers digging tightly into his shoulders to pull herself closer to him. He wasn't going to lie he was enjoying the kiss but he could still feel her tears running down her face to settle between their lips so he tugged her firmly away from him.

"Please, Dean. Please." She sounded utterly pathetic and she was annoyed with herself for acting so desperate but she needed to distract herself and she didn't know how else to.

"When I have sex with you, its not gonna be when you're crying and hating everything that's called Winchester."

There was a tense moments silence and she could feel his frown against her, she knew he was waiting for her to deny it and she was going to but she was having some trouble getting the words out. It wasn't like she actually hated him, she actually kind of liked him. His father on the other she had some serious issues with, issues she wouldn't mind taking out on his face but she didn't really want to dwell there right now.

"I don't hate you, not really."

He nodded slightly as he replied, "I know."

"No you didn't." She chuckled as she peered up at him and he pouted at her in response.

"Whatever, shut up, you freak."

She let out a giggles and chocked back another sob, "I kind of like you."

He softly pressed a kiss to her forehead, "I kind of like you too."