Hello again! Back To Basics' first two chapters--Dark and Riku's introductions--have been edited and another chapter has already been added to the story. That's three new chapters for you guys to read, enjoy and hopefully review.

So without further ado, I present to you my newest creation.

Chapter One: Dark

Have you ever found yourself so immensely attracted to someone that your basic motor and speech skills fail you at the worst, most embarrassing moments? Are there ever times you wish you could screw decorum and just be with that person you're extremely interested in? Do you have somebody in your life that makes everything you thought important insignificant and worthless?

I haven't.

Not even close.

But most of my friends have tried 'love', or so they claim it to be, at least once. In fact, my closest one is probably one of the luckiest guys in the world—he just doesn't know it yet. I'll almost certainly have to hit his head a few times to get the idea through his thick, supposedly ingenious head but he will, someway, somehow.

Anyway, my point is, I have girls drooling over me, bending backwards to get me to notice them and throwing themselves at my feet for a date but no one's gotten my full, unobstructed attention. No one. There are about a thousand girls in school and I haven't given one of them a second glance. Well, most of them.

You can't expect a normal seventeen year-old guy with normally functioning hormones to ignore all the girls who are allegedly 'in love with me', can you? Just two-thirds of them. Some, only one actually, call me a playboy for going from one hormone-driven girl to the next but I'm just trying to find that girl who can finally make me feel that elusive emotion people enjoy so much, more commonly known as 'love'.

If you haven't noticed 'love' isn't exactly in my vocabulary, I keep it at the back of my head. I focus on the more demanding things going on in my life. Sports, school and other extracurricular activities take up most of my time so it's only now, with our tests done, that I get time to think about 'love'.

My parents are all for it. They say that I need a sensible, lively girl to keep me on my toes and don't care that I'm still a minor for the next eight months. They're not into traditional parenting styles obviously.

My friends agree with them too. I'm tempted every time they bring up the subject—never mind that we're guys, they enjoy teasing me—that they might have experienced 'love' but they lost the girl, didn't they? But, of course, if I did that, I would be subjected to numerous references to previous girlfriends and I'd get another headache. I need to lay off any type of medication.

"It's better to have loved and lost rather than to not have loved at all." That's what everyone says, isn't it? I won't take that crap. When I find her, I'll make sure she's the right one and never let her go. Isn't that better than the idiotic saying?

Oh god, I am such a sap.