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Chapter Eight: Plans

"I'm going crazy," I exclaim to Satoshi and Risa, pacing the length of the library's carpeted floor. "I'm this close to losing my fucking mind, you hear me? Jesus Christ, half the time I'm awake, I'm looking over my shoulder because, I swear, I just know Riku's going to do something and I've got to be ready for whatever it is her twisted mind comes up with."

I ran an impatient hand through my hair again. "Godammit, why doesn't she just try to kill me with one of her damned arrows already? It sure as hell can't be worse than all this damned anxiety and paranoia I've got to handle," I continued ranting without pausing to breath. Who would have thought that that skill was learned rather than born with?

Look at me, I'm actually babbling. Lord help us all.

As I've already yelled out for the world to hear, I'm going crazy, plain and simple. You know, if there's anything uncomplicated about the diminution of my mental well-being. It's been a month, for crying out loud, and I still haven't seen Riku except for the two times I passed her by in the halls (and yes, I counted, call it OCD or whatever you want to). She didn't even look at me. And that's been driving me so up the wall lately, I'm ready to pull my hair out…and then some.

I knew her refusing to acknowledge me at all would be worse than an all-out retaliation. Why, you ask? Because now I feel like I have to be on constant alert in case ninjas start falling from the roof and mercilessly kicking my ass.

God, why can't she just do something already? I know I deserve it and she knows it so why hasn't she done anything?! If she stays as gracious (for the lack of a better word) as she has been for another week, I'm going to crack.

See what I mean by 'losing my mind'?

Risa and Satoshi share a look. Aw, they're finally starting to realize that they're perfect for each other. Why don't I care again?

"You should just count your blessings and leave it at that," the blue-haired (supposed) genius suggests with an infuriating calmness. Why the hell does he get to be all look-my-best-friend's-going-insane-but-I-still-have-all-my-brain-cells while I feel so restless I could probably join a decathlon and actually win the damned thing?

I knew all that luck I've been having would turn sour soon. But, honestly, this is beyond the 'sour' karma dishes out.

"Why don't you go talk to her? She greeted me the past few mornings so that must mean her anger's subsiding," Risa adds a few thoughtful moments later.

"That's because you're innocent," I snap at her naiveté. I don't mean to really, but the stress does get to you. "In her books, I'm as despicable as a child rapist, maybe even worse. And I did try talking to her the first week," I continue, pacing all over the place and running my hand through my hair a few more times.

"She turned around and flat-out refused to listen to me before I even got through with her name." I pinch the bridge of my nose tiredly. Insomnia does not sit well with me, I've found out. I can only thank whichever deity doesn't have it in for me yet that I was still able to help my teams win a few meets and soccer games the past harrowing month.

Risa winces. "Well, if you really want her to listen to you, why don't you try to make it up to her somehow?"

"How?" I ask immediately. Yes, my friends, I'm that desperate. It's not that I haven't thought of this yet—but maybe Risa and Satoshi could give me a good idea.

"Kidnap her and take her to the rest house you have out of town," she replies with no trace of hesitation whatsoever in her face.

Satoshi looks as surprised as I do. We both couldn't help asking her, "What?"

Risa rolls her eyes at us exasperatedly. "Hello? It was only a suggestion. Gosh, what happened to joking around?"

Her soon-to-be boyfriend turns to me with a slight shake of his head. "Harada-san, you have access to your sister's schedule, don't you? We could make use of it so that Dark can corner her somehow and we can finally get a few days of peace without him raising hell everywhere."

The sarcasm wasn't lost on me (far from it, really) but I couldn't help the smile that makes its way to my face. The plan's flawed and I've absolutely no plan to make use of it, but the mere fact that Satoshi was discussing how to get Riku to stop ignoring me's enough for my bad mood to lift a little.

But Satoshi's little scheme did let me see something (thanks to hours of doing nothing at night, unable to sleep, my mind's gotten a hell of a lot faster nowadays). Maybe I have been looking at this whole thing wrong. Maybe instead going straight for the bigger picture, I'm personally inclined to huge and extravagant displays after all, I should downsize my plans just a little.

And, for once (thank God) I know exactly where to start.


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