Authors Note: Hello! This story is going to be very long, and has many different twists. See, I've read many stories of Bella being raped by either Mike or the men in Port Angeles, but never one quite like this. I hope you enjoy!

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Warning: This story has a graphic rape scene in the first chapter. Extremely graphic, and some things that are absolutely horrible, but necessary. If you're sensitive to things like this, skip to the part of this chapter after the giant line.

"...Hunting you, I can smell you, alive

Your heart pounding in my head..."

"...I know you're still there

Watching me, wanting me

...raping me...

I can feel you pull me down..."

-Haunted, by Evanescence.

"No, I don't understand. Well, I suppose we should get on with it. And then I can call your friends and tell them where to find you, and my little message."

My heart suddenly started pounding as hard as I've ever felt, urging me to survive.

I turned on my heel and tried to run, but James appeared before me and threw me back into the mirror, feeling it crack beneath my body, then shatter upon me as I fell to the ground. I felt the skin on my back burn, it had to be cut up badly, because I felt blood dripping onto my sides.

"That's a very nice effect. I thought this room would be visually dramatic for my little film. That's why I picked this place to meet you. It's perfect, isn't it?" James weightless voice reached my ears, causing another wave of panic to ripple through me. I was so stupid for coming here, so unbelievably stupid. I tried to crawl to the door, in an attempt I knew would be in vain. A blood-curdling scream left my lips, as a sickening crack echoed and I felt my leg completely shatter with so little effort from him as he stepped on it. "Would you like to rethink your last request? Wouldn't you rather have Edward try to find me?"

My heart skipped a beat. No, never. I would never want Edward to be hurt because of me. My breathing starting picking up, my eyes closed and I had never experienced pain like the pain emitting from my shattered leg. "No! No, Edward, don't!" I screamed in an agonized voice, tears falling. I opened my eyes, right in time to see something blurred coming straight at me and suddenly I was flung against the mirrors again, and the mirrors somehow managed to shatter over me even more. A sensation similar to a thousand daggers stabbing me repeatedly in the back of my head was arising, but at that moment I felt something tighten against my throat, hauling me off the ground. I opened my eyes dazedly, looking into James' horrible crimson colored ones.

"Well...that's no fun." He sounded like a pouting child, and it almost made me sick. "I'll just have to make your death so horrible, he'll be so enraged as to not care what you say, now won't I?"

"No...Edward..." I sobbed, my shoulders beginning to shake. James slapped me, and my jaw ached. Holding me up by the neck, James dragged me over to the mirror, holding me up against it with my legs two feet off the ground, my broken one hanging at an awkward angle. This was it. He was going to kill me, I would never see my Edward again.

And then, at one simple motion from James, I realized it wasn't over.

James used his nails to slice open my shirt, uncaring of slicing my skin as well. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets as I realized exactly what was about to happen. I started screaming and tried to kick with my good leg, but as soon as it collided with him, I felt a bone-chilling pain shoot up it, and sobbed in agony.

This just excited James more, as he ripped the two halves off, discarding them. I was expecting him to make it fast, and get my pants off next.

I was wrong.

He began running his tongue over my throat, making a sound that could be classified as purring, but such a description could never be given to such a vicious creature. As he did this, his free hand slithered beneath my bra cup, rubbing the skin there roughly, before pinching my nipple harshly, making me shriek. The feel of his tongue and hands on my skin repulsed me, and my body tensed, ignoring the pain momentarily and my arms, which I suddenly remembered I had, started flailing. He gave a low chuckle, and used his free hand to pin my arms above my head. It was pathetic how easy this was for him.

His licks slowly moved down towards the mounds of my breasts, and I squeezed my eyes shut. My stomach was churning, and this seemed so surreal. He trailed back up, and laughed softly in my ear, a sick, soulless sound. He removed his hand from my neck, now holding me up by my pinned arms, and I hardly noticed the pain shooting up from my shoulder blades. I felt pain almost everywhere, what did a few more spots matter?

"Edward..." I moaned, hoping by some miracle he would show up. But I knew he wouldn't, and regretted my words as James chuckled darkly once again.

"Your precious boyfriend won't be coming. He has no idea where you are, Bella. You are mine." A growl left James' throat, and he resumed feeling my body. I ignored it as much as I could, losing track of how long he did this for. I felt his hand slide down my stomach, and I shuddered, but not from pleasure. From disgust. Disgust at this horrible creature for doing this to me, disgust at myself for putting myself in this situation..."Tell me Bella, have you done this before?"

I clenched my jaw closed. I would not give him the satisfaction of an answer, the satisfaction of know that as well as claiming my life, he was claiming my innocence. I would not cry out for this monster.

He remained calm, and the hand on my stomach dug its nails sharply into my ribs, dragging them forward to create four long marks. I gritted my teeth as I felt the warm blood spill down my sides. The smell didn't nauseate me, now. I still would not answer.

He snarled, and reached down with the hand that had been caressing my stomach and gripped my leg. I howled in pain, giving in and screaming out the answer.


"Good. Then this will enrage Edward even more." James smiled in a sick, sadistic way that made my stomach tighten, and then my pants were ripped to shreds, jostling my leg in the process. My repetitive, futile screams, were starting to wear on even my own ears. James cackled, and shoved his hand down my white lace panties, slipping a finger between my folds.

If I thought I had felt sickened before, it was nothing like this. I heaved, as if to throw up, but it wouldn't come. He wasn't doing this in an attempt to please me. Instead, my movements made James' finger slide down more, and after a few more seconds that felt like an eternity of feeling me, he forced a finger into the last place I expected. It would've been bad if he had prodded at my vaginal entrance, but this was plain humiliating, painful and degrading. He was so sick. Tears began pouring harder.

"Do you think Edward will enjoy seeing this, his cherished little Bella, with another vampire's finger in her most improper place?" James' voice was filled with sadistic pleasure, and he curled his finger inside the hole, ripping the skin and making me scream horribly. He pulled it out, and wiped it on his pants. "Well, at least you were clean."

I bawled. Not only was he raping and killing me, he was humiliating me, and Edward was going to see it...

"Are you ready, Bella? This will not be pleasant." James whispered excitedly, stroking my cheek. I bite my lip, and began to shake and cry harder. I started picturing Edward, my beautiful Edward. Sparkling in the meadow, grinning that crooked grin I loved so much, looking at me with such love in his topaz eyes, and the last time we'd kissed, the passion, love and desperation behind it. I focused on that, remembering the dizzying feeling over and over... Feeling his gentle, cold hands on my face...

Then I felt cold hands that weren't so gentle and didn't give me tingles. They were spreading my legs, not bothering to be gentle about my broken one.

Then, suddenly, I was being ripped in two.

I had no idea when James had even unzipped his pants, or when he'd pulled my panties off. All I was aware of was the burning, ripping feeling I felt between my legs and inside of me, and I shuddered and screamed louder than I'd ever screamed in my life, as I felt the skin inside of my rip and bleed. I kept screaming. He began thrusting.

My sobs continued, until my throat was too raw to even scream anymore, so I began whimpering, and dry sobbing. My skin crawled, I felt dirty, filthy, used, worthless...But I knew it would only last for so long, before I felt nothing at all. And all I could do was pray that time would come soon, because it would be better than this. This evil, sick creature stealing something from me that was meant to be given in love, that should've been Edwards...I sobbed again.

James began pushing harder against me, and panted in my ear, licking it slightly. I knew he was only doing that to revolt me, and it worked. He laughed, his nails digging into my wrists where he held me up, and his free hand returned to my neck, while the one that was holding my wrists released them. They dropped limply against the mirrors. I was past fighting, past resisting. It was over. I'd given in, and decided to just let him have his way. My head lulled to the side, and I hung limp like a rag doll.

His newly freed hand moved to lift one of my wrists, bringing it to his mouth and sinking his teeth into it. He began sucking the blood from my veins, and though the pain was unbelievable, I felt relief. The darkness was starting to creep in. It was almost over, Edwards perfect, angelic face flashed before my eyes one last time...

And right as I was about to give in to the darkness that was trying to envelop me, I heard the most delightful sound I think I've ever heard.

A beautiful, enraged snarl that I recognized.

And then everything went black.

(Edwards Point of View)

I was so close, so unbelievably close. I could smell her, my lovely Bella, near by. I followed that scent like a hound on a trail, refusing to give up. I heard Alice gasp behind me, but I was too preoccupied with my own thoughts to focus on hers. So close...

And then I smelt it. His scent, mixed with hers in the most horrible way...

I had never felt an anger such as what exploded from me just then, and I had never run so fast in my existence. I reached the door I knew she was behind, the fear that I was too late and what I would find gripping me...

And what I saw multiplied my fury to impossible amounts, at the same time my still heart shattered where I stood. I only needed to look for a split second before the sight registered in my mind. Bella, my poor Bella, forced up against the mirrors, held by her throat and hanging limp, lifeless and naked except her white bra, one leg hanging in an impossible way. James, thrusting into her and drinking from her wrist, while the mirrors surrounding provided ten slightly different angles of this view.

I snarled, louder than ever, and was next to them in a flash. James didn't even realize what had hit him by the time I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back, sinking my teeth into his throat and, literally, ripping it out, spitting the dead flesh to the ground, shaking in rage. How fucking dare he touch my Bella! (1)


Throwing James behind me where I knew Jasper and Emmett were, I caught her, using my vampiric abilities, before she slid to the ground. Panic seized me as I realized her heartbeat, usually pounding tauntingly in my ears, was barely audible. I sank to the ground as she would have, kneeling with her broken body over my lap. I had one arm behind her back, the other cradling her head to my chest. I didn't care that it was inappropriate for me to be so close because she was unclothed, or that the rest of my family would see her this way. My hand stroked her cheek, praying to a god I didn't think would even listen, for her to open her eyes. "Oh no, Bella, no!" My voice, usually so collected, cracked with sobs, horror and raw pain, and my body began shaking, my frenzy momentarily forgotten.. "Bella, please! Bella, listen to me, please, please, Bella please! Carlisle! Bella, oh please, no!"

My sobs continued, even when her eyes opened. "Ed...ward?" Her voice sounded raw and scared, like she'd screamed herself hoarse. I knew she had.

"Bella, I'm here, I'm right here. I love you, Bella, please hang on..." I clutched her a little tighter to me, unable to help myself, but still being cautious of the strength I used, and felt her body begin to shake. I felt something shift next to me, and looked to see my father. "Help her, please Carlisle, help her," I managed to choke out. If could cry, myself and Bella would be soaked.

Carlisle quickly took off his jacket, handing it to me as he began to examine her without touching her. My dry sobs never ceasing, I used the hand cradling her head to arrange Carlisle's coat over her breasts and hips, trying to avoid looking at the same time as trying to cover her. My hand went straight back to cradling her, and I looked down into her eyes while Carlisle finished his examination.

Her eyes held torment, relief, love, fear and pain. The fear was the most apparent, and her lower lip began to tremble. My body ached as hers did, every cold inch of it. "Bella..."

"Edward, don't let him touch me, please...don' more..."

Before I could answer her, Carlisle spoke. "Edward, don't touch her leg, it's broken." I howled in anguish at his words, and at the terrified look in Bella's eyes. "Some ribs too, I think. Her head is bleeding, I need to stop that before anything. I'm sure her...I'm sure she's quite injured other places, but I'll examine those in a more private place."

"Edward..." Bella moaned, eye squeezing shut in pain while tears leaked from them like a faucet. My chest contracted in spasms of pain. Seeing her like this was causing me so much emotional torment, I was almost on the same level of pain as she. I just wanted to comfort her, to tell her she was safe now, but I was scared of hurting her more than she already was.

"Bella, you're going to be fine. Can you hear me? I love you." I spoke the truest words I could think of, and she whispered my name once more. "Yes, I'm here."

Bella continued weeping silently. "It hurts...Everywhere, it hurts so bad...He...He..."

"I know, Bella, I know." I told her, looking to Carlisle in desperation, not wanting to hear her speak the words of what James had done to her. I wasn't sure even of everything he had done to my poor angel, I only saw the end. What I was sure of, was that I could not bear for her to suffer another second. "Do something Carlisle, please..."

"Alice, could you hand me my bag please? Hold your breath, it will help." Carlisle spoke softly, not wanting to alarm Bella, and being a medical professional he had to keep his head. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Alice obey quickly, and Carlisle began to work on Bella's head injuries.

"My hand hurts..." Bella whimpered, and my chest contracted again.

"I know, Bella, Carlisle will numb it in a moment, just please hold on..."

Bella body started convulsing, and her eyes snapped open. "My hand is burning! It's on fire!"

"Bella?" I asked, confused. Her hand? Out of all of the parts on her body that were injured, her hand? I lifted the hand in question, seeing the wound there. My eyes widened in horror. I had forgotten James had been drinking from her, and now his venom was in her...Turning her as we spoke, forcing her through pain and torment beyond imagination. "Carlisle, her hand!"

Carlisle looked, and knew right away. "He bit her."

"Oh god..." I moaned. She was dying in my very arms, and as she began screaming about her arm being on fire, I felt dizzy.

"There is one thing that may work, Edward..."

"What!?" I heard the anxious, hopefulness in my voice. Anything, anything but this...

"See if you can suck the venom out of her bloodstream. The wound is fairly clean. I don't know for sure if it will work, but we have to hurry."

I froze. He wanted me to suck the venom out, and drink her blood...Her sweet, singing blood that called to me so fiercely... "Carlisle, I-I don't know if I can do that..." Even as I spoke, I remember the scent of her blood on the first day we'd met, how hard I'd had to resist. Actually tasting it...

"It's your decision, Edward. Either way, I can't help you. I have to get this bleeding stopped from her head if you're going to be taking blood from her hand."

My body would not move. I was terrified of accidentally killing her, but petrified even more of losing her. She would not die, I knew, but she would become a vampire, because of him. That was what I feared more than her staying human and living through this and how tormented she would be from it. And then there was no more decision as one anguished word left her angelic lips.


I could not let her suffer anymore. I heard Carlisle shout something to Alice, but everything in my world blurred, except for Bella. I knew what I had to do. I gently pressed her wrist to my mouth, sinking my razor sharp fangs into the marks already placed, and began to suck.

Her blood, which I imagined to be so sweet, was tainted, and had a bitterness to it. Then the bitterness stopped, and I could taste her pure sweetness mixed with medicine. I pulled back immediately, knowing if I didn't stop then I never would, and promptly spit the blood out. It tasted disgusting, wrong, with the venom.

"Edward?" The weak sound sent a knife through my unmoving heart.

"He's right here, Bella." Carlisle spoke softly, a look of pride on his face directed at me.

"Stay, Edward, stay with me, please...No more..." Bella's voice was a mere simper, repeating my name to bring herself comfort, I assumed.

"I will." I promised, fierce intensity behind my words. Relief was flooding me, and I would've wept with joy if I could. She was going to be okay...

"Is it all out?" Carlisle was talking to me, and I snapped out of my thoughts.

"Her blood tastes clean, I can taste the morphine..." I answered, but as my eyes roamed her covered figure, my thoughts and hopes from a moment ago were shattered. There was so much damage that could have been done that we hadn't inspected yet...

"Bella, is the fire gone?" Carlisle gently asked my love.

"Yes. Thank you, Edward." She murmured, barely conscious. I could tell she was in shock, and the full events that had happened hadn't fully hit her yet. But they would. And I feared that moment.

"I love you." I answered, pressing my lips to her forehead. So much pain she was going to be in, for so long...I couldn't hold back another sob, as she mumbled something to Alice about a tape and knowing her, then fell unconscious. I looked up to where Alice scampered to, and my face contorted in repulsion. Carlisle worked on her leg while Alice attended to the camera, and when he was finished, looked at me sadly.

"Edward, we have to get her to a hospital."

"I know." I refused to take my eyes away from my fallen angel, making sure she was breathing and I could hear her heart. It was still faint as before, but she had stopped shuddering. I knew the physical damage was bad, but the emotional...It was going to be far worse. And how would we explain this to Charlie, and her mother?

"You will have to carry her to the car. Be as gentle as you can."

I tenderly lifted her small frame into my stone arms, holding them perfectly still, and not even looking at her mostly exposed body. Even on the car ride to the hospital, all I did was stare lovingly at her sleeping face, brushing her hair back.

The whole time they tended to her wounds, I paced in the waiting room. When the nurse explained that she had severe vaginal and anal damage, and deep cuts in both her back and sides, I almost fell to my knees in grief, attempting to bite back a sob, but failing. The nurse looked at me kindly. "You may go see her, if you like. She is not awake yet, but when she does awaken...Just be very careful. Sexual assault is very traumatizing, especially since she was untouched before that..."

"I know..." I whispered, raw torment evident in my tone, walking numbly to the room number the nurse gave me. I knew I seemed weak to everyone that laid eyes on me, but I could not bring myself to care. All that mattered was her. Even I was in shock still. The anger had subsided for now, substituted with complete sadness and grief for my Bella. I vowed to find out exactly what had been done to her, and help her in whatever way I could. The anger would come later, when I was alone. But for now, I needed to look after my love.

I sat in the chair right next to her bed, her hand held in mine, awaiting the flutter of her beautiful brown eyes, trying to suppress my sobs at the sight of her bruised and broken body.

Authors Note: Voila. End of chapter one! Angsty, and sad, I know. I tried to get Edward as correct as possible, and I think I did a decent job considering this is my first Twilight fan fiction. I realize that Bella is much more private than this, but you must realize, she's just been extremely traumatized. Will she recover? Read and find out! I have many different twists for this story, and it will continue. and Bella being raped by James is definitely not the only main event. The whole story will not be this sad, I promise. There will be happy parts, and it will be Edward and Bella pairing, of course! Oh, and I know that this had quotes from the actual book Twilight, mixed with my own writing. It just worked with the flow. That will happen much later in the story as well, but only for a certain twist.

1.) I realize that Edward would most likely never use the word 'fuck', but in that situation, I think it was acceptable? It was put there to emphasize his complete, utter fury.

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