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Jesse and I have been neighbors as long as I could remember, and then he became famous and moved out of his parents house. When he moved, he left me, his best friend, or that's what I thought we were. Sure, since about the age twelve I've had a crush on him, but he was my best friend. I'm not complaining that he left. I guess it was for the better, he is three years older than me. I never thought that I would hang out with him ever again when he left.

I was so surprised the first time he brought his 'new' girlfriend home. I guess he really loved her. Anyways, his family has a patio with a hot tub on it, and Jesse and his girlfriend were getting all cuddly in it. My room has a balcony and I would often sit up there and read or do homework. I was trying to work on my trigonometry homework but every giggle that drifted up to me would cause a pang of hurt and jealousy.

Finally, I decided to give up, so I picked up my stuff and was getting ready to go inside when I heard Jesse's girlfriend say, "Who is that?"

"That's my neighbor, Rebecca. Hey, Rebecca!" Jesse called.

"What, Jesse?" I said, leaning against the edge of the balcony.

"I want you to meet my girlfriend, Katie." Jesse said.

"Hi, Katie. Sorry for having to run out but I have to go to work." I lied, wanting to avoid him. I wasn't sure why I wanted to avoid him. Things were crappy enough in my life without having to deal with Jesse.

I guess they broke up not too much later. Pity, she was really pretty. That happened about a year before the biggest surprise I got from Jesse, and that was when his parents went out of town for a couple months and they wanted him to watch the house. This time he didn't have a girlfriend and he arrived the week I had spring break. I was really lucky because both my younger and older sisters are gone for now.

I saw him pull up a few hours after his parents left. He had a quite of bit of luggage and I thought I should be a nice neighbor. So I walked over to his car with a smile.

"Hey, Becca!" Jesse said, hugging me.

"Hi." I said, feeling a little awkward from the hug. "I just wanted to know if you needed help. I have nothing else to do." I said.

"Oh, sure." Jesse said.

I grabbed a couple things and followed him inside. "Have I ever told you that you are really pretty?" Jesse said, setting down a few things.

"Not since we were five." I said, smiling. I was wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a blue t-shirt.

"You are." Jesse said, walking back out.

"Thank you." I said, thinking it was a little weird that he said that.

"So, after we're done do you want something to drink? A soda or something?" Jesse asked.

"Yeah…that sounds nice." I said, a little unsure but not wanting to be rude.

"Cool." Jesse said.

After we got the last of his stuff inside, Jesse went and grabbed me a Coke, and him a beer. "You shouldn't be drinking that." I said, motioning to the beer.

"Why does it matter to you?" Jesse said.

"Because for one I can get in big trouble by just being here while you are drinking it and for two I don't want my friends screwing up their lives." I said.

"Have you ever drunk, like alcohol?" Jesse said.

"Yes. That's why the big trouble thing. About a year ago I went to a crazy party and got drunk as hell. When I came home I was in so much trouble. That night almost ruined my life." I said, shaking my head as to shake the memory away.

"What happened?" Jesse asked.

"I got pregnant. I don't even know who the father was, I can't remember even having sex. I got lucky you could say; I had a miscarriage. I'm not allowed to party anymore." I said, wiping away a tear that happened to slip out.

"I'm having trouble believing you were a party girl." Jesse said.

"You haven't been around." I said.

"Ok…that's true. I'm sorry that happened to you. You probably really needed a friend then." Jesse said.

"Yeah, I did and my one best friend failed me." I said, coldly. "God, I'm sorry. I know you were busy…it's just…never mind. I've got to go." I said, getting up and quickly walking towards the door.

"Rebecca, wait!" Jesse said, jumping in front of the door so I couldn't leave.

"Jesse move." I said.

"No, just listen. I'm sorry I was a bad friend. I guess I kind of ignored you when I became famous…" Jesse started.

"No shit." I interrupted.

"What did I say about listening? Now don't talk. Rebecca, I want to fix what I did. We were best friends and friends are supposed to be there for each other and I have been a bad friend. I even knew that you were trying to get a hold of me after I left. I don't even think I said good-bye. Wanna hang out with me later?" Jesse said.

"I have to work tomorrow." I said.

"So, we can still hang out tonight. How about you come over for dinner and then we'll hang out in the hot tub? I promise I will not drink." Jesse said.

"I don't look good in a swim suit." I said.

"Whatever. Please, come on." Jesse said.

"Alright." I said.

"Awesome. See you later then around 7ish." Jesse said, moving out of the way of the door.

"Ok, bye." I said, leaving.

When I came back to my house my mom, Olivia, called me into the kitchen. "Where were you?" She said.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you. I saw Jesse pull up with a backseat full of luggage so I was being a good neighbor and helping him move. Is it all right…I mean he asked me to have dinner with him and hang out with him tonight. Can I?" I said.

"If you are becoming friends with Jesse again, I wont say no. Just be home by curfew." Olivia said.

"Ok. I will. I'm going to finish my extra credit essay for college comp." I said, going up stairs to my room. I didn't actually get around to doing my homework. I did grab it and took it to my balcony, but I spent most of my time daydreaming about Jesse. I got frustrated every time I caught myself.

"Quit thinking about him. You're just friends." I said to myself. I tried to get some homework done but I kept daydreaming. At about five I gave up with a sigh and went back inside to find my swimsuit. My swimsuit is a blue bikini with bright, tropical flowers on it. I changed into a white mini skirt and a pink blouse with my suit underneath.

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