A/N: I was curious during the finale about Hodgins' liberal use of Zack's pain management button, and today I thought of this possibility. Just a short scene based on what I think Hodgins' was thinking.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones

Of Water and Pain Meds

Hodgins drove to the hospital slowly, not caring about how fast his fancy sports car could go or how much he wanted to see Zack. His thoughts were, instead, on water. The water used to boil that jaw-bone. It had most likely come from his neighborhood, possibly even from his house.

He knew there was already a suspicion that he was involved, all based on his numerous conspiracy theories and automatic disdain for secret societies, but he'd told the truth anyway. It was easier, better. It may raise suspicion, but not as much as if he had lied.

But, then, why did he find himself wishing he had lied?

He turned into the hospital's parking garage and found a spot quick enough, it was late and there were few visitors at this hour. He picked up his pace as he crossed to the elevators, still dwelling on the water.

And his thoughts had hardly changed by the time he'd reached Zack's room. He tried to make his banter with Angela seem normal, like he was just there to visit his injured friend, not thinking of anything else.

That was when Zack woke, when he started to talk, and Hodgins knew. He wouldn't admit it, he didn't want to be the one to pose the question, but he knew. So he pushed the button for Zack's pain meds, letting the young man drift off into a peaceful, medication induced sleep.

They'd face that possibility another day.