Secret Heart

Chapter 30

Careful not to wake the sleeping girl in his arms, Gohan got inside of one of the many bedrooms of the Lookout. Noiselessly, he closed the door with his foot, and then went towards the bed across the room. Slowly, the young warrior lay Videl down on the bed and tried to straighten up, but the pretty girl didn't look ready to let go of his neck, snuggling up to him a little more. Gohan blushed slightly, and sighed softly.

"Now what?" he whispered to himself, staring intently at the sleeping girl who wasn't letting go of him. He felt the heat in his face increase as he realized that his face had unconsciously gotten closer to hers; he could feel her even breathing tickle his cheeks. Gohan swallowed, suddenly having the urge to kiss her. He bit his lip as he actually considered doing it.

What am I thinking? He mentally scolded himself. I just made her cry herself to sleep because I told her that I love her, now is really not the time to kiss her. I'm such a selfish fool. I do love her more than anything, but I can't impose my feelings upon her, let alone take advantage that she's asleep to kiss her!

In the end, Gohan just lay beside her and held her gently against him, burying his face in her neck. He breathed in deeply, drinking in her beautiful scent. After some time, the young man unconsciously started kissing her skin softly, and his hands seemed to move on their own as they roamed slowly on Videl's body, from her hips to her shoulders, rubbing against her clothes.

He suddenly stopped when a soft sigh escaped her lips. His eyes widened and he flared up intensely as he realized what he was doing. He tried to free himself from her grip, but nothing he did seemed to work. In this situation, he only had two choices: either he woke Videl while pulling away from her, or he kept her in his arms and waited for her to wake up by herself.

The teenage boy blushed again when Videl rolled on her stomach in her sleep, now laying completely on top of him. Nervous and embarrassed, his arms tightened around her however, and he swallowed with some difficulties as he took notice of the girl's chest pressed against him. His whole body was heating up, and having Videl wriggle on top of him didn't help at all. And the poor boy found himself with a new problem: due to this sensitive situation, Gohan was becoming more and more turned on.

And it was only the beginning it seemed. Videl, still sleeping, was now breathing out sighs of content and soft moans, most likely having a nice dream. And even if, he couldn't deny that their position and Videl's sighs were far from unpleasant, Gohan was becoming more and more embarrassed and nervous as his arousal kept growing.

He swallowed again. His body was heating up and his heart was pounding hard. Well, I guess I don't have a choice…he thought resignedly. I have to wake her. I'll end up jumping on her if she keeps turning me on like this…

Slowly, he rolled her on her back. He stayed still for a few moments when he found himself on top of her, his face flushing completely. He moved on his side and proceeded to wake the beautiful girl in his arms.

"Wake up, Videl, I can't get up," he said softly in her ear; he didn't want to wake her too suddenly.

But what she did next made him blush more than ever: she snuggled up against him, rubbing her hands on his sides and chest while moaning a few words…

"Mmhh…Gohan… you're so cute…"

He needed to take a few seconds to calm himself. He decided to free himself from her hold even though she was still sleeping; if she stayed asleep, good, and if she didn't, no matter.

Gohan gently grabbed Videl's arms, which had gotten back around his neck, and tried to free himself without waking the girl. He had some trouble taking them off, and when he finally did, she started to stir.

She yawned and rolled to the side, landing on his chest. She snuggled up to him again, sighing in content as she seemed to fall back asleep. And she was clinging on him again.

"Seriously…" Sighing, Gohan proceeded to free himself again, making her roll on her back like before.

Only this time, Videl wasn't sleeping yet, and she opened her eyes when she felt herself roll on her back by what she had thought was her pillow. She met Gohan's onyx eyes, staring at her while his face turned beet red. The girl blushed in turn; it was truly amazing how much Gohan had changed in only two days. He looked like he was in his twenties now; his facial features were slightly harder, though his eyes were gazing at her with the same tenderness they always had when he looked at her.

And he looked even more handsome.

They didn't move, staring at each other's eyes for what seemed like forever. The lust they felt for one another seemed to grow stronger and stronger, and seeing as Gohan was still aroused, he had an even harder time controlling himself. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to touch her, taste her skin, caress her curves, breath in her hair. He wanted to feel her body against his, without their clothes to bother them. He wanted to lose himself in her, make love to her. She was always on his mind, he wanted her so much that it was becoming terribly painful. He wanted her, all of her; he wanted to make her his. And this desire was becoming more and more unbearable.

It was driving him insane.

Gohan cupped her cheek, placing his other hand on her thigh and slowly moving up along her waist, going by her hip, her stomach, stopping just below her breast. The young brunette under him gripped his orange clothing, closing her eyes as she relished in his gentleness.

He bent down, completely reducing the space between them. He kissed her cheek softly, then slowly moved his lips downwards, focusing on her neck. Their bodies heated up, their hearts picked up, their breathing quickened. Videl let out a light moan when Gohan's hand brushed her chest, before going under her shirt, caressing her skin.

He suddenly froze. His hand was still under her shirt, his lips still on her neck, but he was no longer moving. Videl frowned in frustration. She wriggled under him, wrapping her legs around his waist and massaging his shoulders and back, encouraging to continue what he had been doing.

Gohan groaned and she felt him tense, from head to toe. He tried to free himself from her hold, but it didn't seem to work better than when she was sleeping.

"Vi…Videl, d-don't… raaahh, I can't take it anymore…"

She only smirked, feeling the bulge in Gohan's pants grow bigger by the second; he was obviously turned on by what she was doing to him. In a swift movement, she rolled him on his back, now straddling him. Gohan looked at her in panic, but the lust in his eyes was much more intense, which Videl was glad for.

It didn't matter that it was probably too soon, that she was moving things too fast or that they should wait and talk about their relationship before going so far; nothing mattered now. Videl wanted to be with the man she loved, she wanted him entirely and she couldn't wait any longer. She'd wanted him for too long; she needed him. She was ready. She wanted Gohan to be the first, the only one to touch her. She wanted to make love with him, now.

Gohan widened his eyes as Videl took off her shirt. She then proceeded to unclasp her bra, but Gohan stopped her, grabbing her hands in one of his, so much bigger than her own.

"Videl, no," he said, his eyes closed tightly. If he so much as glanced at her, Gohan knew he would lose the little control he had left and jump on her. And now was really not the time.

"Why not? I'm tired of waiting, Gohan. I want you, I need you, and I don't want to wait any longer. Make love to me, Gohan. Now."

He swallowed loudly, trying to win over his lust for the girl of his dreams so he could explain to her why, exactly, it would be better that they wait before going further for now. He opened his eyes and looked at her with regret.

"You know I want you too. I love you, and it's getting harder and harder for me to hold back my lust for you… I think you must have noticed…" he said softly with a light blush across his face, referring to his building erection that was rubbing against Videl's crotch.

"Then what are you waiting for, Gohan? Just stop thinking…" she said sensually, grinding her hips against the teen's hardened member. He held in a moan, feeling his resolve weakening.

"Please, Videl, stop it… I can't think straight when you do that…" he almost begged, having more and more trouble controlling himself.

She giggled, freeing her hands easily from his weak hold, and quickly untied his belt. Before he could protest, or stop her for that matter, she had already taken off the top of his dogi, and Gohan found himself lying topless with Videl on top of him, looking at him with lustful eyes. He tried to tell her to stop, but all that came out of his mouth was a long hiss when he felt her hands slowly exploring his torso.

"Vi…Videl… L-Listen, please…"

His voice trailed off when he felt Videl's lips on his skin; he clutched the bed sheets in his fists and clenched his jaw to stop himself from moaning in pleasure. And from jumping on her, especially. He was on the brink of giving in, and he had to hold back at all costs, especially now.

"Videl, please… aaahh… you're killing me…"

She was licking and nibbling on his skin now… He couldn't take it anymore, she was torturing him…

"M…My dad is back, Videl, and yours is here too," he finally managed to say, stopping the girl who straightened up to look at him. He sighed in relief; he wouldn't have been able to hold out much longer if she'd kept at it…

"Are you sure?" she asked frowning, obviously disappointed to stop so soon. She wanted him so much, right here, right now. Why did their fathers have to return so soon?

"Yes Videl, I felt them appear on the Lookout just now, that's why I stopped," he replied, focusing his eyes on her face and not on her barely clothed chest, only hidden by her bra, which was surprisingly sexy. He didn't think Videl would wear this kind of undergarment…But he shouldn't get distracted now, even though he died to look down at her black, lacy bra that didn't left much to the imagination. How he wanted to take it off; he wanted to grab her breasts and taste them, and he wondered distractedly if he would have the opportunity to do so sometime. Considering Videl's behavior, he supposed that he'd been wrong, that she didn't only wish to stay friends with him and that he had a pretty good chance with her, despite what he'd always thought.

Now wasn't the time to think about those sorts of things though. They had to go back to their respective families and go home. And they needed to clear their minds too, and more importantly, they needed to talk about their relationship before taking such a big step together, even though neither of them wanted to stop so soon.

"Ah well, we'll get back to it later," Videl said, getting up from the bed. She put her shirt back on and went out of the room without waiting for him. It was probably better that they didn't go back outside together, it might attract some unwanted attention from the others, and they didn't want to relive what had happened during the beginning of Bulma's party at Capsule Corp.

Gohan remained lying on the bed for some time, thinking about what just happened, and what Videl had said before leaving the room. She really wants us to continue later…? Does that mean that she's feeling the same way…? He sighed and sat up, running his hand over his face; he could hardly believe what had happened in this room. Really, she could've told me. I need to know how she's feeling about me…I really hope that it's love, not just physical attraction…He sighed again, and finally stood. He grabbed the top of his dogi that was lying about, and put on his blue undershirt and orange top, then he looked around for his belt, finding it by the bed, and quickly tied it around his waist. Finally ready to go and face his family and friends, Gohan left the bedroom.


"Sweet pea! I missed you so much!"

Videl smiled despite the ridiculous pet name that her father always called her by. She snuggled up to him and sighed in content; she had missed him too, those past two days. She wished he had been there for her, cheering her up by fooling around like he always did, when she'd thought that Gohan was dead.

It was probably because she was still having trouble realizing that he was really back that she'd all but offered herself to him in that bedroom. Or perhaps it was because Gohan was even more handsome now than when they had last seen each other, something she never thought would be possible. Nevermind that, she thought, we'll eventually do it, sooner or later. I need to control myself better though… he's going to think that I'm some hormone-crazed teen. But he's so handsome and sexy… It's not gonna be easy…

"Gohan, hey! There you are!" Goku exclaimed, seeing his son come out of the castle.

The young warrior frowned when he saw the fat Buu among his friends and family. His power level skyrocketed instinctively in an instant, attracting the attention of all those who could sense ki. And except Piccolo, Dende, Trunks, Goten and Goku, who knew just how strong Gohan had become, they were all shocked by the raw power that emanated from the half Saiyajin.

"What is he doing here?" he asked firmly, not breaking eye contact with the big, pink creature.

"Wow…His power increased again…" Krillin whispered, stunned.

"When did he become so powerful…?" wondered Master Roshi, looking away from Eighteen's behind to stare at the Mystic warrior in astonishment.

"No kidding… Remind me to never tease him again, Puar," said Yamcha to his floating friend, who simply nodded. Even though Puar, like most of the people on the Lookout, wasn't able to sense and tell how strong someone was, they could all feel the thick tension in the atmosphere, created by Gohan's still growing power level.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared right in front of Buu. That creature had almost killed him; he had turned the whole population of the Earth to some kind of sweet and had eaten them, had destroyed big cities for fun. Gohan stared at him unblinkingly, for a long time; Goku was about to intervene before his son attacked their new ally, but the young man finally spoke.

"There is… no more evil in you. When did you become good?"

Buu grinned and replied happily, "When bad guys nearly killed my friend Hercule, all the evil in me got out, and you fought him afterwards. He had turned me into chocolate and absorbed my power, but you beat him easily."

"I see," nodded Gohan. Then he smiled and added, "Yeah, Piccolo vaguely told me about it. Mr. Satan became friends with you and made you promise not to kill anymore, right?"

Buu nodded his head. "I won't kill anymore. But I want to fight with you and your friends again, we'll have lots of fun."

Gohan chuckled and turned to his father. "We found a great ally this time, didn't we dad? You might not need to fight the next time we have an enemy, with the kids' fusion and Buu."

"You mean… there's going to be more of them?"

Videl's question was met with uncomfortable silence. Of course, except for Cell, she had no idea that Majin Buu was far from the first to threaten the peace on their planet. No one knew how to answer her, not wanting to scare her off if they told her what awaited her in a life with a warrior who had to protect the Earth. Though they may love each other, Videl may not wish to live with a man that might die too young.

"Most likely, yes," Gohan replied, walking towards her. He was staring right into her eyes, his face serious, even though deep down he was terrified that Videl might not want to be with a warrior like him. "My father fought to save the Earth well before I was born, and he kept doing it all along his life; he died twice sacrificing himself to save us. I've been training since I was four to help him, and I eventually surpassed him seven years ago. This is what my life is like, Videl. I'm not just the class' biggest nerd, or the shy boy who fell in love with you since the first day. I'm a warrior, I protect the Earth and its inhabitants, I fight against those who threaten the peace, because it's in my blood."

Gohan paused, closing his eyes and breathing in deeply, gathering his courage in order to finally tell her his biggest secret. He hadn't planned to tell her like this, in front of everyone, but it was too late to back down now. He opened his eyes then, staring intensely into her blue depths, now standing right before her.

"To be more precise, I'm a Saiyajin. My dad and Vegeta are the last full-blooded Saiyajins alive, the race being almost extinct today. Saiyajins are alien warriors, the most powerful beings in the universe, with endless potential. They used to work for a tyrant, eradicating the people of the most beautiful and resourceful planets of the universe in order to grow the empire of that monster. But that tyrant, Frieza, decided to get rid of the Saiyajins and their planet, because he feared the legend of the Super Saiyajin. Vegeta and my dad were among the few survivors, and the two others were killed years ago."

Silence followed, weighing down the Lookout at the end of Gohan's explanation, everyone anxiously waiting for Videl's reaction. She was looking at him with wide eyes, her lips slightly parted, seeming completely dumbstruck by this revelation.

"So you are…" she started, but her voice trailed off as she barely realized the meaning of the words that the man she loved had spoken. He smiled sadly.

"I was born on Earth, and my mother is from here too. But my dad is an alien, which makes me half Earthling and half Saiyajin."

Videl felt her heart sink. So this was his terrible secret, which he had been so reluctant to tell her… She could understand his worry, but to think that he had kept this secret to himself all this time, convinced that she would reject him if she knew his true nature…

"Can we… go elsewhere? I need to talk to you, in private," she said in a weak voice, her head lowered. It was all so much to take in at once…

Gohan sighed, running his hand through his spiky hair. "If you want to reject me, just say it Videl. I'm aware that being with an alien warrior isn't very appealing, and I'll understand if you'd rather be with someone who isn't going to go fighting and might not come back. You don't need to go easy on me if you don't want to be with me, I'll survive."

Videl frowned. Yes, this discovery scared her a bit, and it was true that she was having trouble realizing that Gohan was much more different than she'd thought, but she never intended to reject him. Was he really that stupid? Couldn't he see just how crazy she was about him? That she only dreamed of finally being with him and living the rest of her life by his side? Was he blind or something?

"Well I won't," she retorted, her mind set. "You may have not noticed it, Gohan, but I'm completely in love with you. And even if our future is unsure, even if you might die young and leave me too soon, I'm determined to spend all the time we have left with you. And you don't have a say in it."

Gohan blinked, thoroughly taken by surprise by Videl's declaration of love. "I don't have a say in it…?"

"No, you don't. You are mine and I am yours, period."

A gentle smile formed on his lips, and he pulled her to him, placing his forehead against hers as he relished in pure bliss. And as he leaned down to kiss her at last, he forgot that all of his friends, his family, as well as Videl's father were watching them. He didn't pay attention to Mr. Satan, who was being held back lazily by Piccolo and Dende, the later covering his hands over the hairy man's mouth to stop him from yelling his indignation, because the overprotective father was nowhere near ready to let his little girl go, whether she was in love or not. Gohan didn't notice either how his mother's eyes sparkled with tears of joy, or his father's big grin, or that his brother and Trunks had disappeared somewhere to do god knows what. He also didn't see either the smirks on most of his friends' faces, who couldn't wait to tease him about Videl for the upcoming years; although they weren't sure they wanted to face the wrath of the overpowered warrior that Gohan had become. In any case, just the thought of how much Gohan was going to be embarrassed when he became aware that he and Videl had watchers delighted them, and they didn't lose their smirks.

Videl closed her eyes, and felt Gohan's lips kissing her really softly, like a caress. It was so tender, so gentle, so sweet, and it felt just so good… She wouldn't be able to go without that boy now.

"I love you…" he whispered against her lips, before deepening the kiss, holding her firmly against him as he completely forgot about the audience around them.

The two lovebirds lost themselves completely in the kiss, not caring about the rest of the world. Their love was all that mattered, and now that they finally confessed their feelings to each other as well as all their secrets, nothing could drive them apart.

Besides, no one would be stupid enough to try to get in their way: the Mystic warrior would beat them up without any hesitation, that was for sure. And his aggressive girlfriend would no doubt put them through hell.

What a particular couple they made, those two.

To Be Continued…