Today is the anniversary of the end of Secret Heart! That's right, it's been a year since I published the last chapter of this fanfic (it's past midnight here in France so it is September 7th for me!). Time flies, huh? To celebrate its one year anniversary, I present you the "cut scene" that I hadn't written for the last update: the first time of our two lovebirds! (If you need to refresh your memory, don't hesitate to re-read the last chapter: the scene takes places right after the first scene of the chapter.)


Secret Heart

Bonus Scene

He should have known better. Or maybe he did, and in spite of it, against his better judgment, Gohan still went to see Videl that night.

Alone. With her. In her bedroom. In the dark.

And then, naturally, they started kissing... And really, he had waited way too long for them to get together so now that he was actually allowed to kiss her whenever he liked, the young man was definitely not going to pass up on any opportunity to do so. And it felt so amazing. Better than ever. He just couldn't get enough of this – kissing Videl, holding her close, basking in all these wonderful, delicious sensations.

And that was precisely the problem.

Really, he should've known better. How did he even end up in the bed with her? He honestly had no idea, and his head was too cloudy and fuzzy to try and remember how they ended up in that position, with him lying on top of her, kissing her again and again, and with one of her legs wrapped around his midsection – wait, he had grabbed her thigh at some point, hadn't he?

Gohan had never disliked clothing fabric more than in that moment.

His mind was entirely clouded with the feeling of her lips, the sound of her muffled moans, the delicious, intoxicating scent of her, and the only thing he could register was the way her curves pressed up against his angular, strong body, and how her soft hands cupped his face, pulling him closer. Gohan lost himself to these sensations, and only craved for Videl more. His hands tightening on her hips, he kissed her more avidly, drunkenly seeking more contact with her.

Completely out of breath, they pulled apart slightly, and through half-lidded eyes Gohan watched as a blissful smile slowly curved Videl's swollen lips, her eyes still closed. His throat tightened, his mouth felt dry, his heart felt like it was about to explode, and breathing was becoming harder for him suddenly.

"What are you doing to me…" he whispered hoarsely, more to himself than to her, as he pressed his forehead against hers, closing his eyes.

She giggled. He pulled back slightly, tracing her chin with his thumb, while the rest of his fingers tangled into her raven hair. Two pairs of half-lidded eyes met. Gohan tried to find any sign in Videl's that he should stop, pull away, or leave altogether. Heaving in and out deeply, his chest pressed up against her breasts, the teen tried to focus, and he forced himself to control his urge to just take her, right there and now. But the beautiful temptress wasn't going to make it easy for him; she brought him back down and resumed kissing him, and for the life of him Gohan could not bring himself to stop her.

Ah, who was he trying to fool? He wanted this. With Videl. He wanted her. Now. He'd waited, dreamed for this moment for too long. He didn't want to think anymore, or worry about the details. Yes, they were going too fast, and it was most definitely too soon. Right now, though, Gohan didn't want to think of all that. He just wanted Videl.

He moved his kisses along her jawline, down her throat, loving the way her body responded to his touch. He kept moving lower, to her clavicle, and then her chest, leaving hot kisses all over her cleavage. Videl grabbed the hem of his shirt and started pulling it up. Getting the message, Gohan pulled back slightly and raised his arms, allowing Videl to take off his shirt.

He looked down at her. She was staring at his torso, her lips parted, and despite the darkness Gohan could make out the deep blush across her face. Videl traced the contour of his muscles with her hands, from his shoulder, to his chest, and down his abs, and Gohan felt himself grow breathless at her touch. She reached his belt, and her gaze met his as she started untying it. Gohan watched her, his heart pounding hard.

It was really happening. He was going to make Videl his, tonight, and there was no going back now.

She was only wearing a nightshirt and her underwear. While her hands were busy lowering his training pants, Gohan slid his hands under her baggy shirt and took the hem of her panties between his thumbs and forefingers; his held his breath, and looked back at Videl, still making sure that this was okay despite how far they'd gone. She smiled at him, and reached up to kiss his lips, letting go of his pants that were still halfway on his thighs to hold his face between her hands. While responding to the kiss, Gohan began lowering her panties until they were off her beautiful legs. Then, he kicked his own pants off, before grabbing the hem of her nightshirt and pulling it up. He broke the kiss in order to pull it over her head, and Videl raised her arms to help him.

And Gohan stared.

His throat tightened. She was so… gorgeous. Every inch of her was pure perfection. Gohan swallowed thickly, letting his eyes travel along Videl's naked body. God, she was simply the most beautiful thing in the world. Her graceful neck, her generous breasts, her flat stomach… When his eyes lowered to her intimate parts, Videl crossed her thighs in a sudden fit of shyness. He looked back up at her and smiled; Gohan lied down on top of her, breathing out a sigh of delight at the way her bare skin felt against his. He kissed her. He kissed Videl long and deep, letting his tongue into her mouth, savoring her delicious taste. She wrapped her arms around his neck, while Gohan reached behind him and pulled down his boxers as far as he could, finishing by kicking them off his legs.

He pulled back from the kiss, breathlessly staring at the beautiful girl lying under him.

"I… I want to see it," she whispered. Gohan straightened himself, kneeling over her, his arms extended as he held onto the mattress, his hands on either side of her head – and Videl stared at his crotch. Hesitantly, tentatively, her hand approached his hardened member, and Gohan let out a hiss when she wrapped her fingers around his erection.

He suddenly felt weak, and almost collapsed on top of her. He managed to carefully lay back on top of her body, and Videl guided him to her entrance.

The tip touched her, and Gohan groaned, burying his face in the crook of her neck and in her beautiful hair. "Vi… Videl… I… I'm gonna… put it all the way in… okay?"

"Yes…" she replied in a shaky breath, and let go of him, moving her arms around his broad back.

Gohan straighten himself enough to look at Videl, and cupped her cheek with his left hand; he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her deeply, while grabbing her hip with his right hand. In a swift movement, Gohan pushed himself inside her tight walls.

He detached his lips from hers, letting out a long groan. Oh god, it felt so good. She was so warm and slippery inside, and the way she was tightening around him… Gohan felt like he could come just from the feel of Videl around him.

"You… okay?" he asked, panting hard, his heart tightening as he watched her tense expression. His thumb stroked her cheek, and Gohan kissed her lips gently, hoping to appease her pain. Though he died to start moving and thrust deeper, Gohan forced himself to stay still, allowing Videl to adjust to his size. He started kissing his way to her throat, licking, nibbling her skin on his way, and moved his left hand to her chest, cupping the soft mound. He squeezed, flicked the nipple with his thumb, and Videl let out a moan, arching her back. She grabbed his head and brought him up for another kiss; she was squirming under him, and Gohan figured that he could start moving now.

He pulled back until only the tip was inside, and then thrust forward all the way in. He heaved out a shaky breath, and proceeded to repeat the action, and again, and again. He was speeding up, creating a delicious friction; his lips were still on hers, and Gohan kissed Videl harder as he thrust deeper and faster into her. Gahh… She was so tight and hot inside…

"G… Gohan…" she murmured breathlessly, just over his mouth. Gohan grabbed her hips with both hands and pounded her harder, craving for more of the wonderful friction.

He wanted more. More of her beautiful skin, of her intoxicating touch, of her delicious lips, of her lovely scent. He wanted more of Videl. She made him feel so alive, so complete. It was like he had broken into pieces and she was putting him back together, somehow making him feel better than ever before.

Gohan blinked when he found himself on his back. Videl smirked down at him, and placed her hands on his torso for leverage; she started riding him, and her back arched, her eyes tightly shut, her face flushed – and Gohan stared. His eyes never detached from the sight of her, on top of him, doing her thing, while he moved his pelvis to meet her movements, his fingers digging into her hips.

She was so beautiful. The way her long raven hair swayed, and the way her breasts moved up and down, as she rode him deep and hard… She looked so hot and gorgeous.

She was a goddess.

She was his. Only his.

He was unable to resist, and grabbed her by the back of her neck to bring her lips back on to his, kissing her hard. Videl moaned into his mouth. Her walls tightened around him suddenly, and then the tremors were unbelievable. She stopped moving and cried out his name into the crook of his neck, while Gohan kept pushing his hips up through her orgasm, feeling himself getting close as well.

"I love you," he breathed to her ear, wrapping his left arm around her waist while his right hand cupped her ass, guiding her to him with each of his thrusts.

"G… Gohan… Gohan…" she moaned, and supported herself with her elbows, placing them on either side of his head; her long hair pooled around him, and Videl looked at him pleadingly. "Gohan… I… I'm gonna… again…"

God, she looked so unbelievably sexy, just the sight of her was turning him on like crazy. He kissed her lips again, and then he kissed her throat, her neck, and finished his course between her breasts, moving both of his hands to squeeze them on his face as he nuzzled her chest. Ahh… It felt so good… He was going to burst…

The tremors shook around him again, and this time it was too much for Gohan. He cried out against her skin, his whole body convulsing and his mind going white as he came inside of Videl.

She collapsed on top of him, and Gohan held her close, kissing her neck softly. Videl let out a sigh, burying her face in the crook of his neck.

"I love you so much, Gohan," she whispered breathlessly, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. "I never want to be apart from you again."

He stroked her hair, running his fingers through the silky tendrils. "We'll never be apart, not if I can help it. I promise."

She raised her head and kissed him. Gohan felt his heart swelling inside his chest. He stroked her cheek when they pulled back, and took a moment to stare at the beautiful girl he was lucky enough to call his.

Videl smiled blissfully, and pressed her forehead to his. "I love you," she murmured again.

Gohan smiled back, his eyes falling shut again. "And I love you."

September 7, 2015