The Last Truck Stop

Story Summary: He'd always be her Chu-Chu Chuck. Bittersweet ChuckBlair.

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Time Stamp: Written May 19th; Updated May 21st, 2008.

Rating: T/PG-13

Author's Starting Notes: Before people ask, the Chu-Chu Chuck thing, yeah, totally mine. Just thought of that today while laughing it up with my little homie. She's awesome, she's like thirteen but really cool… for an eighth grader, LOL, JK. I just saw the season finale of GG and I swear, if you do not want to know about it, stay the hell away from my profile. It is about to be like dedicated to the season finale. Scrapping mostly everything I had before. Oh, and I changed the poll at the top of my profile, same basic idea yet very different…. Weird, so, now, you may read.


It's the end of the line. Every single thing in the world must come to an end eventually. They are no different. The sulking clouds cover the midnight moon cloaking the two loan figures under the stars. The night is so quiet, so calm, the two people are whispering as if to save the serenity.

"So… this is it?" she asks gazing up from her peep-toe pumps towards the boy before her. He stares intently into the surrounding area careful not to look at her. If he did, his stance would surely falter.

"Yeah, it is," he says sullenly

The tears find their way to the back of her throat and she blinks them back forcefully. She's stronger than that. She's had plenty of break-ups previously. This one is no different. It makes no difference that he is probably the most brilliant person she's ever known. It doesn't even occur to her that he's the only guy who hasn't left her at some point or another. And, it's certainly irrelevant the amount of hours he put into reviving her self-image after she had yet another break down a few months prior. She could not care less about him. No really, it's hard to stop caring about a person you lo-like.

"How are we going to do this? Stay friends I mean. We've been together for so long…"

"Not that long, just a few months really,"

"Thirteen months, two weeks, and four days,"

"Actually, I think it's five days,"

"Yeah, you're probably right,"

No, he is right. He's always right. He was right about Nate and Serena, about her parents, and even right about Eric. Why wouldn't he be right now?

"This won't change anything, between us. We're still going to hang out… when I fly in from California of course. That is, if you haven't already found some new guy from downtown like S, and I haven't found myself a nice little beach bunny, ha!"

Her lip begins to tremble and she finds herself launching into his arms sooner rather than later. He catches her as if he was expecting it and holds her as she sobs into him. She's been holding it in for so damn long. He's leaving. He's moving to the other side of the country leaving her behind like so many men have done before him. She's always the one left barely standing on her own two feet as everyone else goes running after their dreams, their ambitions, their futures. She just can't keep it inside anymore.

"Please, don't go," she whispers into his soaked shirt. It is a futile effort, she knows. He has to go for school. That doesn't mean she's okay with it though.

"I have to," he says back

"No, you don't," she urges pulling away from him slightly, "You can stay here, with me. We don't have to be apart. You can move into the penthouse. We can hirer some tutors and-and what about our life together? What about the good times you promised me? What's going to happen to those?"

"They're going to have to wait," he concludes dejectedly, "I won't get anywhere without an education. California offers what I need,"

"But what about me? I thought you needed me, wanted me… loved me,"

"I do love you," he says before she can go any further, "I love you with all my heart. You're my world, B. However, I'm not going to live in my world much longer. Senior year is right around the corner and I need to have something waiting for me that is stronger than love. I need security,"

She laughs in spite of herself retching away from the man she cares for so deeply. How can he say all of this-this shit? It's nothing but the lies his father programmed into him. He doesn't want that. She knows him, better than he knows himself, but he won't listen anymore. He's beyond reasoning. He's beyond what she can handle.

"Fine," she finally says upon realizing how insane she must look


"I'm fine. You're fine, California is fine, and us breaking up is so fucking fine!" She looks at him with such hatred and loathing that he feels like his heart could stop, "I thought you were different, Chuck. I thought you would be there for me, forever and for always. Then, now, and forever, remember?"

She pulls up the chain she wears around her neck and he winces shamefully. Memories of the fine occasion flooded back to him engulfing his person in the days of yesteryear.

It was their one-year anniversary. It was a surprise to everyone they had lasted that long. Chuck Bass didn't date for one, and, since when could it last more than two weeks? He seemed to have changed for her. He needn't convince anyone of that anymore, lest himself. All his life, he had messed things up when they were going well. Burn all hopes and dreams to the ground forcing himself and whoever was involved to start over from the very beginning. He didn't want that to happen with Blair. He loved her. He would show her how much he truly cared.

He reached under his bed and pulled out the old shoebox he had kept hidden for as long as he could remember. Carefully removing the lid, he saw exactly what he needed. Three hours and thirty-five hundred dollars later, he was ready to see his girlfriend of twelve whole months.

His driver opened the door revealing the beautiful female to him. She was dressed from her head to her toe immaculately. The silky smooth fabric clung to her in all the right places hugging onto the curves her lovely figure held. Her usually bouncy auburn curls were pulled together in such a way that it seemed as if she had just stepped from her shower and walked outside looking like an angel straight from the heavens. Unlike past encounters, confidence seemed to flow from every fiber in her being just screaming the ultimate power she held within her grasp. He'd never admit it, but she left him stunned every time.

"Wow, Waldorf, hot date tonight?" he asked

"Not really, just some little luncheon with a friend of mine. Thought I'd give him a taste of what he certainly isn't getting tonight," she said

"By the end of the night, B, you'll be singing a different tune," he said

"I doubt it," she said

"Doubt this,"

He tossed the small velour box pink ribbon tied straight into her lap. She stared down at it shell-shocked. It wasn't what she thought it was… was it? He chuckled and flipped the box open, effortlessly bringing a gasp from her perfectly painted lips.

"Chuck," she breathed. He knelt down in the limo and pulled the lovely ring out of the soft velvet.

"This was my mother's engagement ring. She got it from my father and even though, their marriage failed, this ring did not. It survived all of the trauma unscathed and I think we can do the same. I'm not asking you to marry me, just to trust me. I'm saying I promise not to hurt you, promise not to lie, promise to defend you and befriend you with my life, I promise you forever, I promise you today. Blair, will you wear my promise ring?"

"Yes," she reached for the ring and he gently slapped her hand. He turned it in his fingers and showed her the inscription he had engraved just that day. It read:

"C + B: Then, now, and forever."

Only a month since he gave her that ring and he's already tearing apart the foundation of their relationship. The love. He can feel something in the back of his throat threatening to come up, and it's not his lunch.

"I'm sorry," he whispers

"I know," she replies just as softly

"You know, you'll always be my BlairBear,"

"And you'll always be my Chu-Chu Chuck,"

His thumb reacts quickly as yet another tear rolls down her soft cheeks. She can't believe he's doing this. How can he be so sweet when he's leaving her in less than three hours? Doesn't he know this is goodbye.

"Hey, this isn't goodbye, Blair," he says knowing what was crossing her mind.

"Face it, Bass, this is the last truck stop in Manhattan," she says

"Then let's make it a bit longer,"

He smirks and the faintest of grins flashes across her lips.

"What are you thinking?" she asks

"You, me, and Tuscany,"

"What happened to needing your education?"

"Hey, I'm Chuck Bass, I don't care about education. Who needs a future?"

"Uh, you do. And I'm not going to let you throw it away,"

"A moment ago, you were begging me to,"

"I can change my mind, Chuck. It's part of being a woman,"

"Well, I can ignore what you say. It's part of being a man,"

"You aren't a man, Chuck. You're a boy, and, right now, you need to grow up,"

He sighs and gazes into those pools of rich honey.

"Promise me you'll wait for me?"

"I don't do promises, Chuck. They never seem to work out too well,"

"I seem to remember a promise from a long time ago. We said that no matter what nothing would keep us apart for long,"

"We also said that we'd never be more than friends because I belonged to Nate and you belonged to your Georgy,"

"I was five, need I remind you what it was you said that year. I think it resembled-"

"Chuck, let's not waste any time," she interrupts. He's sure she has an ulterior motive for her sudden decision to end the conversation. However, once her perfectly, sculpted plush red lips lightly caress the delicate skin on his neck, all thoughts of motives and goodbyes are lost. It's okay, though, the last truck stop always takes a little longer than the rest.


End Author's Note: How'd you like it? Was it good? Originally, this was just a oneshot but if you guys want more I could continue. It's just up to those of you who review, if I do.

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