AN: Well fans…NCIS family. I would like to express my regrets to Jibbs Fans who hoped something more would come of their relationship on the show. But alas, change is never easy. As I do the TAGS for this finale, I promise that I will do Jen justice. She will be missed; there is no doubt in my mind.

Lastly, I would like to dedicate this first TAG to: elfordmistress.

And send out hugs to Jibbs fans everywhere.


As difficult as it is to say, this may have been more merciful… - Ducky to Gibbs


His footsteps into autopsy were slow and deliberate. An array of emotions were running through his mind; from anger to grief to guilt. He had just been told his team was being separated but instead of starting World War III, his mind was somewhere else. He heard the doors slide close behind him and swallowed hard. Seeing Kate's body wasn't any easier or any harder just different. He had loved Jen, once. The kind of love you don't forget. The kind of love that gave him butterflies each time he saw her and the kind of love that inevitably leaves you with regrets.

He opened the door where he body lay, then closed it. As he did he shut his eyes tight and pictured her face the last time he saw her alive. He had given her a trying smile as he watched her leave for the night, silently wishing she wouldn't be gone for too long. He envisioned himself running after her into the elevator and not letting her leave until he told her everything he'd always wanted to. But then he opened his eyes and the chilling reality hit him hard. He reached for the handle a second time and took in a deep breath as he grabbed the slab and slid it out; as if tearing off a band aid. He wanted to slam his fist into the steel but knew it would only be a momentary distraction to the emotional pain he was feeling in that moment. He reached for the top of the sheet and slowly and deliberately unveiled her face…his eyes were closed and he gradually lifted his eyes lids to take in the sight. It was in the moment he saw her that he let out a sob that was deafening in the silence of that room.

"I'm so sorry Jenny…so sorry." He paced around to stand behind her and leaned down to place a soft kiss on her forehead. "I missed you then Jen…and I'll miss you now." He reached for the sheet but found himself struggling for minutes to cover her. It was then a comforting hand enclosed his and helped him do what he couldn't. And it was the sound of the door clasping shut that sent Jethro into a bit of tears. He fought it. Fought it hard. But it came. The pain, the regret, the love. It came. His old friend reached out for him in that moment and let Gibbs face bury itself in his chest. He wrapped his arms around him gently and shed a few tears himself.

"She loved you."

Gibbs tried to nod as he eased himself away from the embrace.

"And I loved her."