Twenty thousand people burning.under a cascade of molten lava as it poured down on them from the Mount Vesuvius, and he was the cause. He was a murderer. He was always the murderer trying to redeem his sins but all he caused was more death.

He caused his planet, his people, his friends and family to burn. Screaming out for someone to save them but he watched as they burned.

It was all for the greater cause. One planet or every planets of the universes in all the galaxies? That was his choice but it hadn't caused the pain to soften knowing he had saved everyone else. And now he had the same choice, only this time, it was Pompeii or all of Earth? And he was a murderer of another twenty thousand. Just another to add to the list of deaths he caused.

He watched as the family of four called out to him, begging for help. Just begging for him to save them but he walked away. It wasn't right. They were meant to die. Everyone dies...all things. Everything must come to dust. He just walked away.

Donna couldn't see past the fact they were people. That they had to die because they did. It was a fact. It was her history. Wasn't meant to be changed. A fixed point in time but she wanted to change it. She wanted to warn everyone, to save everyone...but she didn't know that she couldn't or she refused to know. It didn't matter. She couldn't change anything and neither could he.

"Save someone...Not the whole town, someone..."

One wouldn't hurt. He would've saved someone. He wouldn't be a monster. He was still a murderer but at least he could save someone...Rose would've wanted that. Rose would want him to save someone, to stop him from teetering on the edge of destruction. Martha would want it too, especially her being a doctor now or a soon-to-be doctor.

So he set the co-ordinates back for Pompeii, opened the door as light streamed behind him and said, Come with me!"

He was a murderer. It was something he couldn't change but he could redeem from it. Saved billions of people time and time again to make up for every death lost at his hands. He would keep family for families like the Caipiaus' and for Donna and for Martha...and for Rose.