James picked himself up out of the rubble and brushed all the debris off him. He looked all around him and his stomach plummeted. It was chaos. Everything was demolished. There's no way they could've survived.

He heard some noise and took out his wand as he crept up the stairs. He rounded the corner and started down the hall.


"Lily," he embraced her. "Oh, thank goodness you're all right. What about the boys?"

"I didn't hear anything after the blast. Except for a loud shriek."

"I heard that, too. Maybe it was him."

"Wait." Lily stopped suddenly. "Do you hear that?"

"What-" Suddenly, he heard it. A strangled cry coming from the nursery. "Boys?"

They pulled pieces of what used to be the door to the nursery out of their way and saw the room destroyed. Then they heard movement and James saw them: his twin boys were crawling out from under pieces of a bookshelf towards them.

"Harry," Lily picked him up and hugged him tightly. She looked at James, who had Ryan in his arms. "Is he ok?"

"He looks fine. Except-"

"What?" She looked at him.

"Does Harry have a scar on his forehead?"

"Yes." She brushed his hair back. "Shaped like a lightning bolt. Do you think it's from him?"

"Yeah. I think it's a curse scar."

"We need to get us away from here, James."

"You mean leave everything and everyone we love?"

"Yes. We need to be safe. Keep our boys safe."

"Ok. We'll go." James embraced her. "We'll go to the states. Live like muggles. You can teach me."