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Chapter 16—Diagon Alley

Harry and Ryan awoke one morning and bolted out of bed. Today they would be going to Diagon Alley to get all their school supplies. They quickly climbed out of bed and rushed downstairs. They found their parents with Sirius and Remus in the sitting room.

"What's the hurry, boys?" James smiled at them.

"You said we're going to Diagon Alley today." Harry told them. "When are we going?"

"Well, not right this minute." Lily told them. "Your brother and sisters aren't even awake yet."

"Can we wake them?" Ryan asked.

"No. We have all day."

"Come in here, you two. We need to talk to you." James told them and they walked in and sat on the couch beside Sirius and Remus.

"Now we don't want you to worry about Peter Pettigrew anymore," Lily told them. "He is in Azkaban prison indefinitely. So there's nothing to worry about anymore."

"So is he going to get the dementor's kiss?" Ryan asked.

"Yes." James said and they nodded.

"Mom! Dad!" Riley came downstairs with Callie. "Kim and Cammy are up!"

"I'll get them." James stood up and walked out.

"I'll start breakfast." Lily walked into the kitchen.

"Are you boys ok?" Remus looked at Harry and Ryan after James and Lily left. "There really is nothing to worry about."

"So there's no way that he could escape or anything?" Harry asked.

"No. It's a high-security prison." Sirius told them and they nodded.

A little while later, they all finished breakfast and went to get dressed. They all met in the kitchen and gathered around the fireplace as James and Lily explained how to use the floo.

"Since it's everyone's first time doing this, you'll each go with one of us." Lily told them. "You have to speak loudly and very clearly."

Harry went with Sirius in the floo and they stepped out in the Leaky Cauldron. Ryan followed with Remus, then James with Riley and Callie, and Lily holding both Kim and Cammy.

"Not bad for your guys' first time." James told them all.

"It's Harry and Ryan Potter," they turned around and saw everyone in the pub looking at them.

Harry and Ryan were both flustered as everyone tried to come over and shake their hands. Sirius and Remus, sensing their sudden shyness, helped James to shield them both as they snuck them into the alley and tapped the bricks that opened into Diagon Alley.

"You weren't kidding when you told us how people would react to us." Ryan said as he looked all around him as they passed all the different shops.

"Can you imagine what it's going to be like when we go to school?" Harry glanced at Ryan as he coughed a little.

"Are you ok?" Sirius looked at him.

"I think I breathed in some ash when we used the floo."

"Here," James discretely slipped him an inhaler. "Just in case."

James, Ryan, Sirius, and Remus blocked him from view as he took a puff from it, knowing how he felt about using it in public.

"Where are we going first?" Ryan asked.

"We need to go to Gringott's first and get some money out." Lily told them.

"It's guarded by goblins, right?" Harry asked, having read some things the day before.

"That's right." Lily smiled and glanced at James. "You take them. I'll stay out here with the kids. I don't think Kim and Cammy will be able to handle those carts. They barely got through the floo without getting sick."

"I'll help you with them," Remus told her and they sat at a nearby table as Sirius followed James, Harry, and Ryan into the bank.

Ryan and Harry got a little sick as the cart took all the twists and turns as it made its way to the family vault. James got a couple handfuls of coins for them both and they made their way back up. They walked outside and saw Lily and Remus talking to a giant of a man.

"Hagrid?" James smiled at him as he turned around to look at them.

"James Potter," he bellowed and smiled down at Harry and Ryan.

"What brings you here today?"

"Official Hogwarts business. Dumbledore asked me to pick something up for him." He informed him. "Anyway, I can't stay. I should be getting back."

"Nice seeing you again." James called after him.

"How do you know him?" Ryan asked.

"He's the groundskeeper at Hogwarts." James told them. "Anyway, let's get started on this list."

"Where to first?" Lily asked.

"Might as well get their school books," James gestured to the store across from them, Flourish and Blotts.

They walked into the shop and got two sets of spell books for them. Next they stopped at the apothecary for a standard set of potion supplies. They also picked up a pewter cauldron, glass phials, and dragon-hide gloves. Lily said they could go get their school robes by themselves and to meet them at Flourene Fortecue's Ice Cream Parlor when they were done.

They walked into the shop and approached the front counter as a tiny witch came out to them.

"Hogwarts, dears? First years?" she asked them and they nodded. "Step up onto the stools. I'm just finishing another young man's."

They followed her to the back of the shop where a kid with blond hair was getting fitted. They recognized him immediately from Sirius' description and glanced at each other as they made sure their hair was covering their scars. They stepped onto the stools as they were measured and the witch started to pin the material to the right length.

"You going to Hogwarts?" the boy drawled as he looked at them and they nodded. "Do you know what house you'll be in?"

"Nobody does until they get there." Harry said matter-of-factly.

"Of course. But I'll be in Slytherin. My family has been in that house for generations."

"Oh. That's too bad." Ryan said and Harry chuckled.

"What house will you be in then?" he glared at them.

"I don't care as long as it's not Slytherin."

"Same here." Harry said.

"What are your names?" he looked at them quizzically.

"You're all done." The witch told them and they hopped off the stools as they took their packages out of the store and met everyone at the ice cream parlor.

"How'd it go?" Lily asked them.

"Draco Malfoy was in there," Harry told them.

"Did he say anything to you?" Sirius suddenly got a dark look.

"He didn't know who we were." Ryan told them. "Where's dad and Remus?"

"He had to make a quick stop. Remus decided to go with him." Lily gave them some money and they walked to the counter to order their ice cream.

After Harry and Ryan went to get their school robes, James and Remus apparated to just outside the Hogwarts grounds. They walked through the castle doors and tried to remember from their school years where the headmaster's office was.

"James Potter," he heard a stern voice behind him.

"It wasn't me," he spotted Minerva McGonagall. "Sorry. Reflex. For a moment, I thought I was back in school."

"Yes, well." She offered him a rare smile as Remus tried to suppress a laugh. "What are you doing here?"

"My sons, Harry and Ryan will be starting here this term." He told her.

"Yes, I'm aware of that."

"Harry has asthma. I assume you know what that is."

"Of course."

"We thought his Head of House should get one of his inhalers just in case something happens. I guess you should get it for now."

"I'll be sure to give it to his Head of House after he's sorted."

"I also have one for Madam Pomphrey, Madam Hooch, and-" he started listing off names as he handed the rescue inhalers over to her.

"I'll make sure they get them." Professor McGonagall told him.

"There's one more teacher that I think should get one. The Potions teacher. Which is why Remus is here in case my temper gets away from me."

"I think I'll go with you two." McGonagall followed them down to the dungeons and James knocked on the office door.

They heard someone give them permission to enter and the three of them entered the room.

"Professor, what brings you-" Snape stopped talking as he spotted the two other people. "What are you doing here, Potter?"

"Look, it's been a long time since we were in school. I'm not proud of what I did back then. I was just a kid. I think we should put all that behind us."

"If this is so I won't be too hard on your kids-"

"In a way," James started.

"I think it's commendable of James to do this." Professor McGonagall told Severus. "It's time to put these childish games behind us all."

"There is another reason why I came." James told him.

"I knew it."

"One of my boys, Harry, he has asthma." James explained. "There is a chance that he may have a reaction to this classroom. I want you to keep one of these in here just in case."

"I assume you wouldn't want even James' son to suffer because of what happened in your school days." McGonagall said sternly as James handed the last rescue inhaler to Severus.

"I'm not that much of a monster," he reluctantly took the inhaler from James. "I'll keep it here for him just in case."

"Thank you," James eventually walked out of the room followed by the other two. "That went better than I thought it would."

"I thought for sure you would lose your temper in there." Remus said.

"Me, too. I surprised myself." James sighed. "We'd better get back to Diagon Alley."

McGonagall walked them out of the school and waited until they had apparated before she walked back into the school.

James and Remus caught up to everyone as they were leaving the ice cream parlor. Harry and Ryan saw them coming and called out to them.

"Dad, come on! We're getting our wands!" James smiled as they followed them into Ollivander's.

"Where is he?" Ryan rushed to the counter followed by Harry.

"I wondered when you two would be here," an older man came out to them.

Harry glanced at his parents and they gave him reassuring smiles. Mr. Ollivander started measuring their arms and brought out two wands and handed them to each of them. They waved them and all the boxes on the nearby shelf flew across the room. They spent the next ten minutes trying out wand after wand. Then Mr. Ollivander brought two boxes to them and they opened them and took out the wands. Suddenly, there were two identical bright lights surrounding them both.

"Very curious," Mr. Ollivander mumbled.

"What's curious?" Harry asked.

"It just so happens that the phoenix feathers that reside in both those wands, gave to one other wand."

"Do you know who?" Ryan asked.

"The one who gave you those scars." Both Harry and Ryan looked at their parents as James thanked Mr. Ollivander and led them out of the shop.

"What does that mean?" Harry looked at Lily as they started down the cobbled street again.

"The wand chooses the wizard," she explained to them both. "No one knows why."


"It's nothing to worry about." James assured them. "We have one more stop to make."

James led them into the Magical Menagerie and Harry and James looked all around at the different animals.

"We plan on writing you guys all the time when you're away at school." Lily told them. "So we thought you both should get your own owl."

"We each get our own?" Ryan asked. "We don't have to share?"

"No sharing." James told them as Harry went to an owl in a cage near the windows and Ryan went to one by the counter.

"I like this one." Harry told Lily as she came up to him when she saw him looking at a snowy owl. "Can I get it?"

"Of course." She smiled as she saw Ryan holding a cage with a gray owl in it and looked over at James. "I think they found the ones they wanted."

The family walked out of the shop with two cages that contained the owls. Remus and Sirius followed behind them as they went back to the Leaky Cauldron and flooed back to their home.

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