Sasori looked down at his lopped off wooden hand, and then back at Naruto, who was glaring at him murderously as he pointed his massive blade at the large puppet. "You're dead!" Sasori chuckled in that deep voice of his as his other hand swiftly yanked down the beard of his puppet, and revealed a now open jaw.

"I'm afraid that would be you."

A second later, a poison smoke shot out, and Yourichi winced as she knew that if they breathed in that stuff, they were dead meat. She closed her eyes and waited for it to hit, while Yugito stamped her foot into the sand, cursing alloud as it seemed like Naruto was screwed. "Oh crap-

But once again, Naruto proved to be FULL of surprises. Faster than the eye could see, he grabbed the smoke bomb, and heaved it back at Sasori, the purple cloud appearing as it exploded on contact with the wood, enveloping the puppet user in a cloud of the purple fog.

Naruto smirked as the puppet was lost from sight, and for a moment, it seemed that he had won the day. "Heh. Looks like you just got a taste of your own medicine."

Believing his opponent to be dead, or near dying, he made a foolish mistake.

He turned his back to his enemy, thinking that he had won.

And that foolish act cost him.

As if he had been waiting for that exact moment, that split second lowering of his guard, Sasori struck. In a blur of movement, out of the smoke, the tail of the puppet lashed out, moving incredibly fast, its jagged tip on a collision course with Naruto's back. 'Fool. NEVER turn your back to your opponent until you have made certain he is no longer alive. Now you'll pay the price for letting down your guard.'

Naruto had only a split second to react, and the only warning he received was a shout from Gaara. "Uzumaki! Behind you! His tail!"

Then Naruto heard the wind whipping off the tail, and that told him an attack was coming. "Crap! I let my guard down!"


Time seemed to slow as he began to turn, spinning on one heel and kicking up sand, as a scowl appeared on his features, drawing his red eyes narrow as he hissed in surprise, swinging his blade around to guard-

But not fast enough, as he only managed to spin halfway, and the tip of the tail scratched through his sleeve, drawing blood. Luckily, he had avoided a fatal injury, and before Sasori's tail could whip at him again, he had gotten Zangetsu around, and now the giant butcher like sword grinded against the steel/wood of Sasori's tail, drawing sparks here and there as he clashed against it.

But oddly enough, he found his strength fading, as if it was being sapped from his body. 'What the-

Then frowned as he heard the puppet began to laugh, then soon found out why, as pain coursed through his body, the sheer intensity of it nearly forcing him to his knees. "Crap. It was poison tipped. You use poison techniques."

The purple smoke then cleared, revealing Sasori's puppet smirking, the facial gesture making him all the more terrifying, as his face looked like a demented scarecrow. "Ah, I see you catch on quick...Kyuubi vessel." Naruto hissed in surprise at that, his eyes going wide with shock that he somehow knew. "How did you-

He was ignored, as the puppet swiveled its head to look at Yoruichi and Yugito who were both helping a now awake Gaara to his feet. "And it would seem that those two each have half of the Nibi sealed within them. Looks like we'll be getting three Jinchuuriki, for the price of one."

Naruto snarled in anger as he pushed against the tail, the wood and metal creaking against his mighty weapon as they clashed, whilst inwardly he was fighting the poison's effects that were trying to shut down his systems, and force him into unconciousness, making him an easy target for capture.

But poison or not, Sasori did not know of Naruto's iron will. He never gave up, even when things seemed hopless for him. And despite the grimace of pain on his face, he ground out the words, speaking through his teeth, as his expression turned murderous. "I... don't... think... so! It'll take more-

He bared his fangs as three tails of red chakra burst into life behind him, bringing his power to unimaginable levels, increasing his strength, and forcing back the deadly toxin as he gripped the handle of Zangetsu tighter, the force of his grip drawing blood from the palm of his hands as he held the hilt in a death grip. "Than poison to stop me!"

But then Sasori's lack of focus proved deadly, as with one swing of Zangetsu, and a quick burst of chakra from Kushina, gave Naruto the strength he needed to smash aside the tail, twisting and bending the wood at an awkward angle, and rendering it useless in this fight.

Needless to say, Sasori was surprised. Casting a glance at the now useless tail, he sighed in annoyance, masking it, as he turned back to look on Naruto. "Humph. It seems that you're stronger than you look-

Then he saw that Naruto was smirking, and it made him uneasy, causing a frown to form on his face, whilst the puppet just stared at Naruto blankly. "What's so amusing? With that poison in your system, you don't have long to live. I'd be worried if I were you."

Naruto merely smirked as the sand exploded behind him, showering them both in the gravely grains second later, as Gaara was now fully recovered, and looking for payback. "This won't kill me. I have to much to do. I have precious and important people depending on me. Which means-

Sasori looked up as the rain began to intensify, turning from grains, to sharp pellets of hail, and then Gaara, who had begun gathering sand above the two of them, slapped both hands down against the ground, and let loose his attack, whilst the very sand itself reached up to ensnare Sasori's feet, keeping the puppet and its master in place, as the deadly hail fell, now becoming long shafts of hardened sand. 'I can't move. Looks like I let my guard down this time...

"Sand Rain!"

Naruto however had no such thing holding HIM in place, and he promptly sprang backwards out of the way, as the rain concentrated on Sasori, and whilst the Jinchuuriki got out of range, allowing the deadly sand to rain down on the puppet, causing the wood to eventually begin to crack slightly under the constant pummeling.

Then he heard the sound of rapid footsteps, and knew only one other person who possessed enough speed to catch up to them so fast.

He cast Gaara a sidelong look as she tore past, and the Kazekage shuddered a bit as he saw that Sasori was her intended target. "I almost feel sorry for him."

Naruto shrugged as the sand stopped falling, but still held the puppet in place, now fully bogged down with sand. "Don't be. He's getting what he dserves.

Moments later, Sasori now watched from within his puppet, as a pink and red blur came tearing towards him, and NOW he was surprised, as he felt this puppet shatter from an inhumanly powerful punch, followed by a triumphant, "CHA! I got him!"

Annoyed, he watched his puppet shatter, but was then held captive by a cocoon of sand, courtesy of Gaara, who was now fully concious, and NONE too happy with said Akatsuki member, as he raised the coffin of sand into the air, still supported by Yoruich and Yugito, as Naruto stood off to one side, on Yoruichi's left. "This is the end for you."

Gaara closed his hand into a fist now, beginning to tighten the sand around the shattered remains of the puppet, and its master who was hidden within it.

"Sand Burial!"


Android #13 sucked in a ragged breath as was smacked into a wall, leaving a perfect indent of himself in the rock, and leaving him stuck in the stone, as his impact had firmly wedged him in, his hands stuck at his sides, his legs locked together, preventing any means of escape.

Enraged at his helplessness, he shook his head from side to side, the only part of him that was free, while his hands, mere inches from his pockets, and the parts that would grant him his super form, were completely immobile. His silver hair hung in his face, obscuring the left half of his face, his cap lost in the fierce fight that seemed like it had been going on for hours.

Cell had been buried under a mountain of rubble long ago, and alone against the monstrously powerful Buu, #13 had not fared too well. Buu appeared out of the smoke at that instant, and #13 visibly gulped."Dang it. We're gonna end up in pieces at this rate."

Buu however, and for some reason, stopped his slow advance, to standing less than a foot in front of him, laughing insanely as the monster was now confident of his victory. "Buu make you dead now."

#13 was too tired and exhausted to move, and he knew full well he couldn;t get away, as Super Buu held up a pink hand, a sphere of pinkish/purple energy glowing within it, then brought said right hand mere inches from his face. "Say goodbye."

But just before he blasted the weary android into oblivion, Cell tore out of the rubble a flash of yellow ki, moving faster than the eye could see, a blur of orange green and black as he rushed to the aid of his comrade.

Instants later, his socked Buu hard in the jaw with a brutal right hook, and smirked as the pink freak's face contorted in pain, and stretched from the blow. Seconds later, the sheer momentum of the hit took over, and Buu was yet again, sent flying down the hall, roaring his fury as his fun was delayed. "Buu make you pay for that!"

Cell smirked as Buu went through one of the remaining intact walls, his angry shouts growing fainter as he flew back, whilst his now thick tail lashed calmly from side to side, while he seemed as fresh as a daisy, sparks crackling around him to indicate that. He was now somehow in his second form, and as soon as he had realized that, the now reformed android had burst out and clocked the Majin monster with said punch.

"Huh? What was that about goodbye?" He defiantly brought his hands to his sides now, his now blue eyes sparking with anger as the earth began to shake, showing off his power, and raising it as high as it could go, knowing Buu would be back any moment now, hungry for a good fight.

And he intended to give him one. "I'm still getting warmed up here."

Then he looked over his shoulder, and as if on cue, the rock holding #13 shattered, freeing the silver haired android, and the first thing he did with his new freedom was jam both hands into his pockets, and pull out the parts.

Cell turned back to look down the corridor, as #13 pressed the additional machinery into his body, and a smirk was on both their faces. "Shall we continue?" Once more Buu burst out of nowhere, smashing a hole in the roof, and charging forward the instant he fell, and his feet hit the ground.

#13 was more than ready as his skin turned blue, and his muscles began to swell, his sivler hair standing on end, and becoming red now, whilst his eyes turned yellow. "This time its for real. We're going all out!"

Then they two newly powered up androids shot forward, and the battle was joined as the slammed into Buu head on, creating a massive explosion of white light...


Gero staggered backwards, and nearly fell on his butt, as the base shook. "I was afraid of this. Cell and #13 have been forced to power up to hold of Buu." He cast a quick glance to the newly awakened #18, who was now tending to a nasty burn wound on Janemba's back, the demon hissing in pain as she rubbed salve onto it.

She glared at him, her cold light blue eyes, boring into his yellow. "You big baby. That didn't hurt."

He snorted and turned his head away from her, closing his eyes as he did so.

Pan giggled at the antics of the prideful demon.

But Gero knew that they had to leave.


Raising a small radio device to his ear, he spoke into a small black phone. "#17. We need to get out of here. Now. Meet us at the exit."

He got a surprised curse, then the sound of multiple ki blasts, before the teenager responded. "Okay old man! But I might be a little late!"

"Just make sure you don't die."

There was silence for a moment, followed by a roar of anger from the android, then the sound of fists, and kicks flying. "Roger."

Then the line went dead.

Gero turned to the ragged crew before him, and sighed as Pan checked up on Broly, who was now standing under his own power, thanks to Gero's latest creation, the senzu bean. "Everyone, its time to abandon ship."

Broly opened his mouth to protest, but Gero held up a hand, interrupting him. "I already have the plans." The base shook again, more violently this time. "Now we must go!"