On the night the Kyuubi was sealed, the Fourth Hokage wasn't the only one to make a sacrifice. In order to protect his sensei's dignity and his sensei's son, Kakashi is forced by Orochimaru to make a difficult decision. Oneshot but may become a story.


The sealing jutsu was completed.

Kakashi panted as he ran towards where his sensei had fell. He was dimly aware of the temporary shiled being placed around the area. For at least an hour, no one would be able to get in the forest, just in case the Kyuubi had not been properly contained. Kakashi had no such thoughts of the fact the sealing jutsu had not been performed properly. He had a lot of faith in his sensei.

The teenage ANBU captain was currently the only one inside the shield. Kakashi was experiencing a mixture of different emotions at once. The feelings of loss, grief and heart wrenching despair. His sensei was dead. Dead by saving the village hidden in the leaves.

Kakashi gritted his teeth as he continued to run, feeling also worried for the little boy his sensei had been carrying during the sealing jutsu. His sensei's son. Naruto.

Kakashi started as he recognized a familiar chakra signal heading towards the Fourth's body as well. It was the Toad Sage, Jiraiya. Kakashi nodded. It made sense after all.

Finding the Fourth Hokage's body was much worse than Kakashi expected. He quickly checked Minato's pulse for the tiniest chance that his sensei could still be alive. Kakashi's body started to shake violently as he failed to find a pulse beat.

"Baka sensei," Kakashi whispered, angrily wiping away the tears that fell from Obito's eye. "Real baka."

A warm hand clasped Kakashi's shoulder.

"It's alright Kakashi," Jiraiya said sadly. "He's happy."

Kakashi nodded his agreement. It was important to remember that the Konoha's Yellow Flash was happy to die for his beloved village. A baby's cry shattered the night's peace.

Jiraiya and Kakashi looked at each other. Jiraiya gently carried the crying blond baby away from the dead body. Despite everything Jiraiya had to smiled. For though the baby had a seal mark on his tummy, he simply looked so much like his late father.

"Is Naruto alright?" Kakashi asked, standing up from his kneeling position.

"Fine," Jiraiya replied, "except for the fact that there's a demon inside him."

Kakashi flinched slightly. He picked up a sharp rock and allowed it to make a shallow cut on his thumb, causing a small trickle of blood to flow.

"Summoning jutsu!"

A pack of ninja dogs appeared in front of Kakashi. Kakashi smiled at the dogs tiredly and gestured at his sensei's body.

"Sensei…" he murmured helplessly. "Sensei's…dead."

The nin dogs took in the situation quickly. They ran to Kakashi, offering him the comfort he needed. Jiraiya almost smiled at the touching scene in front of him, where all the nin dogs licked and nudged at their master lovingly. Kakashi hugged one of the larger dogs and buried his face in the dog's fur. The teenager's frame shook as he tried to cope with the raw grief at having lost a fatherlike figure.

"Now isn't this touching."

All the nin dogs growled and Jiraiya whipped around with Naruto still in his arms. Kakashi kept his eyes closed for a second longer before raising his head to look at the intruder.

"Orochimaru." Jiraiya snarled. The slim figure leaning against the tree nodded and smiled gleefully.

"Jiraiya." Orochiamaru said, stepping out of the shadows.

"What do you want?" Kakashi asked threateningly. Orochimaru shrugged and moved closer. He leered at the 4th Hokage's fallen body.

"Nothing much." Orochimaru replied. "Just want to pay my respects for the pathetic dead."

"Now tell me what you really came here for Orochimaru." Jiraiya was rigid in fighting stance.

"Minato Namikaze is in the Bingo Book," Orochimaru hissed. "I know quite a lot of people who would pay me a lot of money for his head."

"Not even you would stoop this low." Jiraiya said, looking aghast. But Orochimaru's smirk was enough to convinve him and Kakashi that Orochimaru was serious.

"You're not taking my student's body," Jiraiya yelled angrily and Kakashi growled his answer. His sensei deserved a funeral befitting a Hokage and a hero.

Orochimaru moved quickly and suddenly disappeared. Kakashi could only gasp at the sannin's speed.

"He wants me to fight him." Jiraiya said in a low voice. He handed Naruto to Kakashi and quickly took off after Orochimaru. Kakashi watched him go worriedly. The Toad Sage's cakra levels and strength was low due to the Kyuubi's attack. Orochiamaru stood a better chance at winning the duel then Jiraiya did.

Kakashi looked at the baby inside the bindle of blankets. The baby had blue eyes exactly like his father and the same unruly hair which was also not unlike the way Kakashi's hair stood up. Naruto cooed and giggled softly. Kakashi stared at Naruto remembering his sensei'd last words.

"Protect Naruto for me Kashi and teach him when the time's right. Promise me?"

"You're going to be fine," Kakashi informed the baby orphan. Naruto smiled at Kakashi. His smile was the very same smile that Minaro had always gave Kakashi and Kakashi could already feel his heart breaking.

He knew that the village would treat Naruto the same way they had treated Kakashi. With contempt, hate and fear.


There was a terrific crash and then silence. Kakashi drew Naruto closer to him and looked around warily. The battle between the two sannins was clearly over, but who won?

"Looking for me?"

Kakashi spun around and his eyes narrowed at the amused Snake Sannin.

"What did you do to Jiraiya sama!" Kakashi asked angrily.

"He'll live." Orochimaru said casually and Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn't afford to loose anyone else that night.

"Now," Oroachimaru said, "to get what I came for. If you would just step aside Kakashi kun."

"No." Kakashi growled. "Sensei deserves a decent funeral."

Orochiamaru laughed and came closer.

"Your pathetic excuse for a Hokage is dead," he mocked. "He was never very useful while he was alive but at least now he can be useful to me dead."

"Don't talk about sensei like that!" Kakashi yelled, radiating anger and hate.

"That stupid fool," Orochimaru continued coldly, "didn't realize that his sacrifice was worthless. Konoha is going to crumble whether he likes it or not."

"Chidori!" Kakashi screamed and he zoomed in towards Orochimaru. Naruto was still cradled in his left arm and his right hand was out and surrounded by blue chakra.

Oroachimaru laughed annoyingly and to Kakashi's dismay, grabbed the wrist of his right hand before the Chidori even touched the twisted genius. Kakashi gasped in pain as his wrist was squeezed painfully.

All the nin dogs growled in anger and made to attack Orochimaru but Kakashi stopped them with an order.

"Stay with sensei's body," he gasped out, trying to release Orochimaru's grip on his wrist. The loyal nin dogs retreated reluctantly.

"You know Kakashi," Orochimaru said thoughtfully. "I've always wanted to see what you're hiding under your mask."

Orochimaru's other hand reached out and pulled down Kakashi's mask. Kakashi couldn't do anything to stop him, short of dropping Naruto to move his left hand. Kakashi's face colored in humiliation as his handsome face was exposed.

It was too much for Kakashi's dogs to see their master so defenseless. They barked viciously and leapt forward. But Orochimaru roughly pulled Kakashi towards him by Kakashi's wrist. Orochimaru used one hand to bend Kakashi's right arm backwards painfully and he used his other hand to hold a kunai under Kakashi's chin.

"Unless you want your master's pretty face scarred," Orochimaru said to the dogs, "I suggest that you move away."

Not wanting any harm to come to their master, the nin dogs were forced to retreat. Full of concern for Kakashi, the dogs didn't notice the venomous snakes heading about to attack them. But Kakashi did notice.

"Dismissed!" Kakashi yelled and the nin dogs disappeared in a puff of smoke before the snakes could strile.

Orochiamru hissed in anger and Kakashi suddenly found snakes coiling around his legs, rooting him to the spot. Orochimaru released Kakashi and walked towards Kakashi's sensei. Kakashi snarled as Orochimaru kicked out at the body. Naruto began to cry quietly.

"You know Kakashi," Orochiamru smirked. "I've been thinking that I should take Naruto along with me as well."

"No…" Kakashi whispered horrified. He clung to Naruto tightly.

"Trained properly, Naruto can become a useful weapon to me, what with the nine tails in his body," Orochiamru explained.

"You touch Naruto and I'll-" Kakashi snarled again but was cut off.

"And you'll what?"

Kakashi realized that the snaked around his legs were gone. He was able to move and attack but Kakashi knew it was pointless. Orochimaru had the upper hand and the two geniuses knew it.

Kakashi hugged Naruto tighter. Naruto was his sensei's son. His godbrother. Naruto was his future student. No matter what happened, Kakashi knew that he had to protect Naruto.

Kakashi fell to his knees and bowed his head.

"Please Orochimaru sama," Kakashi said hoarsely. "Don't take sensei's body or Naruto. I'll do anything you want."

"Anything?" Orochimaru raised an eyebrow.

"Anything." Kakashi said heavily.

"Good boy," Orochimaru smirked. "I just so happen to want something from you.

Kakashi raised his head queationingly.

"I want a sixth of your chakra."


Kakashi's mind raced. He knew it was possible to transfer chakra but why did Orochimaru want his chakra? Would it harm the village? Kakashi also knew that he would become somewhat weaker, only able to perform 4 Chidoris a day- but that wasn't important.

"Why?" Kakashi questioned.

"You're not in the position to ask questions Kakashi." Orochinaru said. He suddenly disappeared again and reappeared with Naruto in his arms.

"Naruto!" Kakashi yelled alarmed.

"It's your choice Kakashi kun." Orochimaru said lazily. Naruto started to wail louder as he sensed that something evil was holding him. Kakashi only took a second to decide.

"Fine," Kakashi muttered with distaste.

Orochimaru held out his hand. Kakashi took the hand and screamed in pain as he transferred his chakra. Whilst Kakashi was screaming however, Orochimaru was smiling as he felt his chakra amount increase.

Kakashi finished transferring a sisth of his chakra and he blacked out. The young teenager fell unconscious beside his sensei's prone body. Orochimaru dropped Naruto on Kakashi with disgust and flitted away.

The blond baby stared at the unmasked face for a while before reaching out with a chubby hand to pull Kakashi's mask back on. Just then, the shield was removed and shinobis started to appear at the scene.

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