"W-w-w-what!?" I stammered, "Your giving up us, for her!"

"Im sooo sorry Tenten!" Neji whispered, reaching out to stroke my cheek. I jumped back.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!" I screamed in his ear, he looked hurt, but I didn't care, why should I after what he has just done to me!?

I ran away as fast as i could, which wasn't very fast as the doctor told me too take it easy, or else the morning sickness would be worse then need be. I would have to hand in my maternity leave slip soon. One thing I am dreading now... Maybe I should just run away.

I stopped running and lent against a tree, after sensing he wasn't following me. I felt my stomach churn and I threw up.

"Next time I'm listening to the doctor!" I mumbled, leaning against the tree for support. I stood there for a good five minutes gaining my strength, and turned to leave and go back to the village.

I walked slowly back, there was no need to rush. What was there to return home to? An empty house, that's what. I sighed.

i swung my arms backwards, then forwards, lost in the motion, I felt myself bump into someone. I was sent tumbling to the floor. I closed my eyes, bracing for the impact. I hit the hard floor which sent pain rippling through my body. I gasped with the pain, clutching my stomach.

"Watch where your going Tenten, we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself now would we." Neji sniggered. I looked up. He was stood there, a stupid grin on his face, but when he saw me double over quickly became a look of concern.

He reached down and tried to help me up, I smacked his hand away, and quickly regretted it as once again I hit the floor.

I slowly stood up and lent against the wall, breathing heavily.

"Tenten, are you sure your okay? Is there something your not telling me? Did you get into a fight?" Neji said, voice full of concern.

"None of your business!" I growled at him, turning away and tried to walk. He turned the other was and walked of. I went to the nearest bench and sat down, trying to regain my composure.

I stood up, and decided I didn't want to go home yet, so I walked over to the one place I always go when I need to think. The lake.