Summary: Can Gibbs get his team back together? Set straight after Judgement Day.

A/N I'm a Jibbs fan, and I can't believe what they did!

A/N 2 My first attempt at a story, and I have no beta. Any mistakes are my own.

Set just after the season finale ended.

Chapter 1

Leroy Jethro Gibbs shoved the door open as he reached the catwalk, his team – his old team – behind him. He was still in shock; Jenny was dead and he was getting a new team. He knew of only one person who could help him...

He reached into his pocket and grabbed his cell phone. Dialing the same number he had been trying for the last few days, he slammed it closed in frustration when he was told yet again that the phone was switched off.

"McGee," he barked, not slowing down.

"Err, boss... Gibbs..." he trailed off, unsure what was going on.

"It is possible to locate a cell phone if the phone is turned off?" Gibbs enquired.

"Erm... we no longer work for you. Were you listening to the new Director?"

Gibbs stopped dead in his tracks, turned around and glared at McGee. "You want to be transferred?"

Tony, Ziva and McGee shook their heads at the same time.

Gibbs interrupted them as they opened their mouths to speak. "Is it possible?" he tried again, slower this time.

"If it has a GPS chip in it, which most of the newer ones do, then it could –"

"202-555-1066. How long will it take?"

McGee's response was to race down the stairs and run over to his computer. The others followed more slowly, reaching his desk as the result of his search came back.

"According to this, the number doesn't exist," McGee informed Gibbs, confused.

Gibbs' only response was to dial the number again, this time using the phone on his desk. As he finished dialing, he put it on speakerphone.

"The cellular customer you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try again later."

Tony and Ziva exchanged puzzled looks.

"Trying again, boss," McGee replied.

Gibbs tried to dial the number again from his cell, but slammed it shut as he got the same message.

"This is... odd," McGee muttered, making everyone gather behind him. "OK," he announced. "The number doesn't exist. There's no GPS chip. But it must exist for you to get a message... Who's it registered to? Maybe I can track it that way," he asked Gibbs.

His only reply was a shaken head. Gibbs stormed towards the back elevator, and his team continued to follow.

Abby Scuito stood in her lab, still upset over Jenny's death. She didn't want to work, but knew that the Director – 'the old Director' she reminded herself – would have wanted her to carry on. Inside, she felt miserable. Kate, Paula, Jenny... she was prevented from wondering who would be next on the list when Gibbs barged into her lab.

"Abs! Need you to trace a number," he told her.

She shook her head to clear it. "Yes, oh great one," she replied, without her usual cheerfulness. Still, a puzzle was a puzzle and might distract her from –

"Boss – not boss – Gibbs," McGee broke in. "The number doesn't exist. If I can't find it, how do you expect Abby to?"

Abby whirled around suddenly. "What do you mean 'Not boss'?" she inquired, surprised it had taken her so long to notice it.

"We have all been reassigned," Ziva calmly informed her. "I am going back to Israel –"

"You've been reassigned?" Abby almost screamed. "ALL of you?"

"McGee will still be here," offered Tony, trying to placate her. "But in cyber crime... and I'm going to be an Agent Afloat."

"Abs!" Gibbs tried again. "If you can trace the number, NO-ONE will be reassigned."

She instantly whirled back to her computer. "Tell me."

As Gibbs recited it again, he reached for his cell to attempt calling yet again.

"How can someone countermand the new Director's orders?" Tony queried.

Gibbs closed his cell for what felt like the thousandth time since he had heard about Jenny. "Blackmail. But I personally hope that Leon gets his butt kicked out of DC. Or our new Director might not last the week. It's surprising how fast old enemies can crawl out of the woodwork."

"You want to blackmail the new Director?" McGee looked shocked.

"No. Someone else is going to do the blackmailing."

"You know someone who can blackmail Vance?" Ziva asked, curious despite the situation. "What about?"

"I don't know and I'd rather not find out," Gibbs growled, fed up of the questioning. "Abs!"

"McGee was right, el hefe. The number doesn't exist."

The team all turned to look at Gibbs. He closed his eyes for a few moments, knowing that he couldn't protect them any longer. As he reopened his eyes, he looked around at his team one last time.

"You all did great," he told them, before walking out of the lab.