Don't ask

Don't ask. Just, don't.



Sasuke knew that both he and Naruto had their pride to protect when they where fighting. In everything they did they both had their pride who played a part. Yet, he had Uchiha-pride. While Naruto had ...his pride. Naruto's pride was extraordinary. A different kind of pride hat he protected. That he used to protect everyone. It was like his pride was build on the love that everyone gave him.

And for strange some reason Sasuke liked Naruto's pride better then his own Uchiha's pride. This is what Sasuke realised when Naruto talked about his pride and was smiling through his whole speech. A sparkle shining in his eyes.


Sasuke just didn't understand that Naruto could take afternoon naps. Sasuke was always wide awake when it was day and could only sleep when it was dark and night. But it wasn't just the afernoon naps that Sasuke didn't get. The laziness that came with it. Naruto could be lazier then Shikamaru sometimes and Sasuke didn't understand how he did that.

How could he live with the mess that surrounded him and be to lazy to clean it up? How could he just lay on the grass for an hour staring at the sky or at the trees? How was it possible to not be bored when looking at trees? This is what Sasuke wondered when he looked at Naruto laying lazy underneath a tree, a scroll next to him laying forgotten on the grass.


Sasuke had seen Naruto angry. Not that kind of angry when he was teasing the blond, nor when somebody forgot that they where supose to meet at 2 o'clock not 3 o'clock. But the anger that was dangerously boiling until it exploded and it had to leave. Anger from the mistakes Naruto had made in his life, anger towards people who called him names and only saw him as Kyuubi.

But no matter when that anger exploded or towards who it was directed; he never showed it to the people around him. Those who were close to them. Cause Naruto blamed himself for the anger. This is what Sasuke noticed when he and the blond where sparring and Naruto's movements where different. Later Sasuke had seen him crying, while the blond was punching trees, cursing between sobs and every time his knuckles made with contact the bark.


Sasuke often wondered why Naruto never got fat even when the boy was eating much more unhealthy food then him, but trained just as much. The blond's ability to eat ramen everytime, day in day out, always ...fascinated the raven. So when he asked, as indifferntly as possible, Naruto had just started laughing. The raven was asked if he was mad, which, of course, pissed him off. Naruto didn't always eat ramen, he ate healthy food and he loved to cook. Just because that Friday night that they would eat together, he ate three bowls didn't mean he did it everytime. And when Iruka would buy it for him, he would eat just a little bit more then normal people cause talking with Iruka about the day and everything that happened made him feel like he was normal. And he ate extra much, so he could spend more time with Sasuke and Iruka. So Naruto's weird ramen addiction, was not true and filled with love. This is what Sasuke discovered on a normal Friday night, when Naruto started on his third bowl and they were talking normally.


Sasuke was suprised when Naruto randomly told him that the blond envied him. Sasuke first thought it was because his house was bigger then Naruto's. When he asked, the answer was different. The raven was envied for the family that he had. When Sasuke had answered that they where dead, Naruto had touched the raven's heart and his own, reasuring him that they where there. That they always would be.

Naruto envied Sasuke's memories, he envied that people didn't glance at him or where afraid off him just because he had something inside of him. Sasuke fell silent, like he did everytime Naruto turned serious and openly told about his feelings. Naruto envied him for reasons that didn't matter to him, that he wanted to forget. This is what Sasuke realized when Naruto smiled when Sasuke complained that everybody just kept staring at him in awe and the rare times when he told about his happy memories.


Sasuke never thought that Naruto was greedy until he looked underneath the underneath. When Naruto asked Sakura out for a date, when he asked Kakashi if he could teach him something, when the raven was asked if they could spar. Naruto was, underneath the underneath, very greedy. Naruto didn't want attention, nor did he wanted money. He wanted love. He wanted hope, power to protect everyone around him. Naruto wanted laughter to fill the room, wanted smile on the faces of his loved ones. Naruto was greedy when he could become stronger and the blond wanted power.

Somehow this pissed Sasuke off. Cause Naruto's power and desires to become stronger had been to protect, to love, to be loved and to hope. And the raven's greedy needs for power were ...filled with greed. While Naruto had the same thing, but his desires weren't labeled as greedy. This is what pissed Sasuke off and made him happy at the same time, because he wanted nothing else then for the boy to be loved and Sasuke wasn't afraid of giving him love now.


Sasuke thought that Naruto was very stupid when it came to love. Or sex. Or anything with that subject. So when the blond had asked if the could have sex, Sasuke was very suprised, because he hadn't expected that on their one year anniversary date of being together. Sasuke first had been pissed off, that he was pushed against the wall, he was laying on the bed, moaning and panting, with Naruto on top of him. But the moment Naruto's hands touched him, it was like they were spreading fire. The feather-like kisses was giving him the ability to fly. Those sweet, dirty and husky words Naruto would whisper in his ear, just made him as horny as Naruto was.

Sasuke discovered that Naruto had a lot of stamina. Sasuke discovered that Naruto had the ability to make every time they had sex a whole new experience, that made Sasuke see heaven and hell. When Naruto would whisper those three little words to Sasuke, the raven knew that the blond meant it. And when he whispered them back, he could feel the happy loved aura that Naruto gave off. Having sex with Naruto or just giving or receiving love for or from him, made Sasuke's heart flutter and his cock twitch. This is what Sasuke thought when Naruto placed his soft sweet lips on his. When the blond waggled his eyebrows in a suggestive way and asked for a second round.


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