That Kiss

That Kiss

Rating: K, 2008 movieverse

Synopsis: Thoughts from Trixie during That Kiss.

Disclaimer: SO not mine. If you think they are, please consult a medical professional!

He smelt of sweat and damp leather; exhaust fumes and burnt rubber that threatened to overwhelm her senses as his arms went around her, strong and capturing her. He tasted of cold milk, grinning as a thousand explosions went off around them; spinning her world around yet again.

She remembered their first kiss – a stolen moment in the Racer garage when they were both ten. It had made her dizzy; stealing her breath away. Then Pops had appeared and chased them out with veiled warnings of what he would do if he ever caught them there again. Thus the trips to Inspiration Point had begun.

Now he was doing it again. But the world had changed and a shiver ran up her spine even as she relaxed in his grip. Nothing would be the same again and she was even more scared than she had been driving in the Crucible.

But as he swung her back up and smiled at the cameras his mouth dipped to her ear, so low that she alone could hear it.

"Meet you at the garage later."